Musicless Musicvideo / BONEY M. - Daddy Cool

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*No Copyright Infringement Intended (c) by SONY/BMG except the sounddesign. please watch the original here...


Gail O : These women are groovin at neck-break speed

Laurinor Zorro : They’re absolutely self-confident of what they’re doing

My Sunglasses : The squeaky shoes get me every time lol

CoolMcDude : This might be my new favorite

m4ssee : My favorite part is the unenthusiatistic crowd. The guy on right at 0:29 is even too bored to watch.

pebre79 : James Brown's epileptic son

yelistener : Very supportive audience.

Jonny Myren : That fart, nice touch :)

Neil Ross : My girlfriend is on the phone to my mum having a serious conversation and I'm here pissing myself in the back ground.

musicredsubaru : 0:37 "Dah-[sniff]-ya-do-zee! Snap, snap, snap!" 😂

justin ahhaitty : Could you do Korn freak on a leash?

LukeTrinton : fart laugh hair noise hotel: Trivago

Hansjuerg Wuethrich : LOL, ich schmeiss mich quasi bei JEDEM Video weg.... Echt eine ganz geniale "Kunstform" die Du da erschaffen hast !

Pamela Taylor : that is some real soul for you

razeezar : So this is what they're talkin about when they say Silent Disco.

Sergofun : Как всегда, угарно)

dahen qadir : 0:33 killed me haha

EyeC999 : The neck cracking sounds at 11:00!!! Omg, pissing myself! 😂😂😂😂 Just brilliant!

SamBoy1135 : Oh those russians...

Milan Borizovski : That was hilarious, but boy, You do like those fart jokes, xD, get rid of the man! :D

energylab227 : Gotta love the little fart as he squats down. 😂

Ben : Zsozéatya nézők 3....2....1....

VanBullock : 0:35 Perfffffect!

mechaart : the furious squeaks and the fart 😂😂😂😂😂

Jochem Bonarius : RIP Bobby Farrell :'(

Eclectic : Hahahahaha!! great work!! this must be hard to do!! Thanks

Pothead Mike : The fart at 0:34 was music to my ears! LMAO!!!

plixter : I've been laughing at this for 10 minutes straight and my stomach hurts so bad. This seriously made my day!

Mathew Tizard : I love these videos so much

wendall johnson : This is hilarious, I swore it was real at first🤣🤣🤣

Nicolas Orlinski : You made my day - 1973

Kwijiboz : You earned a new subscriber sir! Also, I shat myself watching this

E Blizzard : wow this gets funnier every time I watch it lol

Rushi : Very funny 😂😂. Please do AC/DC

Jerry Metz : Hahaha. .I thought this was real

Agata Αγάθη : Oh mother of god!!!!! I watch this everyday now

Michael P. Shipley : LMAO. Hilarious. Best yet. "Nup! Hngg! Whoa! Dah!"

kung Few : That was..... AWESOME!!!!

Leck Michi : I am dying here... thanks for the best laugh since months.

ᴠᴧᴨᴛᴧᴃᴌᴧcᴋ : that last slightly exhausted breath

juggysingh : This is the true reason youtube was invented, and I thank them very much!

Joshua Hawthorne : Dude! When he pooted......hahahaha

Maximum Volume : "Cocaine is a hell of a drug..." - Rick James

HR1 : Absolutely great! Well done! This shows, how ridiculous those movements really are, no matter if there is music playing or not.

David A : In living color, snl, mad tv and soul train wrapped up into one.

Fred Fl : Bravo, il y a longtemps que je n'avais pas eu un tel fou rire. C'est vraiment très drôle.

Kekhexenpepe666 : Change the title to: "Proof Demon Possession Is Real" and you'll get a whole new audience for your video.

L DeLioncourt : Can you please, please, please do a Greta Van Fleet video.

Jack Wallace : Like ha Zsozétól jöttél! :D