He has a deep voice for a 14 year old

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Harry Styles : I'm 14 and I still have a voice of a little girl😂😂😂

Bryce Baker : In the video he sounds like the guy you play as fallout 4 in the intro of course

Ronney Zamora : He Sounds Like An Adult.

Newll : When someone calls you a squeaker

jackson : Did your Bollocks drop when you were in the womb?

Son Goku : I'm 14 too and I have a really (and I mean really) deep voice. I kinda sound like Goku but even deeper.

neil johnson : these teens in the comments just keep lying all the time...

Lotanna U. : Mine is deeper

Pug Lord : Y'all saying you had deeper voices at 11 xD Try being the voice actor on a commercial xD

alloneword154 : Need to eliminate the breath in. Can be done in post.

MishkaFilmOfficial : 5 years ago. 19 now. where he at doe.

Typicos TTV : I'm 15 and I sound like Optimus Prime.

Anantam Bisht : Puberty didn't hit him , it beat him up.

Endertait : Is this the trailer to the new transformers movie with optimus prime?

Natalie & Comfort Vloggs : People at my school have deep voices (7th and 8th grade) but not as deep as his!! Well I have one friend and he kinda has a deep voice but not that deep.

G Films : I'm 13, and I have a deep voice like that

Musa Haque : My voice changed when I was 13, now I'm 18 and my voice sounds middle-deep, Dr. Dre's kind of voice.

Nishaaj Man : I got an even manlier deeper voice than him and I am 14.

senpai x : I am 12 and my voice is deeper lol

Kenlyn de Wee : OK obviously my voice isn't deep because I'm a girl but still that voice of his will go far someday

seki : im 14 My voice is deeper and i can pull off kratos's voice impression

Zeus : wait isnt he a viner

Natalie & Comfort Vloggs : Omg at first I did tread the full title and when I first heard his voice I said out loud,” He has a deep voice for a 14 year old.” Then I read the title and started laughing 😂

MuSick : I’m 16 and My voice is reaaally deep

Alien ._. : STFU

Swift : Do a markiplier impression

Something : This is fake. I guess😐

Koy : I'm 15 y/o with a deep voice and it's not fun. I can't even talk without someone telling me to speak up. I was even told I sounded like a guy in their 20s.

Michael Phillips : So at that age, was that your real voice? I see it's been a while since you did this video, five years to be exact. Is your voice still sounding like that? When I was a teenager, I was able to make my voice deep to sound like an adult, in my late teens I think, I actually made a phone call to someone I knew in my family to inform her about something and the man who picked up the phone actually believed I was a full grown man over the phone when the lady I was asking for knew who I was. But I was just informing the lady about something to give her a heads up and she knew I was able to fool anyone over the phone with how I could change my voice.

EduardTeslaru1103 : I’m 20 yrs old and my voice is never been deep

Kacy Carson : He reminds me of dipper when he got his voice changed on gravity falls.

BossMan Gameplays : My voice is as deep as his and I’m 12

Molonga Tron : I have a super deep and raspy voice but i got it at 14

I am anonymous : I DONT BELIEVE YOU ARE 14

Danny Sergent : Im 13 and my voice is deeper than my 40 yr old dad

Adovin : Thought I was the only 14 year old to have a deep voice. Nice!

Varun Gupta : I'm 19 and I sound like a slide whistle.

Aaron Zamora : I'm 13 and My sounds like a man

realstrongbad trogdor : More like duke nukem

Dark Dj Playz : Puberty didn’t hit him Puberty beat him up

Mia Ferrao : This is incredible 😂

coolmike17 : I'm 16 yet I sound like a 12 or 13 yr old

marshook : wtf


_RareWolf_ : I got a deep voice but damnnnnnn

SuperNicko Harris : Impressive

Art Skillz : My voice was that deep at 14... PEOPLE ACCUSE ME OF USING VOICE CHANGERS... WTF

Jason : Why does he sound like Avalon from Little Big Planet 2.

High life music News : I still sound like a girl 😢🤧

Paul Lytle : Panties dropping everywhere