Why Don't Movie Poster Names EVER Line Up?!

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Pulsar77 : Reminds me of the author list on scientific publications: first name is the ambitious postdoc who's trying to get tenure, next in line are the poor PhD students who did the actual work, and the last name is the senior professor, for marketing purposes.

Ian Taylor : I don't get it. It's a name on a poster. It's not exactly the most prominent form of advertising these days. Seems antiquated and out of touch to me.

DarthOliptius : Simple, stop using lazy poster designs where you just line up the characters!!

TurnTheGameOn : So basically this unorganized mess is only happening because of over-sized egos.. hmm, great reason to do things that don't make sense.

seahawk124 : Create an original piece of artwork that has no actor faces on it. Examples include: Jaws Beauty & the Beast (1991) Ghostbusters Jurassic Park The Exorcist Vertigo

ninjalensings : I KNEW I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE!

HeyCrabman14 : FINALLY!!! I can die in peace now.

Jack Meadows : Why don't poster names line up? The same reason why airliner seat don't line up with the windows. FOR MAD DOLLA BILLS, Y'ALL

Rotepter : While i watched the video and saw the Pirates of the Caribbean poster with the name Johnny Depp and stuff, Johnny Depp showed up on a movie my younger brother was watching!

awesome Boston : It makes more sense for Brandon to get top billing in The Godfather than for Apocalypse Now or... Superman wait he was in that.

SCOP : I saw the title and then the time length of the video and thought, "Surely this time Austin can't make such a oddily specific topic interesting and not a long winded rant." Yet, once again you've proven me wrong. High quality video as per usual.

Jace Carsonne : If it was a movie about recognizable names, and the furthermost right being the highest billing, why would they put Morgan Freeman's name last on the Batman Begins poster? Wouldn't his recognizability supersede some of the other people on the poster?

Ben Punch : I think that the billing system should be removed entirely, I don’t think that it matters that much to their career. As long as their face is prominent on the poster than everything should be fine

James Stine : Why the fuck do Hollywood actors care about top billing when barely anyone cares about that shit. I don't go into a movie thinking WOW THIS HAS so-and-so ACTOR IN IT I WANT TO SEE IT. Sure, star power is a thing and some people will watch anything with Johnny Depp in it for example, but they will seek out these names regardless. It makes most sense to put the lead actor first and subsequent actors following in order of importance to the movie. That makes the most sense, as it puts the actors with the most screen time and importance in the role at the front of the list. How famous you are shouldn't matter to where you go in a list of actors on the cover that, let's be face it, most people don't really care to read. Do you read it? Sure, maybe. But, I don't think anyone reads it critically and analyzes it in a way that's meaningful. Back to the Future is my all time favorite movie, and I couldn't tell you what the list of names looks like on it because quite honestly I don't know or care. But, I can describe to you what the actual poster/cover art of the movie looks like. That's because it's an iconic image that people recognize and sticks around in people's minds. Not surprising that Hollywood has stupid shit like this in it.

pay1370 : Battfleck lol

Chameleon EDM : ...make the top billing name bigger? We see this in book marketing all the time, whether the series or author is the most recognizable, that's the largest text. Nicolas Cage - SEAN CONNERY - Ed Harris While it's true we read left to right, a larger font is surely more likely to grab the attention, perhaps a youtube comment wouldn't represent this well

Connor Johnson : A what if they replaced location based top billing with size based billing? Like instead of your name being furthest left or highest up, your name had the largest font size. That way famous actors get noticed first due to their names' letters are larger, and posters can make sense.

Bri : maybe it's just me, but I look at the name in the center of poster, and then outwards. it's easily in my line of sight and what I naturally look at first. Also, if I didn't know ur name beforehand, what makes u think I will give a rats ass seeing an unrecognizable name for 3 seconds. I just look at the faces and then move on.

Kiki Lucena : I mean, now that I KNOW about it, I think it makes sense.

Trendy Board : I want to say something. I am from India and I wanna say something about bollywood. Well, Bollywood also follow the same system. But SHAHRUKH KHAN made a decision in 2013 that he will credit female leads first in his every movie and he did so.

Lalala Nanana : I though this was obvious. Not trying to say I'm smart or anything.


SwirlyJoe : I always used to be bothered by the names being out of order. I've also wondered why DVD covers are always way worse than the movie posters

Gideon Debateau : The world has poverty, hunger, trafficking, war, disease, and all we think about is how to solve the billing system 😂 #firstworldproblem

FoXtroT Films : Dude. Can we just be best friends? Please?

Alex Gabel : Doesn’t explain why 2 people posters shouldn’t be flipped 0:15 Gigli and the proposal eg

Alex792 : Sometimes it does match up

Clyde Cash : Meanwhile, they'll change well establish characters in the name of diversity because it's CURRENT YEAR, but they can't change stupid practices because it's tradition. K.

Hanatatami : I think screen-time or the importance of the character would be better. If I'm seeing nice young rookie actor for an hour and a half and he meets Clooney on the streets for five minutes and Samuel L. Jackson for one, put the rookie's name first, then Clooney then L. Jackson. If the famous actors are famous, I don't feel they need the extra push anymore, I know people who would gladly sit through this entire hypothetical movie just to get those 5-minutes-of-Clooney anyway.

Nameless : 2:27 I thought it said: "La Prostitution"

Max Đỗ : Yeah but... who the fuck cares about where the names go? Make bigger names LOOK BIGGER. FONT, FONT SIZE. A baby can figure that out.

Marti Crazi : Save that top billing nonsense for the end credits in the movie if it's that serious. Let's go back to artistic posters with no words but the name of the film. Same with trailers. Chances are you recognize people you like already. And actors come and go, but a timeless poster with no washed up names smeared all over it lasts forever. It'll boost sales, so win-win.

An Audi RS6 : I’m going to guess at the start of the video that it is to make you look all over the poster to see which name goes with which face. Edit: I was wrong

always ace : 6:21 that's the reason he dies

Moritz Productions : He used the German BATMAN Begins film poster! Grüße aus Deutschland!

LaBreck : If I was an actor and made lots of money, I would not care if I get top billing.

chris leggett : Damn i always wondered that!

Tear Kun : I never noticed this... But now it's gonna bug me.

alucard2d : Could you do something on the academy awards? like oscars golden globes cannes etc? Id really like to hear your input!

Salman Khan : No no no no no no no sir...... 😆😆😆😆😆

Dyskhord : I almost pissed meself at that Force Awakens poster!

Talo Dhyakso : wow what a knowledge!

OwlMoon137 : The misalignment is such a pet peeve of mine. Funnily enough, my native language is Hebrew, so my eyes automatically go from right to left in these situations, so the billing thing doesn't work perfectly on me.

Gabriel Dos Santos : Go back to the art like you have shown on chinatown. We dont see a movie because of the actors, we go see a movie because of the movie

Joni V's GlamPopShop : I've wondered about this for years!

Damion Lawson : oh god, finally. i thought it was just me

Stephane Gregory Dan : What you say is true and I think it's bullshit. It's a Vanity thing and one of the things that makes Humans be baaaaaaaad. Who of the spectators care to see on a poster who's the better paid actor? No one cares. It's just made by the industry, for the industry. They should be glad to be on a top billing list and I believe it wouldn't change a damn dime about the poster if you just alligne names of actors with actors on poster. But hey... wasn't vanity the reason why Rome fell?

y2ko : Personally, I think it's extraordinarily immature to care whose name goes first. It doesn't matter. I'd respect an actor's work and reputation just the same whether it came in first, second, third, etc. And the audience doesn't know this system, so what difference does it make whose name goes first?

Alexander Dinkov : A possible fix would be to stop using the order of the names, and use their font size instead. Bigger star - bigger font. It achieves pretty much the same effect, but without much of the confusion.

Arthur Eskidjian : Have movie posters actually depict the movie, not the cast!