CGI Animated Short Film: "One Small Step" by TAIKO Studios | CGMeetup

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Watasy Wahyo : started crying when i saw the boots again. WHY AM I LIKE THIS

hani al-amin : Moral of the Video :Always follow your dreams but never neglect your loved ones....

Bruce Meise : What have we learned? Work hard for your goals? Yes, but that wasn’t the main topic. I live at a boarding school, have parents that are alive, but miss out opportunities to talk to them, call them or visit them. I’m so concentrated on training and studying, that I forgot what is important: „F-A-M-I-L-Y“ Yes. Love your family. They support you, they love you and they can give you comfort that nobody can. Treasure them, because one day, they won’t be there anymore. Heck, that was one beautiful animation.

Mikasa Erza : Sometimes we are too busy achieving our dreams that we forgot those people who were there for us through our ups and downs. But then, life must go on.

Mahendra Pratap Singh : *That's why people should also cherish the happiness of present time.* *Live in the present time* *Nice message*

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Who is cutting the damn onions again?

DeathBySeaToast : Despacito this is so sad, play alexa *_Wait. . ._*

Sobia Abid : Can someone tell me who disliked this?

Speka 73 : I'm a man and I'm crying

ooh lala : Luna : moon

JMWFilmmaker : Welp, that's my ugly internal cry for the day.

Fortnite Girl : Guys, this is a message. This animation is beautiful, because it shows to true meaning of love, hope, and happiness between families. Cherise your family while they are still there for you. And always find time for your loved ones.

스테파니 조셉Stephanie : Who took that picture at 5:35?

Bee787 AJ : Proof... *The Earth is flat*

Sakura Animations : I'm Soo crying right now and it's already over but I'm still crying what's wrong with me???😫😥😖😭😭😭

Empress Of Cats : She was so invested in passing and making it where she wanted that she forgot to do other things like have food (3:02) and treat herself and others with kindness. You won't do your best if you neglect yourself and work yourself off a cliff. Take time to do other things and make yourself happy. Beautifully done, and so relevant to daily life! Good work guys.

Bella Guzmangutierrez : This video make me cry because I don't have dad😢 if you cry on this video give me a like

Readers Are awesome : Sad...I’m happy she could finally fulfill her dream😢

Ninja In The Night : " Dreams are often difficult to achieve. They are littered with disappointments, hardships, and challenges. But almost any dream can be achieved with determination, patience, and perseverance. The feelings of achieving a dream are something better than joy, better than elation, and better than feeling complete. Chasing a dream is almost always worthwhile, and some days it feels like you can do the impossible if you try just a little harder than the day before. Remember, never stop dreaming and working to make it a reality. "

just dat person : This part 😭 6:49

Amateur Artists : Me: Aww this is so happy. Wait.. is this gonna be one of those short films where I cry but love it anyway? Me in the future: *OMIGOSH IT WAS, BUT IT'S WORTH IT*

MeliMelissa X3 : ¿Alguien que hable español? Vengo a decir que me encanta esto uwu

prodyam1245 : I love my parents so much that I will take a bullet for them because there the best and always encourage me to do the best and I love my mums cooking 🍳 And don’t forget about your parents they always do the best for us and we should do the same to are parents or if u don’t have a mum or dad take care of the Person that takes care of you the same way we’re all humans and we shouldn’t have to treat others differently. That’s me finished and if u don’t like my comment press the dislike button it looks like this 👎

*•Techno Fran•* : I wish I had a dad, mines left me when I was just 1 year old and went to make his own family. But my mom is always there with me so she fills up the empty space in my heart.

OffTheWall X : Omce the vid started going down hill i tried so hard to click off but i couldnt..

Bryce McKenzie : Most every Child will eventually have that day, when they lose someone they love. Hopefully it inspires them and drives them. I almost lost my father to a heart condition, so I had to stay home. But I've been bettering myself with this time. I'm glad I got a second chance.

protolan han : Ima be real with you chief and say: I don't really care about the story and thought it was nothing special, but THE ANIMATION ON THE OTHER HAND, I had multiple orgasms from my eyes. It was very fluid and looked almost 2D while probably using 3D models. Is it the art style or animation style? or a shader? or all of them? Like this short and "Paper man" really just makes me tingle. Is that where you got this aesthetic/animation style from? I would love to know the process.

Jazmine Villanueva Martinez : Thats why you dont be mean to your family . :>

МАРГАРИТА Архипенко : Я одна плакала ?

Mia Harrison : mano chorei igual um camelo

Booga04 Minecraft : Oh my gosh, this was sad. And great animation. And a wonderful story. This should be a Disney short.

Madcat Ketron : This really made me cry

Monique Holland : I actually never wanted this short to end and I cried too. Family,Learning And Love are all so important love people who love you. For no second nor minute is promised to anyone.

Brevet Tv : I'm a man, I'm not supposed to cry. WHY AM I CRYING!

The stalker m8 : I show this to my bully classm8, and now hes friendly guy.

Black Cat : My daily inspiring video to help me stop procrastinating...

Faxy 78991 : Ok just... Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry 😤😤😤😤 😭😭😭😭😭😭

G Legge : Thanks for this film it was so amazing and sad 😢

Hana Hanifah : can someone tell me who took their picture at 5:33

pikachu : moon 0 _ 0

Wise Fox : Really I This brings tears in my eyes..What an animation 💘💘It was really Really Awesome... I am still crying 💘💘 If you Try hard your Dream will come true one day :)

Felicity Giraffe : I can't believe people disliked this cute short film. If I could, I would like it a thousand times more.

SNK GG : Man the part that GOT me crying was when the dad was dead and when she SAW the shoes again and when se was on the moon

awf dwa : im crying #imcrying @imcrying

Madhu Munganda : We don't know the value of parents when they're gone

SUPERBOMB 193 : That one moment you pray the dad does not die next scene Fatality

AXEL FNAF : Que bueno.

its free real estate : Put your family before your studies. Family is what matters most because when they aren't there for you anymore its only then when you realize how much they did for you.

Sanam Bhola : This is so heart breaking I'm gonna start to respect my parents and honor them

Cross The X-event : Why water from my eyes???