He has a deep voice for a 14 year old
14 year old boy with a perfect movie trailer voice

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Harry Styles : I'm 14 and I still have a voice of a little girlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Newll : When someone calls you a squeaker

Bryce Baker : In the video he sounds like the guy you play as fallout 4 in the intro of course

Ronney Zamora : He Sounds Like An Adult.

jackson : Did your Bollocks drop when you were in the womb?

neil johnson : these teens in the comments just keep lying all the time...

alloneword154 : Need to eliminate the breath in. Can be done in post.

Typicos TTV : I'm 15 and I sound like Optimus Prime.

Pug Lord : Y'all saying you had deeper voices at 11 xD Try being the voice actor on a commercial xD

Natalie & Comfort : People at my school have deep voices (7th and 8th grade) but not as deep as his!! Well I have one friend and he kinda has a deep voice but not that deep.

Endertait : Is this the trailer to the new transformers movie with optimus prime?

MishkaFilmOfficial : 5 years ago. 19 now. where he at doe.

seki : im 14 My voice is deeper and i can pull off kratos's voice impression

Gabriel Welt : Just realize the mic can have a voice changer, and many people can make a voice like that, at least I can πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Burger King Foot Lettuce : I’m 13 and if I attempted that, RIP my voice

James : Lol you remind me of Carlos Mencia's bit on movie voice guy.

Vikhe Rhi : He sounds like Ben Patrick Johnson.

Kalem Madden : Wow Lol Deep voice like me

Amanda Chapone : Starts video wow deep Hears narrator voice WOW D E E P

40 percent : Original @ /watch?v=5exPIHtmsmI Twitter @ JakeFoushee, he's still active and continues to do voice overs.

Nishaaj Man : I got an even manlier deeper voice than him and I am 14.

CHeesy yEEty : What, how is this in my reommend

Julian reyes : Do it, your voice is wonderful!

The one Serious cat : Holy hell !

Natalie & Comfort : Omg at first I did tread the full title and when I first heard his voice I said out loud,” He has a deep voice for a 14 year old.” Then I read the title and started laughing πŸ˜‚

Jamar Robinson : My voice is deeper because I'm really black

Same : yeah me too

Ender-chan Screams and Animates : puberty didn't hit him... It beat him up

Mia Ferrao : This is incredible πŸ˜‚

Sergio Huerta : God damn you have a deeper voice than me and I'm 25

Steven Criscione : Wow! Wow wow... You sound like someone at the age of 26 that has practiced many years

William Bennett : A fellow deep voice! Woo!

Retsub Anires : I'm 24 and he's already more successful than me. πŸ˜…

Marvin Christian Iraqi Assyrian Roos : I have a deeper voice im also 14

Villey : he’s boning every girl he sees

NoOneLikesApples : If you are still voice acting (after 4 years) just hmu+!

_RareWolf_ : I got a deep voice but damnnnnnn

RektByMarek : My voice is deep too

sudhindra srinivas : Puberty does give out gifts. Great voice and wish you much success!!

Ty : You have my vote.

Maria Tasiak : Jesus and ChristπŸ˜‚β€

Paul Lytle : Panties dropping everywhere

Jason : Why does he sound like Avalon from Little Big Planet 2.

wazz up : I love you and your voice πŸ™πŸ’žπŸ’ž

YouDon'tHaveTheHighGround :P : Well, u can prankcall with that voice.

Endrit Bajrami : The white Lil Bibby

YoBoyPras : Wow your voice is amazing dude!Wish you eventually become a voice actor!!

abdul sato : Are u singul

CenATic Y : I'm 14 aswell and I think my voice is even deeper, but I'm definitely the only one out of all my friends with a deep voice and it's just......weird xD