Unboxing a MONSTER | Extreme neodymium magnets

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Aaron Greenfield : Having way too much fun and box not even open yet, the epitome of envy!..

PyroX : Brainiac? You have done radioactive, magnetic and laservideos, but I haven’t seen electric, toxic and fire videos from you ( those are also on your intro with warnings)

troll vader : so your home officially became a no-compass-zone

Death By Cognitive Dissonance : This was wonderful!

Jack Erol : Amazing! Thank you.

PyroX : And lets meditate on brainiacs voice again... Woa that are a lot of likes

John Hansen : These are so scary powerful, not sure if I would even want one in my house! You are a brave soul.

martyplay1000 : I felt the Earth tilt slightly when you took the big one out of the box.

Greg Jones : The delivery of the magnets was delayed for several hours when the courier driver stopped for a cup of coffee and parked his van too close to an iron fence.

Nathan Smith : this may be good for metalworkers who can't be arsed to wear safety glasses... after grinding just press face to magnet & savor the sweet relief as it pulls all the tiny shards of metal out of your eyes ;) ...hey, it could almost work...

Yan Bär : How close to the big magnet would you have to get with a credit card, so that the magnet strip would be destroyed/unusable? Also would a computer set up on the table, when the magnet is below it be damaged, like the one in one of your older videos? This screams for a lot of new experiments :D And also great video showcasing just how incredible the magnetic forces from these magnets are :) Greetings from germany :)

Aroof Alblushi : you should make a video by shooting a bullet beside the magnet and check if it can stop the bullet or no

Sgt. David E Swiger USMC : Any chance these people or you would be interested in helping out a disabled vet get started on You Tube? I would love to show one of these on one of my videos. Of course I only have a small amount of viewers but working hard to get off the ground. Either way, thanks for sharing.

Chuck testa : would it be easy to remove the magnet from the table instead of removing the metal ?

Ram_SLade - War Robots and More! : Brainiac should wear very thick protection... I hope you have insane subs and likes cus of this

b 28282 : Remember to remove ✔️Pacemaker ✔️Metal implants

noLimit : 3:42 am and I’m watching a magnet review

gizmoDog765 : How does one even dispose of something like that? Imagine having this thing put up in the closet for years then one day ol wifey cleans it out and amputates her hand while setting it down on the metal table.

Voxxid : Having a binge watching spree again, I really like how this guy actually responds to his audience. His voice is too soothing as well

Ever wondered? : *6:45** Forget the magnet those spoons were gorgeous*

G. D00RN : Braniac has a perfect plan to destroy the world with his magnet collection!

Epictoh : "Remember to remove pacemaker" 😂😂

Klaus Dieter : I dont want to know what happens if you have an tungpiercing and this magnet is near to you

Philip Dawes : Large neodymium magnets can be dangerous to handle, like the case of an American who purchased two extra large neodymium cube magnets and put them on two benches far apart in his workshop. His young son went into the workshop without his father's knowledge and saw the gleaming bright cubes on different benches. He picked up the cube nearest to him admiring its beauty and walked with it towards the other bench. When he was about 6 feet away the second cube magnet shot off the table to the one he was holding - crushing his hand. His screams brought his father to the tragedy of his foolishness of not locking the workshop door. The bones in his child's hand were crushed flat. The hand had to be amputated.

lazaglider : I just love the pacing of your video releases. I think you hinted at this new magnet in your last video, some time ago, but at no point have I become frustrated waiting for your next vid. Rather than a channel that has an irregular schedule, here we are never waiting for the next, but we are pleasantly surprised when a new one appears. All in all, for sheer quality and zero bullshit, this is probably the best YouTube channel I've had the pleasure of watching. Thank you.

Anas ansari : My attention was on bubble wraps 🤑🤑🤑

Johnnie Walker : May the FORCE be with you !

William Roden : Sorry I am just now discovering you. You are great, I have subscribed. I had to pause and laugh when you said, "just look at how this nerd works out with weights." A magnetically powerful 👍 to you!

Kay Peranovic : 7:00 just pick up the magnet

iooi : Magneto would be proud.

TrapLivesMatter : Shoot a pellet gun across it and see it pulls the pellet down.

kevvome : Would you be able to pick up a girl with one of these?!!!

Phoenix Craze : What kind of steel balls did you use with the bigger magnet because ive had trouble locating ones that can be attracted by neodymium magnets

BandZ : For some reason. I'm like watching Animal Planet... but with magnets. Nice vid!

Krister F : Intreserene video. Hej fra Island

brine brushwood : Some people have way too much free time!!

Blazing Beast : Imagine making a speaker out of it

saw141 : 7:20 - Isn't this method of removal incredibly dangerous?

D Dingus : just look at how this nerd lift with weights......lmao

Windy : *Puts one magnet on top of the other* "Velcome to the hoodraulic press chan-ell, todey we are crashing, dis sheet"

Jesus : They delivered the magnets with delivery vans attached to them.

sebmol 11 : Kannst du mal ein deutsches video machen?

Medhavi N : Boxception

The Rodog : Remember to remove PACE MAKER......... OK.

Zach Martinez : Imagine buying a new laptop and it comes destroyed because it sat near these magnets in shipment.

Gihan Panditha : cool

박 지민Park Jimin : Him trying to remove the weights A concept

Nicolas-Ocarina Personal Channel : Have you considered making a free energy fan?

harrow86 : Haha you are so funny love the videos and your commentary

Austin Cox : i subscribed at boxception