Middletown Police Department Lip Sync Challenge - "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum

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Spintown7 : I keep a bag of hostess donuts in my car in case I get pulled over in Middletown. Pro tip, don't use the ones with the white powder...

Laura Tate : I don't normally comment on these, but I have to say, the detective in the suit killed it! You can just see the doughnut withdrawal he's going through. 😅 So relatable!!

Kathleen Diaz : the detective in the suit--- nailed it--looks like it could be his own voice. Good job to all!

Debra White : Detective sitting on floor... I have something to confess to you... call me.

Colleen Hoffman : This is by far the best one I've seen!!!

Niki Ricci Peters : this is the best one so far I couldn't stop laughing the officer rubbing his nose on the doughnut great job very creative

crys satterfeld : You HAVE to love a group with such a great sense of humor! ♡

Kevin R : Awesome job everyone. Thanks for your service and be safe

Kathrine J. Kozachok : ROFLMAO! Wow, the detective actually messed his hair for this video. Now, THAT's dedication!

Camilla Puckett : Funny video, the dog got the last bite😂 thank you for your service and God bless you and your families, from Arlington Texas.

Misty Blevins : I love this! Great Job MPD!! Alfrey had me in tears!! And what's a girl gotta do to get arrested by Highley?! Lol

taznruby : You guys did a great job. Hilarious! Thanks for your service.

Katherine Harrington : Donut a cops drug of choice.😋

Dominique Vinson : You win by a..... mile.

Mara A : I love the ending!

Nikhilesh Surve : Watching the one in suit makes you thing as if it's an actual MV of a song & he may be a model. The scene where the cop runs towards the doors of the pastry shop was quite funny. Sure makes you think that town must have low crimes for missing doughnuts to be such a big issue lol.

Paulette Partin : Okay who is the guy in the gray suit............. fans face.

Michael Hartman : This was amazing, great camera work as well! Hello from Newport news, VA

Jax Kitten : of all the others I've seen so far, this is the best one yet.

Elizabeth Gregrich : Ya'll seriously knocked this one out of the park...this is my new favorite. So funny.

Mona Howell : my boys say they wanna be police officers because police officers are heroes...and because they love donuts!! GOOD job guys!

Drac Ula : Don't know who produced this......but Damn......they have a Future somewhere!! Too Cool!!

MrDugfresh420 : It's a quarter after 1,and I'm all alone, laughing out loud! Middletown PD gets the trophy!!

MatthewvMayo : Gotta say this is the greatest example one can find of police officers making fun of themselves and the stereotype.

Kevin Parsakia : The police officer in the beginning is gorgeous.

Daphne Lattimer : The Officer running up and staring into the pastry shop is my spirit Officer! Got me right in the feels! Jesus, I neeeeed a donut!

Chaos Paddlers : I have eyes on the first woman officer haha

GZM S : You need to add #lipsyncbattle #lipsyncchallenge to your description to get more views! Great job

Colerain Twp. Ohio. Police Eyes. : THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!

Peggy Irvin : I totally understand coz' I'm in love with 🍩's too 😋😍😊.... and the detective in the suit is pretty hott as well 😉...js

Green House Homestead : Ya'll had me laughing. LOL

Lisa Hinton : The best part of this video is 4:27 - 4:30. And that cop deserves more than 1/4 of a donut..maybe a big, juicy steak.

Don Steckler : I enjoyed this video so much! Thank you for all that you do for the community. You are greatly appreciated. One of these days I'll bring the donuts. :-)

citizen -F : Toast and jam is a gateway snack! that leads to glazed, then ultimately the "powdered" types Doughnuts have been an epidemic amongst %97.8 of police departments, the other %2.2 have GLUTEN allergies!! Or they(doughnuts) would infect EVERY crime fighters waistline! Making those utility belts JIGGLE loudly when they ran! Lol!! JUST SAY DOH !!

frances boldman : My favorite!! Y'all did so good!!

Danie Whogivesashit : I feel ALL of this....Including Detective Swaggy Swaggerson. That nose tickle killed me!!

Redhead Commando : Wow! This was sooo entertaining and well done. Bravo! And the detective...you sir have a second career ahead of you! You'd NEVER see a Liberal do something like this - simply not capable of it! They have no sense of humor...always the ones with pursed lips and scowls. Thanks for brightening my day. Now, be careful out there. And thank you for your bravery, service, and sacrifice.

Carletta Edwards : Love it fantastic. God bless thank you for all you do. Stay safe hugs shared

Brian Vickery : Well done, loving lot of the vids I'm seeing. Really like the ones which either have fun or ones showing off their town/county.

Marc and Donna : OMG!!! How did you all keep a straight face making this I don't know. This was so different! I loved it! Thank you for this wonderful video, and for your service every day!

Joe Reinhorn : Man takes a lot of balls not to leave a doughnut for the chief.

Charlotte Pall : Omg can't believe this video hilarious best. Well done officers be safe god bless

Linda Ross : Oh my God!!! This beats out everyone else!!!! Hilarious!

Allen Grider : Hands down the best one I have seen! Great song and great police officers! Greetings from Dallas, Texas!

Theresa Campbell : by far the best challenge....

White Out : Middletown police bad enough now y'all making fun of yourselfs

NaavadaQ : Hilarious! This one is the best around!

Don Fletcher : One of funniest ones I’ve seen yet! Great work by all! It’s nice to see the lighter side of Law Enforcement!

Zz Man : Is the officer with the bagel related to William Dafoe?

Wayne Ballinger : You guys and MPD did a great job! It took no more time than your Average Joe lunch break. I applaud all involved with the making of this video. I look forward to another. Even if it does come out of my tax dollars.