Feedback Kitchen: Mario Batali with The Edge (Full Episode)

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TheIrishInc : Great interview. When The Edge talks about the possibilty of creating something that flops..I think of the album 'Pop' which caught a lot of crap. Am I the only one who found that album to be good? A lot of great stuff on there I thought.

David Chase : I would pay good money to hear and have a solo album done by Edge, just with him singing and playing his guitar. That would be an awesome deal. I wonder if he could do it without breaking any contract's?

Joshua Gill : The Edge, "I cant sing." -proceeds to sing incredibly-

William Losacano : Edge comes across as so modest. Cool guy to hang out with

julian phillips : In the top five of most influential guitarists of all time. On top of that, an interesting conversationalist. He listens and talks....., very rare in most people.

Carl Sweetchuck : Batali talks too much about himself. Not interested.

Catriona Garde : Wow, gotta love the Edge!

rula42 : 12:12 Here one can see/hear WHO is U2, actually...

markyncole : He sound like Bono when he sings.

Big Feat : great little segment. I think the only problem was it was a little forced trying to go from the Edge to the cooking. I see what he's trying to do, show the creativity behind both art forms. I think the show would be better served by somehow cooking something that is related to the guest. In U2's case maybe a dish that is simple but complicated taste that is Irish. Make the food match the guest.

Robert Irlbeck : The edge now sounds like Bono did back in about 2000 (which, to be honest, was much better than today's Bono). Edge should sing lead for Experience, for sure.

TheIrishInc : By the way..that dish looks amazing! I'm hungry! Lol

James Adcock : Noel Gallagher will be very jealous

kellegirl619 : This is so cool. I love the Edge, and that meal looks delicious

IL Scrapple : Or: I still haven't found the razor clams that I'm looking for......this was one bizarro segment. Mario was glazed over like an Easter ham.

Keith Hepworth : Edge, c'mon buddy, we all know you're bald. You can take off the hat.

voodooturbo : I don't even like seafood, and I was drooling at that plate of food. Cool video, thanks for sharing!

Blackfish Gaming : tough life.. being a rock star and all.

Oscar Meyer : The Edge singing @ 9:00 is great...

Bernard Dugo : The Edge is awesome, but this to funny. I'm trying to understand the connection between cooking and music as if there is suppose to be one. Anybody have any thoughts.

Claudiu Cont : nice interview !... :)

hqrsyd : Thanks for this

bobbovox : I'm hungry. Imagine Batali whipping up something like that just for you? Wow.

LarryUnderw00d : YEAHHH...EDGEEE

Lico Martin : capo

William Sauer : maybe on Songs of Experience Edge will be on lead vocals for a song or two...

glassslide : Fantastic chat, was awesome listening to this.

Roger Blackwood : The food of life, simply made to be beautiful! 

Shr00b : I've never heard Edge say "Wow" so many times.

Luis Echevarria : Love his singing. Why paying Bono's crazy life style? He is so fired.

Mike Maasbach : We all know Edge's favorite U2 song is Running to Stand Still.

rebelwoutac : When you've taken LSD then gone to see them on the POP tour at Wembley then your answer to the Q is no your not the one who thinks that album is good the visual visions of that concert 😜😜😜

P Leasum : I have really become a huge fan of Edge. The guy is so underrated as a guitar player and just continues to surprise me. What a great video.

EasySin Music : "I make a lasagna, then I make a excellent lasagna, then I can make a good lasagna." why? I don't think 60 thousand people will go into a stadium to watch a person cook for $100 bucks. Stop with comparisons already. Lol!

Chippy The Chipmunk : edge has said 'running to stand still' is his fav.

NBT 3 : Music is art. Not all expression is satisfying to the mind. Music is no different. Great to see his heart about music. Clear headed and exposed. Wow.

NBT 3 : Ok... We want a solo album! With that edgy voice! Love it man.

sakamuras s : some odd bromance they got going there... mario just saying ridiculously stupid comments in he's woo'ing edge into bed (or his kitchen...haha)

Isaac Pizarro : I knew I saw that guy before...he Is a chef and used to appear in a Spanish show cooking

Brian Doherty : Bizarre by any standards.

Gone Fishing : looks delicious

orange58729 : Listen to the master.

Shr00b : "Wow."-The Edge

Mau Ferrusca : Stunning evolution and rethinking of Running to Stand Still. Beautiful documentary. Thanks.

Masononthetube : WOW Life Goal - Achievement unlocked..Had I been there. This is what I imagine it's like to hang out with the Edge. He just picks up a guitar nearby plays something amazing for you. Is totally down to earth and then enjoy a great meal together.

Liberty Wagon : I think Mario should turn the heat on! It's so cold the poor guitarist needs to wear his winter hat for the whole interview!

Edson Brito : Toppppppp

Stephen Lyons : 'Trust your intuition there's always magic in the kitchen'

estacadugan : Do you know Bertin Osbourne tv show?

Mimmo Vox : God bless "calabrese salami"