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The Current State of Tumblr 031

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RAM RAM : *R.I.P* *Tumblr* *2007-2018*

Courier 6 : I love how the knife has Dec. 17th on it 😂

Money Cat : Why is Tumblr in the Soup Store?

Michael Tomasetti : Tumblr... put down the knife!!

Tahirul : Youtube recommended this to me and i'm not subscribed but also not dissapointed.

LeastComicStanding : It's funny 'cause it's true

MindPrince : Takes the heart balloon anyway

Andre Wave : This is inaccurate, staff popped both balloons

Zach Ortiz : I need the name of this royalty free song pls

Karim Aljandali : Funny video, subscribed 😁

Matt Fiedler : Haha classic

jonho95 : what was the song you guys used?

-SKY- of Wonderland : It will be accurate to have the star balloon stabbed.

Candy Cane : Should've ended with the girl walking away and the guy begging for her to come back