Why Don't Movie Poster Names EVER Line Up?!

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Max Leatherman : I would put the names on the left with the to billed actor/actress on the top

Talha Mansoor : These days most movie posters are just the faces of huge actors except a few exceptions but with the old system most of the movie posters were hand drawn.

rektangle : why did he use so many german posters to explain the samuel l. jackson spot

Gunks Hunter : 1:27 "und?" Think ya meant 'And'

Dawn Harper : Top billing seems way less important than anything in the trailers. They need to do some research on what actually gets actors more notoriety or whatever. If an actor is prominent in the trailer, that gets me to go to the movie.

VENTUS XL : is it me or does the batman poster have a spelling mistake in between Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, replacing "and" with "und"...

Lucas Erb : All this video is is a reading of the billing Wikipedia page. Literally every one of his examples is taken directly from there.

pinsxneedles : i always figured it was left to right based on popularity

Michael McAwesome : Knew I wasn't the only one

YRUZ bzw. Alex : So. The highest billing is on the top left. Everything else should be made according to the actors on the poster and all the other names are either getting cut or fill up the empty spots.

otocan : To me, the far left name is not the most prominent. I'm more likely to notice the one(s) in the middle.

Eddie Bradley : I have an idea why don’t the actors and actresses FUCKING GROW UP

Hot& SpicyGaming : Uhhh they do realize that the public doesn't give a fuck which order the names are in, right?

Gavin Jones : I didn’t realize that this was a question people were asking.

Tear Kun : I never noticed this... But now it's gonna bug me.

NeoSquirrel : The staggering works best, ESPECIALLY if you put the names over their heads. From there everyone is happy, the main lead can be centered, raised above everyone, and everyone's happy.

Burnest Griffin IV : Damn... The sexism and racism embedded in this system is appalling

Berit Hogan : In countries where they read right to left, does that mean the top billed name is on the right then? 🤔

TarantulaLIT : 3:40 EXCEPT Jack isn't the main character in pirates of the caribbean, Elizabeth and William are. Could've been a better example but it's pretty easy to follow since it's so simple

Noirox : W8 u german? The Batman poster is....

Jeroen Heijmans : Lmao you retarded fucks just figure this out fuck me i live with too much sheople who dont fucking do research but just think and assume shit

Elsa bella : Wow never knew this! Thanks for the info

steprockmedia : Actors are shallow, and we viewers don't care. This nonsensical poster silliness annoys us.

cellophanezebra : huh its funny because i never noticed and plus i have movie posters in my room

Modest Pilgrim : ive never noticed, or actually cared. but i knew right away why it is they do that.

ffman135 : I feel like I just found a gem of a channel.

Xymna : Who else only saw Christian bale's last name and thought it was Gareth Bale. Anyone? No? Ok.

Lender 1 : Why was morgan freeman at the end

Assume Correct : Put the names vertically so the names align with noone in particular

MrAlbedo39 : Line the names up with the actors. Display actor names using a colour the brightness of which is determined by their box office significance. No?

Brennen T : God damn this is one of the best yt vids I've seen in a while...

Dylan Stump : 1:27 of course the black man gets paid the least!

Jbeast 701 : 1:20 ok how is Morgan freeman less know

Nightscream72 : I don't see the non-alignment of actor names with their images in movie posters to be a problem that needs a "solution". It's always been this way, and I've never seen it as a problem, because I don't see how image and text must correlate as a matter of necessity. If anything, I have a far bigger problem with the awful genericness (is that a word?) of the poster images themselves. I was born in 1972, so I grew up with the beautifully illustrated posters by artists like Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, etc. Now, as Harry Plinkett says, it's all crap.

Javelle Patterson : A E S T H E T I C

MineFall MG - the stop motion maker : What if two actors who get top billing no matter what are in the same movie?

Munjee Syedd : Me : sees thumbnail "probably billing" Seconds into it : yup Proceeds 5o watch a 7 minute long video CAUSE U LOVE THIS CHANNEL

Micah Tokayer : I regret the part of my life that I haven't been able to watch your vids

29Darian : This is one of those videos that show you a topic that you never gave a flying f before. Now, I want to burn Hollywood down.

Miriam Sutch : movie posters in landscape orientation. hear me out. the names are listed top to bottom on the left side, but all the characters are lined up however seems fit. that way, actors' names aren't listed and read in the same direction the actors are seen.

Jay Tee Kay : It doesn’t bother me and I’m a graphic designer. Most people look at the poster image rather than the name so it’s okay

Duyen : Hah! Haven't seen movie posters in years. A pirate's life for me! ☠️☠️

Sally Villarreal : Simple. Entire top line is defined as equal billing.

FamedChris : I’d honestly just align the names at the top with whatever the order of characters was but make the order of billing different sizess

mangesh burange : Thanks Brodda,I never paid attention to these details,it totally changed my perspective towards life,

Lunar Bro : The force awakens poster bit had me dying!

Kelsybabe-P : D: I never noticed this. I don't often watch movies, so yeah. Maybe that is it?

FoXtroT Films : Dude. Can we just be best friends? Please?

RubberBandPistol : Where would one find a movie poster in the first place?? Oh, in a theater you say? So you’re already there to see another movie, and maybe this poster for another movie is going to make you change your mind and see a different movie instead? Or maybe you realize you’re the only one in the GD theater because movies are for little kids who can’t drive and have no real brain power and therefore are 99.99% garbage and so you realize you’re better off not watching a movie at a theater so you head home and just end up reading a book that you picked up because you like the cover.

ZekeAnDestroy21 : THANK YOU this has been my biggest pet peeve for yeeeears THERES ONLY 3 PEOPLE ITS NOT HARD AUUGGHHHHHH