Middletown Police Department Lip Sync Challenge - "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum

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Paige venters : When do you guys have time to make this

Spintown7 : I keep a bag of hostess donuts in my car in case I get pulled over in Middletown. Pro tip, don't use the ones with the white powder...

Kathleen Diaz : the detective in the suit--- nailed it--looks like it could be his own voice. Good job to all!

Colleen Hoffman : This is by far the best one I've seen!!!

Laura Tate : I don't normally comment on these, but I have to say, the detective in the suit killed it! You can just see the doughnut withdrawal he's going through. 😅 So relatable!!

Debra White : Detective sitting on floor... I have something to confess to you... call me.

Kevin R : Awesome job everyone. Thanks for your service and be safe

Mara A : I love the ending!

Niki Ricci Peters : this is the best one so far I couldn't stop laughing the officer rubbing his nose on the doughnut great job very creative

Jax Kitten : of all the others I've seen so far, this is the best one yet.

Katherine Harrington : Donut a cops drug of choice.😋

Misty Blevins : I love this! Great Job MPD!! Alfrey had me in tears!! And what's a girl gotta do to get arrested by Highley?! Lol

Michael Hartman : This was amazing, great camera work as well! Hello from Newport news, VA

Dominique Vinson : You win by a..... mile.

Carletta Edwards : Love it fantastic. God bless thank you for all you do. Stay safe hugs shared

taznruby : You guys did a great job. Hilarious! Thanks for your service.

crys satterfeld : You HAVE to love a group with such a great sense of humor! ♡

Camilla Puckett : Funny video, the dog got the last bite😂 thank you for your service and God bless you and your families, from Arlington Texas.

frances boldman : My favorite!! Y'all did so good!!

Green House Homestead : Ya'll had me laughing. LOL

Colerain Twp. Ohio. Police Eyes. : THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!

MrDugfresh420 : It's a quarter after 1,and I'm all alone, laughing out loud! Middletown PD gets the trophy!!

MatthewvMayo : Gotta say this is the greatest example one can find of police officers making fun of themselves and the stereotype.

Kevin Parsakia : The police officer in the beginning is gorgeous.

Lisa Hinton : The best part of this video is 4:27 - 4:30. And that cop deserves more than 1/4 of a donut..maybe a big, juicy steak.

Charlotte Pall : Omg can't believe this video hilarious best. Well done officers be safe god bless

Rhi Theiss : I love this video so much! i know some of the officers in this video!

Janet Massa : Love it!

Danie Whogivesashit : I feel ALL of this....Including Detective Swaggy Swaggerson. That nose tickle killed me!!

Allen Grider : Hands down the best one I have seen! Great song and great police officers! Greetings from Dallas, Texas!

Daphne Lattimer : The Officer running up and staring into the pastry shop is my spirit Officer! Got me right in the feels! Jesus, I neeeeed a donut!

Wayne Ballinger : You guys and MPD did a great job! It took no more time than your Average Joe lunch break. I applaud all involved with the making of this video. I look forward to another. Even if it does come out of my tax dollars.

mizkatie3 : Best one, hands down!!! Shared on Facebook and Live Pd group. Thank you for your service. 💗

Σοφια Μποταιτη : Hahahaha!!guys you are awesome!!

Bryan Smith : That was absolutely one of the best....great song, amazing job !!

Brian Vickery : Well done, loving lot of the vids I'm seeing. Really like the ones which either have fun or ones showing off their town/county.

Gina Keith : Love the humor!

Kinsey Santos : Hilarious. I can't

Kathrine J. Kozachok : ROFLMAO! Wow, the detective actually messed his hair for this video. Now, THAT's dedication!

Abby Macy : That was priceless - awesome job MPD

Don Fletcher : One of funniest ones I’ve seen yet! Great work by all! It’s nice to see the lighter side of Law Enforcement!

Jim Green : This was excellent. Bravo/Brava to the Middletown PD! Personally, I'm glad you found the time to do this!

Peggy Irvin : I totally understand coz' I'm in love with 🍩's too 😋😍😊.... and the detective in the suit is pretty hott as well 😉...js

Saintnsinner : Omg! You guys are great! Thank you for making me smile. Be safe.

Cindy Lacy : The best I've seen by far (you beat Norfolk hands down in my opinion)!!

Theresa Campbell : by far the best challenge....

NaavadaQ : Hilarious! This one is the best around!

Drac Ula : Don't know who produced this......but Damn......they have a Future somewhere!! Too Cool!!

Joe Reinhorn : Man takes a lot of balls not to leave a doughnut for the chief.

sharie Lee : Awesome😀💙💙💙💙