Father and son drive into a wildfire

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Will C : Dad, what if the car blows up? Well, then we're dead.

Stunnzu : It’s crazy how the person driving is 40 years old and the dad is 75 years old. But in this situation it’s like the son is 20 years old and the dad is 40

Vyse500 : Dad: it's gonna be ok just slow down Napoleon Dynamite: the car's gonna frickin explode gosh!

Esora : Boy: Dad what if the car blows up? Dad: Ah...well.. we’re dead.

mord 5449 : ~I'm on the high way to hell~

Joel Benites : a park ranger found them and were saved there thank god.

Amir S : I like how the father is calm and encouraging him to stay calm. Crazy situation.

Josh Gurru : never drive into a burning forrest!

Matthew J : Father of the year award goes toooo.

gypsijewel : lord almighty. and they reversed their way out of that?!!! cant believe it. like driving straight into hell!!

Taco Face : This is like something out of a movie

Rgb Color : Panicky kid.. very dangerous, very stupid. Dad had it right the entire time.. slow and steady, use your brain.

Sam Warren : The younger guy is my English teacher! LMAO!!

Thomas Verna : Dad: I think we can drive through this Son: WHAT!?

rav : Seriously. Who built that car. I want one.

Griffin 1098 : 👏 god 👏 doesn't 👏 exist 👏

Frost : the only thing id be worried about is the tires melting cause they arent made for that kind of heat

klesk173a : Car doesn't expolde...!!!! geeez

someone : wait ... why would you go in in first place ?? i don't get it

Danny Sullivan : Lord Jesus there's a fire

Cihan Ugur : Subaru- we survived

5000 subscribers with one video? : That's scary af

mark g : Subaru... FTW...?!!

Marko Vendetti : How'd they know which way to go. Brave father kept the panicking son from losing it.

N Henry : what was the end result?

Beauty Obsessed : Who on earth encourages their own son and themselves to get in a car and maybe make it through a fire !!! This father has just given his son a life of anxiety, while he sits there taking photos. Your son was right, that was insane.

Jack : Push the stinky button circulating the air from inside the car they are lucky that wasn't a wind driven blown up fire.

Cooper Michaels : Dante's Inferno! They could have blown UP! Scary!

ohdwight : the Earth is under siege ; the evil ones want to destroy the planet ; everyone needs to see this and be prepared NO MATTER where you live ! something wicked is coming everywhere

artisha Torres : This is a warning through crying out to god to yell out god help us we can,t keep going on. In our denial to challenge life threatening entrapment to actually cry out to god and asking help to jesus is what is absolutely vital from the conviction of the human soul help us god help us jesus please help us out from these flames of hell to face any moment the fire of being trapped with know way out and know were to go your absolutely trapped in an impossible situation and only jesus can save you from hell terror and death by fire 🔥 get out of the plots schemes and conspiracy,s satan try’s to steal kill and destroy your life in don,t let him cry out to jesus and you will be saved out of any terrified helpless situation 🆘🆘🆘😳😳😳🆘🆘🆘🔥🔥🔥🆘🆘🆘😳😳😳😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

lestki : Well done both of you. What a great support you are dad. Nice to see.

tigrelox YOLO : What happen after dat

Gunner gaming : Slow down son. Yeah right bs I'm not slowing down. Begin with unless I was going to be trapped in would never done that.

KingKillwatts : Doom Eternal Gameplay footage ~ 2018

Anakin Skywalker : Night of Fire....

finisher3x : Dad just wanted to shoot a cool video, in case they survived. Mission Complete!

Bulle Pandore : Faut être sacrément con pour avancer la où ça crame le plus !

S Young : Cool under pressure

niall441 : Park rangers should of known they were at that camp and done more .

Mythagoras : In the blink of an eye, they were in hell. Jeez lousie mac n cheese thats scary stuff

Bulasturu Bula : Dad really wanted his Darwin award, heh ?

Wizfan : Damn watching this was pretty intense thank god they’re safe 🙏

oi bruv : god not real

sunny days : I'm so glad they survived. 😢

sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst : That dad is a true dad

Thesilentghost74 : Dang dad was cool and not panicking

DurexDurpaneu2 : Yeah... Don't slowdown. Go and go fast.

el_chino_778 : JESUS.

lefthandstan : Dumb

Sgt oldschool : That's why you get out now when a forest fire starts in your area. Don't wait, you may not live to regret it. And the car blowing won't happen untill it stops running from lack of oxygen. When it stops you're screwed.