Reenactment #17: Goodfellas

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Max Power : Totally nailed Liotta's laugh!

Harrison Edgar : Great job! Now go home and get your freaking shine box lol

iambehindthemirror : This is still my favorite from all the years.

David Ying : I thought this was gonna be like one of those omg this is gonna be painful moments. but it was good. you a funny guy! you amuse me

Connor StandingReady : Lol this is pretty good

Lionel Hutz : That Liotta laugh though!

Ryan Blanche : WOW. This video is over 10 years old already.

Ross Cicero : Pesci is holding his drink when he says "You may fold under questioning".

Charly85 : He was doing rays laugh perfect

Deception Slayer : Best!!

jpcancela : Nailed it.

Jessica Laurin : Nailed it once again! I could watch this guy all day!

Thomas Middleton : lol that was great man i loved it

Dylan Fagundes : You won me over man lmao

Alvaro Devora : 10/10 Great work!

christopherpmeyers : this is amazing

Alberto Mirasola : Very good Brandon

what : the hardest is the voice of pescie without the voice this scene is bs 

Dean Roberts : Funny guy

Alias Ocean : Dude I would love to do some scenes with you - especially this one ! I can do Pesci , deniro, Samuel Jackson, the list goes on. But have never done it on camera!

Warren Brandt : very good actually well acted..yes liotas mad laugh is awesome.

Rab carn : where is recent videos? this guy has not done a reenactments for years

The big OOF : this made me sad

KEITHY TAYLOR TV : brilliant

Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman : I was looking for this!

Banzan Buddhist : Superb Acting.

eric williams : very good

Axel Gunnars : Well so is Steven Tyler and Rosie O'Donnell

ThePolskafc : Because he is ugly? Perhaps radio...

Ramy Hallak : haha, actually brilliant!

Fist Rockbone : NAILED IT!

Axel Gunnars : This guy is such a genious, why the hell hasn't hollywood picked him up already ?

Ted Cantu : jeez how bored was this fucking guy, he played all the roles....

Jouni Sarkapalo : Reeeeally funny :D

Jouni Sarkapalo : Watch and listen with headphones on! That back gorund laughing track will drive you crazy!

Smit bit : You captured Ray's laughing face perfectly. xD

NomadRepublic : Dude, this is absolutely hilarious. Beautifully done.................huh? You your imitations were great. Wha? No, no....I was complimenting you, you know? Like saying your video was hilarious, that's all. Getthefuckouttaheeeere!!!!

wpnsofdisaster94 : naw sir i believe its ptsd.

Becca Bear : We do reenactments on our channel!! You should check em out and maybe give us more suggestions!! :DD

Melanie : Great job!

Max R : u mad bro?

The40ozBottle : i couldnt' stop laughing at the laugh and his face expression lmao! you did a great job tho, nice work haha

stigbeve : YOU REALLY ARE A FUNNU GUY! (Tommy dives to choke Henry)

Flavi : love it

Bruce Stoller : Right, you'll go far with your ideas asshat.............

Bruce Stoller : Wow people really do eat shit-

mitchell malin : amazing

pjthedon100 : Lol perfect

dosipov1 : Ey Tommy, you got it all wrong

Jake spaceman : Your very talented