Art, Transcendence, and the Gatekeepers

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VertigoPolitix : Please consider a donation to our cause:

Dennis Beers : Modern art is disgusting and destructive!

Flashback : Your work is some of most important I've ever come across, thank you for all you do. Truly.

longgowhereto : You speak my soul.

Daisy Cooper : Brilliant analysis. Didn't realize how much the JQ's were underhandedly responsible for the destruction of European art in the 20th century.

Kathleen H : The pictures and sculptures at Tony Podesta's house are disgusting. They feature drawings of small white children either being abused or dead. He also has pictures of naked white underage girls in his bathroom and a sculpture hanging from his ceiling depicting how Jeffrey Dahmer liked to pose his victims in. His brother John has artwork depicting cannibalism in his office.

A Sword of Truth : Powerful stuff. Hell is to good for ((((them)))). Come Lord Jesus, come. :(( :(( :((

John Oman : Art is another Western institution that has been destroyed by the left. Karl Marx should have died in the womb.

rongermanjr : ‘modern art’ isn’t and never was art.

A. B. Larson : This makes for a great intro to Roger Scruton's "Why Beauty Matters."

John Claffey : Brilliant channel.

Proff Grampy : Serious subject and great video. Than you. The Mao with makeup was funny though.

Arnold Ziffel : New age art is like a bad acid trip.

Autarchyan : Christians = kikes. Aryans = pagans. Choose.

Rocky Marshmallow : jarg art

MUFFINHEAD1985 : Beautiful

sensual heretic : I remember when I first heard of spirit cooking, I recognised that 'artist' from a Sunday Morning years ago. of course it was painted as innocent as innocous then. these conquerors come not with swords, but with smiles. they make it seem like it's You that's hick and backward for not (getting) their so-called high concept ideas

J W : Thank You.

LD Texas : Even Rockwell said Picasso's look like a bad car wreck! 😁

S B : Always amazing videos.

G - money : VPX, you always make the most insightful videos.

penguins inadiorama : Still around : )

Rix Pix : Thank God you're back brother! Hope all is well?

Juane Doses : politics is down stream from culture.

Juane Doses : Those who don't have a culture need a government.

Pier-Olivier Marquis : What about the French Revolution? Wasn't that a liberal revolution? Civilization might collapse on liberalism, but their expansionary phase, at first, accelerates with the arrival of liberalism. I think that we should make the distinction between the liberalism that allows societies to elevate themselves and liberalism that simply seeks to overthrow and destroy the current system. Perhaps a new term should be created. It is a little bit like fascism and Antifa. The new wave of liberals that we currently observe seeks to use the precepts of liberalism as their founding ideology, but what they want is simply to destroy the elites or anyone who has the power to achieve what they never will. It is not an ideology that is "for the people", which I believe is what liberalism should be. Other historians talk about the barbaric age, the age of reason and the age of cynicism. Cynicism, nihilism, whatever you want to call it, this is where we are in my opinion.

MrJRLT : What is the song? Please let me know. And where can I find the other videos that were taken down. I will try to support you soon when I get paid

L.R. Quimson : Good channel here.

G. Oyimknow : You really are brilliant.

Fwiffo : I've done it tired, now I'm weak.

Glade Ever : What is the piece of art at 2:14 called, anyone?

rongermanjr : VP, if you’ve never read any of miles mathis’ art papers i would recommend them to you. you both have the same things to say.

PissedFechtmeister : Stop looking at degenerate art.

Linus : "Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists." - Joseph de Maistre Europe painted, built, sculpted & composed for the Glory of God - without a unifying faith there can be no Renaissance - because everybody aims in a different direction

Josh A : Did your other channels get shoahed?

dunk88 : those people need to be exterminated, this hurts my heart

Simon Catastrophagus : We need to hurt and insult the hell out of our blindness if we want to return to the most basic forms of human unity.


ashamed of canadians ignorance :

The Anthropologist M : Did the other channel get deleted?

Behold The Truth : This appeals to me.