Crazy Japanese Game - Wall of Boxes

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Slapped Ham : That whip machine! haha Oh, Japan.

Phil Mante : Believe it or not, the 2 guys wearing red were behind "Americas Funniest Home Videos." They began the trend on their comedy show in the mid to late 80's when they would get home video submissions from viewers and they would review them and make jokes, and someone saw it, and brought it to America in '89. You can see it in AFV's credits as "Fun with Ken-san & Kato-chan."

HobbyGamer : 12:52 - Seth Rogan is in the house.

Nupraptors Head : See this America? This! This is how you entertain!

oposoum : Japan is not just an other country. Is an other planet.

Rusted Can : I think that african guy on the tank was their caricature of us

Calamity : Meanwhile in America, we have 'celebrity rap battles', 'celebrity trivia', and 'celebrity truth or dare;!

Natalatalei : I like how the third and fourth guy made fun of the second one

Gary : I've just watch the most amazing piece of entertainment I'll ever see. Life can only be bitter from now on. Why would you upload this ? I can't live the rest of my life knowing with absolute certainty that anything I will encounter won't match this piece. Why would you rob the world of hope.

GameTrend : There reactions are *PRICELESS!!!*

Sif : This was in my recommended today and I was like tf is this??!? I kept watching, was not disappointed.

MemeWatch : Weebs watch anime Real men watch Japanese Game shows

CBA : The tank was super unsafe. That scattershot could have easily cut through flesh. The Japanese don't mess around.

Thomas S. : ok, who came up with the idea of the whip machine

Magna Ryuu : Gaki No Tsukai isn't a game show. It's a variety show. They do a variety of things from games to skits and everything in between.

Teh Epic Fluffy : Japan, is the most entertaining country :)

starstrukk723 : I'm pissed American isn't creative with TV shows.

catpaws : I died at the whip

Jen_ GreatGuys : Omg I love them soo much 😂 they’re literally some of Japanese popular comedians to this day (but hamada got a lot of backlash for his blackface early this year) But please watch Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya’s a batsu game (punishment game) where they have to try succeed to not laugh for 24hours ..and if they fail to do do so, they’ll get punished with different objects that’s connected with the theme/locations of the show It’s really funny but they’re roughly 3-6 hours long per episode

Noah Z TV : If this was on Netflix I would watch it everyday

LeviathanHunter575 : I was thinking that it would be hilarious if American football was a thing, AND THEN IT WAS

M. Luminès : See America, this is what we should be doing. Not making new McDonald’s places

SpySpaceTR : This should come to america! I like it!

Eyeballs McTomm : what do i have to do with my life to end up a sweaty black man riding tanks in Japanese game shows?

Gelatinous Nimrod : Why was this on my recom... nevermind i dont care just keep this shit coming 😂

GrauSoo : I like how you can see the hands behind the numbers lol

Vanity's Fantasy : This was actually fun to watch

AllenX : trump wall in a nutshell

KayFabe Chronicles : No idea why this appeared on my suggested list but I'm thankful it did

chasebh89 : "I thought the streamers would break the wall" "You're stupid" Lmao

Geo Logic : This is why I love the Japanese.

Dolly Dearest : Most hilarious game show I have ever seen, that's for sure. 😂

Tactical Knowledge : Why... am i watching this... and why cant i stop watching it lol...

lily morgan : The man on the tank made me laugh 😂

Krystian Kowalski : Anyone notice this video was epic (13:37) long?

bruhhh SMM /NiatsuFTW_Ros : We need a show like this in america

cloud flores : I think they were more surprised of seeing a black person than the tank 😆

Imran Ali : I am from pakistan and love Japanese cute people we love you guys

Yechan Jeong : 3:24 Rape face right there

Franziska Kreilinger : 9:13 Me in my life xD

Tiburoncin :v : Estos chinos :v

เพื่อนของ พ.อ.ประหยัด : 6:12 10:32 12:58

FierceViper : I would totally watch more of this

櫻井君 : おもっくそ笑った笑

debby febriany : When matsumoto still had hairs on his head 😁

LaughingOutLoud : I think Pk Means Penalty Kick and not point kick

4 Firecat : Donald Trump should be there lol!

Maciej Pinoczek : -What does it says? -American Footb... -I GIVE UP!

Jinxtah : This is seriously the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

MailmanwhohappensToBeAMilkman : 3:24 his face is hillarious please someone make it a meme.