Unboxing a MONSTER | Extreme neodymium magnets

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Voxxid : Having a binge watching spree again, I really like how this guy actually responds to his audience. His voice is too soothing as well

Sam Thanks Zein : What are you going to use this for.?

John Hansen : These are so scary powerful, not sure if I would even want one in my house! You are a brave soul.

ivan perez : Hello BRAINIAC75 I’m trying to purchase the same magnet you have from the German website you listed. Is your magnet 1600kg? I want the same exact one and size you have. Thank you very much! I’m your fan

Michael mc Daniel : I want the same exact set that you have you say you ordered from a German website and you used chrome to help translate how do I do that?

Flounderhouse : lol i love you're videos but when do you draw the line and just start using electromagnets!v

Wes Luther : i mean i play xbox one with my spare time. This is just sad.

Jesus : They delivered the magnets with delivery vans attached to them.

A ZC : Das is GUT JA? Adolf?

Jake : I feel sorry for the delivery driver who probably broke his watch/phone delivering this lol

Stefano Rizzotti : Remember to remove pacemaker? :D Great video anyway!

Fartonaut : I hope your neighbours use ssd's.

Able Baker : In case you ever want to turn your car into a refrigerator magnet.

Yoshi Ponce Hdz. : Try put it on a transformator

Richard Collier : do not bring this to a heavy metal concert.

Real God : 2:45 he gets to the point

Rocketlock27 : stupid question, why does the the danish language sound and look like the German language

THE ART BOY : Brainiac75 love you videos keep it up i would be happe if you could make video evry week that would be cool

Brett : I feel like my phone is going to get damaged just by watching this!

pere fornes blazquez : You need to be kidding me, that magnet is the most powerfull thing i have ever seen.

William Peng : I can imagine how dangerous this thing can be.

perry lc : Get rid of that stupid computer voice. No one is impressed.

ThomasTheSailor Chubby : So, now what ? You got the largest Neodymium magnet in town, That don't make you the best chick magnet in town..

Vikrant Waphgaonkar : intro looks like a scene from Indiana Jones movie haha

Asriel Dreemurr : My compass now points to Denmark

Numb Tee : Next time use your screw gun as a screw driver....saves a lot of time...and never use torque screws or Phillip screws ...use Robertson screws only.....you'll thank me later....just sayin'.....cheers....

edward karem : Hell. Yeah.

Gustavo Souza : Wonder how powerful a gauss cannon with that would be.

Trolmaster - : you should sort your video based out of your icon's warining signs

Nathan Smith : if you store this magnet w/ its N pole facing South, do the birds near where you live start migrating in the wrong direction??

BitGridTV : is there a reasonable purpose for such magnets? Other than just playing around i mean? Can U even keep a credit card in Your house when having such a magnet around?

Vision : I guess having balls of steel around this thing is not the best idea

Nothing\ : 7:30 It would be easier if you slid the magnet over the table and let the weights catch on the bits sticking out of the bottom. It's always easier to slide things off of powerful magnets rather than pulling them off, I find.

David Lee : Man I was scared when you hung those barbell weights. If that had flipped up you would of lost fingers.

Nomad2001 : thats how they are gonna make chains in space space chains

Vanished Gaming : Is your house magnetic now?

Studio129 : I guess Neodymium is a super element. BBC released a documentary on it recently. This can change the whole scenario of energy generation and other sensitive applications. https://youtu.be/--8UOXDU4u8

RuMpLe StilTsKiN : Now that’s what you call attractive..... I’ll get my coat

DragonUltraMaster : You could problably destory a black hole with those magnets :o

Alec L : Does it do anything to iron in the bloodstream?

Eric Smith : As it starts pulling the nails out of the floor below the carpet

Superben6766 : Woah idea Put a metal sheet on your back Hook the magnet to the ceiling Get attached Try to get off

Craig Locke : lol he's gonna lift the flooring nails out of the wood, just setting it on the floor like that

FlumenSanctiViti : I wonder, if you were to wave your hand close to that big magnet, would you feel any force? Would magnet induce any current in blood vessels due to iron in red blood cells?

Kubi 0040 : At 7:09 A plane falls from the sky and touches the magnet :)

ViviSectia : Wrap some magnet wire around one of the magnets and connect the ends to a audio jack to turn it into an electric guitar pickup. I'd really like to hear what that sounds like.

The Disabled Gamer : What would you use suck a big and enormously powerful magnet for, what i mean is, what would a magnet like that be used for specifically ?

Corby's Corner - Learn, Play, Review : That is one crazy amazing monster magnet. Oofda!

Isaac Allgood : Hey braniac you should attach the other big one to it ittl be evan stronger!

TornadoAzulK4 : this reminds me of Joseph and Muhammad