Father and son drive into a wildfire
Father and son attempt to drive through enclosing forest fire

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A father and son had a miraculous escape from a wildfire in Glacier National Park in Montana on August 12, when they were forced to drive through the flames, dodging debris and enduring an increasingly hot car. Justin Bilton told Storyful that he and his father saw the then small Howe Ridge Fire begin to spread from 5 acres to over 2000 in a matter of hours. “We hiked back to the car to get out where it was parked at the end of a dead end road”, Bilton said. “After we were stopped by the downed tree, we reversed back through all of this and were rescued by two park employees on a boat. They saved our lives”. Credit: Justin Bilton via Storyful Sun Subscribers get the latest breaking news and videos directly to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell to be the first in the know. http://www.thesun.co.uk


Toxic Neko : Their voices: 30 volume Your censorship beep: 9999 volume

Will C : Dad, what if the car blows up? Well, then we're dead.

Amir S : I like how the father is calm and encouraging him to stay calm. Crazy situation.

Joel Benites : a park ranger found them and were saved there thank god.

Taco Face : This is like something out of a movie

county sheepdog : Amazing how everyone tends to find *God* when facing death.

Vyse500 : Dad: it's gonna be ok just slow down Napoleon Dynamite: the car's gonna frickin explode gosh!

gambit_5449 : ~I'm on the high way to hell~

Matthew J : Father of the year award goes toooo.

DavidG : Dad: "Just go nice and easy now." Son: "Floor it?" Dad: "No! No no don't floor it!!" Son: "OK, FLOOR IT!!!"

SunshineSurfsup1 : The comments here are so insensitive to the panic and fear that people fear in this situation. This IS NOT a joking matter. Imagine what the people went through who did not make it out. Raise your humanity and be kind!

Esora : Boy: Dad what if the car blows up? Dad: Ah...well.. we’re dead.

gypsijewel : lord almighty. and they reversed their way out of that?!!! cant believe it. like driving straight into hell!!

Elis Rebeca : Oh my sweet Jesus!!!!! Thank God they were saved!!!!

Frost : the only thing id be worried about is the tires melting cause they arent made for that kind of heat

Thomas Verna : Dad: I think we can drive through this Son: WHAT!?

Stavros Koul : Son: THE CAR IS GONNA EXPLODE Dad: ok. Drive.

CommunityNirvana : dad must have been in nam

YT Exodia : *but dad, what if the car blows up?* *ah, then we're dead.*

Cihan Ugur : Subaru- we survived

Josh Gurru : never drive into a burning forrest!

Jessica LT : This brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for those who did not make it and their family and friends.

Cracked Vinyl : Son was in a such a rush to get out he might of been the reason they didnt. Dude was like "it's gonna explode" Dad was a real badass tho

Diana Torres : Omg like a real movie

Deathheads69 : 0:23 LOLLLLL "Dad what if the car blows up....?" Dad: "Well, we're dead."

243wayne1 : Son- "DAD WE CAN'T GET OUT!" Dad- "I'M GETT'IN OUT!"

rav : Seriously. Who built that car. I want one.

BIG JOE : A true dad !! A true father will do his best to keep his son calm even in bad situations...good job dad

Drippy DreadHead : 573 BC: i wonder what the future would be like 2018: *drives in a wildfire*

Arnold Lee : Fires can travel faster than you can run, always be careful.

T Ghost : I was nervous through the whole video.😦 Thank goodness they made it out of there😥🙄

milo gtb : Game over. You survived 12 rounds

MrUltimate Pranksters : This reminds me of nemo & gil when nemo goes through the filter

that guy : his prayer was answered, did god get thanks? scary incredible footage

BronZ ModZ : Jeezus, God Bless You Got Out Safely

EvilHomerSimpson : if one gets lost in a forest, burn it down so no ghost catch you

Marko Vendetti : How'd they know which way to go. Brave father kept the panicking son from losing it.

JFF Blacklist : me I played Initial D - Night Of Fire while driving/driving road through flames california 2018 wildfire road alone

Gekkers : This is more a nucleur 😂😂

Amanda Wait : This was terrifying to watch! So glad to read they are safe! Thank you Jesus!♥

Magical POWERS In Full Force : Wowie, this was total devastation❗️❗️❗️❗️I'm grateful you were found by a park ranger into safety❕❕❕❕🙏 Amen🛐

G Batista : Oh Lord! I can't anymore. Feeling like here doing nothing.

lazyidiotofthemonth : Dont make the Bleep for cursing five times as loud as the volume of the cursing individual, you are assualting our eardrums. you are better off silencing audio during a curse

Isa : Love all the calm, strong Dads in so many of these videos! So impressive. Thank goodness for amazing Dads!

Zeglex : i don't think you should slow down while driving through the fire...

EverythingIsAwesome : Being calm is the best thing in a situation like this. The son was clearly not, good job dad.

LDZ Deathsword : When you play tranzit and the bus leaves you behind

Moses G. : the beeps are hurting my ears EDIT:i think I am deaf

grace sue : a sneak preview of the burning sulphur in the lake of fire!! Repent and forsake your sins and turn to Jesus Christ of the Bible and Be Saved ! John 3 v 16 John 3 v 17-18