Father and son drive into a wildfire

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Stunnzu : It’s crazy how the person driving is 40 years old and the dad is 75 years old. But in this situation it’s like the son is 20 years old and the dad is 40

county sheepdog : Amazing how everyone tends to find *God* when facing death.

Will C : Dad, what if the car blows up? Well, then we're dead.

Joel Benites : a park ranger found them and were saved there thank god.

Amir S : I like how the father is calm and encouraging him to stay calm. Crazy situation.

Taco Face : This is like something out of a movie

SunshineSurfsup1 : The comments here are so insensitive to the panic and fear that people fear in this situation. This IS NOT a joking matter. Imagine what the people went through who did not make it out. Raise your humanity and be kind!

Matthew J : Father of the year award goes toooo.

gurangak : ~I'm on the high way to hell~

DavidG : Dad: "Just go nice and easy now." Son: "Floor it?" Dad: "No! No no don't floor it!!" Son: "OK, FLOOR IT!!!"

Vyse500 : Dad: it's gonna be ok just slow down Napoleon Dynamite: the car's gonna frickin explode gosh!

Esora : Boy: Dad what if the car blows up? Dad: Ah...well.. we’re dead.

Elis Rebeca : Oh my sweet Jesus!!!!! Thank God they were saved!!!!

CommunityNirvana : dad must have been in nam

gypsijewel : lord almighty. and they reversed their way out of that?!!! cant believe it. like driving straight into hell!!

Josh Gurru : never drive into a burning forrest!

Sonantero : *Make Jesus your first support before He is your last resort!!*

Sakura Simpai : Alhamdulillah...they were safe....🙏🙏🙏 My prayer for all of you...Amen

Frost : the only thing id be worried about is the tires melting cause they arent made for that kind of heat

Thomas Verna : Dad: I think we can drive through this Son: WHAT!?

Cihan Ugur : Subaru- we survived

rav : Seriously. Who built that car. I want one.

Sam Warren : The younger guy is my English teacher! LMAO!!

Rgb Color : Panicky kid.. very dangerous, very stupid. Dad had it right the entire time.. slow and steady, use your brain.

Jessica LT : This brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for those who did not make it and their family and friends.

Diana Torres : Omg like a real movie

blasko229 : Censorship sound is not loud enough. Please increase by another 100 decibels. Upvote for awareness.

Brenda Spoon : Thank u God! Someone said a park ranger found them. Don't see how?? Am so glad dad didn't cause a suciede..

MrUltimate Pranksters : This reminds me of nemo & gil when nemo goes through the filter

Cracked Vinyl : Son was in a such a rush to get out he might of been the reason they didnt. Dude was like "it's gonna explode" Dad was a real badass tho

naysan lived : God bless California and all usa 🇺🇸

Entertainment Viraals : What happened in the end i mean why did they stopped didn't understand?

Marko Vendetti : How'd they know which way to go. Brave father kept the panicking son from losing it.

James Reese : have faith keep calling on the most high he 👂 the pleds the 😢 he 👀 amen ✌ out

Griffin 1098 : 👏 god 👏 doesn't 👏 exist 👏

Ya Boi Joe : Who else got jump scared by the first beeb

ToSelfBeTrue : God, please bring them to safety

Danny Sullivan : Lord Jesus there's a fire

Md Merajul Mumen : It just looks like when America bombing on innocent people in Serya & they run away to save life.

Koorre 1 : *OMG did they make it or? Poor guys*

altruistic angel : ..so what made them think it was a good idea to drive through that?

sergqwert : Ахуеть бля! Пиздец нахуй!

Stavros Koul : Son: GHE CAR IS GONNA EXPLODE Dad: ok. Drive.

kaka Santos Santos : Gente é final dos tempos ,busquem se entregar a Deus e abandonem suas vaidades .

lazyidiotofthemonth : Dont make the Bleep for cursing five times as loud as the volume of the cursing individual, you are assualting our eardrums. you are better off silencing audio during a curse

someone : wait ... why would you go in in first place ?? i don't get it

Zukezz : That's scary af

C S : This Father is a mental Hero!! How he kept it together for his panicking child is mind blowing!! Absolutely amazing!! Very brave to hide his own fear!! I was panicking just watching this video.. slowing down wouldnt had been an option for me had it been me driving. I imagine the tires were melting but i get that the car couldve lost control&spun right into the fire that they were so much trying to escape. He did the best he could. Like i said "Super Dad" A true "hero" in my eyes!! Reminds me of my Dad!!

KIVI : That is so scary to watch, i would kill myself before ive even exploded in there

Einhorn is Finkle : The Father is Crazy as Hell Ain't No Way I'm getting out to move a buring Tree in the middle of the Road