Lost Voice Guy at Komedia, Brighton - 25 May 2017

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creativecompanion : So excited I found out about you on SBSK. I love listening to comedians on youtube. You are phenomenal!!! Thanks so much for helping us all to laugh! One of the most important jobs on the planet as far as I'm concerned. What a gift you have! It takes courage to share it with the world! Keep up the great work!!!!

kelvin james : I am a massive fan. On stage Lee is funny, intelligent and doesn't take himself too seriously. I struggle to remember a comedian who has made me laugh WITH him so much. Keep up the good work.

Joey _ : New sub through SBSK! You're amazing! Can't wait to watch more of your videos. You're a natural at what you do. 😁

Liberty Hussein : I popped over from SBSK, too. Lee is flipping hilarious!

Megha Roy : I found about you on SBSK. I really love your sense of humour. I hope you continue to make YouTube videos. Keep smiling :)

aleksej : the intro jokes got me off my chair, god this guy is crazy

Random Person : Dude, you're legit funny as hell. Subbed!

James Blazes : Lee, just subbed to you. Genuinely funny dude, if anything your disability and the way you use it in your comedy routines gives you a leg up. People feel a bit worried and awkward at first but then you knock them out with awesome material. Please don't take this in a patronizing way but I would/really wish I could meet you and genuinely hangout with you, I feel like we would be good friends.

Another Bad Influence : DUDE THIS IS HILARIOUS, LIKE FOR REAL!!! 😂😂😂

Groig : What voice does he think in? Is it posh robocop? Or does he have his own voice he thinks in?

BlueDog Productions : Lee, I found this channel through your recent interview and holy crap--you are amazing. I was almost in tears from laughing so hard at this routine, and you are so incredibly inspiring as well. Thanks for all you do--you really have made my day.

Christina Yang : Was introduced to you through SBSK, love your sublimely sharp wit and positivity. You're awesome, Lee. So talented!!! I'm not sure when was the last time I met anyone that was this funny.

Something Clever : New subbie saw you on SBSK 😁

Mysterie : I feel like for added hilarity, you should disable comments

Truth Seeker : Keep up the Good work Lee and Thank You : ) !! USA.

Sudo Beerme : 4chan was right, the robots are taking over

Ida Dreier : Do you perform in other countries?

leech : he’s hilarious i wanna see mOre

Mvwgamer427 : Just found out about you from SBSK. Oh my god, you had me crying. You’re legitimately really funny. Wish you the best of luck in the future!

the Katt : You are really funny . Great job ! Enjoy your drew lynch bump !!!

L'Hôtel : wow , I just dicover what you do and it's awesome man ! you are amazing !!

Alan Motley : Hilarious

Crimson Arts and Crafts : Im here from sbsk ur hilarious i have a disability as well i just subbed :)

awesome girl is awesome : I love this guy

Sam Doncaster : What a boring act

Alexandra Mandell : I liked the beginning bit but damn it got dark!!! I often find people with physical disabilities have super dark humor. I think it comes of having to deal with a lot of crap abled people dont have to deal with. Love your work. Being dark is very in vogue nowadays for comics. Just not my cup of tea. Loved the robo voice jokes and the ones about your shoes tho :) also the disability card

296k : 😂😂😂

Ricardo Francis : I appreciate and respect talent. We should never allow our disabilities and handicaps to limit our progress. You are a class act. Political Correctness is for the rubbish heap.The Venting Vigilante.

Graham Nichols : Genuinely hilarious. Intelligent comedy. Just shows haw you can change your situation based on your attitude towards it. Every success to you Lee.

The smartest idiot on earth : I loved you since your BGT audition, keep it up, never loose it.

JETFORCEJUN0 : Oh wow please come play Cheltenham Town Hall!

JJB : It's Funny but it's the same thing over and over again, can you not change up your act?

Tamil mech : I saw your video sbsk Your are awesome and funny.💕💕💕💕

J5am3ds : Sat here laughing out loud so much my neighbours think I’m weird. Fantastic set!

Ankit Kamal : Love your smile Lee.. You are funny.. Lot of love from India..

Toni Gonzalez : you r umazing awesome. i also have cerebral palsy. so i can relate.

Stanley & star Productions : Absolutely brilliant- your humour is so spot on.

Kitty Richardson : Thank you for making people laugh.

Baphomet : Laughing so hard it hurts.

856Lavalamp : That was hilarious.

The Adventure Farm : You're amazing 😃 Keep up the good work Lee, you're so funny. 😚

Babú Oak : i have to marry this man

Richard Weaver : He ace! I'll certainly check him out now.

S : Can you make some youtube videos of you just talking to the camera like PewDiePie or Jacksfilms? I would love to see your content!

Zaven Papyan : more

binimszueriidschuel : You are awesome! You should do Youtubevideos. Cheers from Switzerland

becs kirk : 1 more subscriber from me!!!

UniQueLyEviL : You gotta new fan! Maybe we'll see you in Baltimore none of these days!

Lekshmi Unnithan : You are Soooo AWESOME!!!!

Georgia Millis : Woo Brighton 🎉