How we can help people off Skid Row: Lessons from LAPD Officer Deon Joseph
How we can help people off Skid Row Lessons from LAPD Officer Deon Joseph

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On November 12, 2015, AEI hosted a panel discussion on the challenges of and possible solutions to street homelessness. Long-time LAPD officer Deon Joseph discussed his experiences with Skid Row and what he believes we can do to best help the homeless. The opinions expressed here are his own, based on his experience, and may not reflect the views of the LAPD. Subscribe to AEI's YouTube Channel Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter For more information


Robert Lind : This police officer is a genius and an amazing man. God Bless him and keep him safe.

Greek Salad : LAPD officer Deon Joseph needs to run for Congress or some political office where he can make real change.

Matt Vinci : No, man. I think you ARE the smartest man in the room.

soul sista#2 : Officer deon Joseph is the real deal downtown Skid Row Los Angeles, I have talk with him many times

Clifford Thompson : Should run for office

Calvin Smith : Everyone thank the ACLU

Jon Irenicus : We don’t have enough good man like him in the world.

Joe Magowan : Well spoken. This guy knows the problem better than anyone else. Listen to him!

BumperMorgan : We need more cops like this guy.

christopher banion : kudos... you picked THE best part of the entire meeting.

Aranak777 : Im a supposed right wing and i totally agree with his logic

magic131 : You can tell he's not just saying what he has to say to look good (like nearly every politician). He clearly cares and is passionate about making a positive change. I pray this man keeps speaking his message to the public and climbs the ranks because we need sincere people like him.

Ennio Pelliccia : 4:53 sorry but I don't know what "cribs and bluts" means However this is a really important witness, I'm glad I subscribed to this channel

Ant John : Love this guy but let’s be honest there’s nothing going to be done about this issue in skid row... sad but true

Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M : Deon Joseph has a clear focus and vision " house the people who have already been helped by the local Missions and then back fill with new people taken off the street.

OSLO Zeimantz : smart dude

Victoria Allen : As you said, speaking truth to power. Bernie recognizes the disaster that the corporate health care system has created for the mentally ill. Thank you for your sincere and caring service to these people.

Zebus Aqua : I love this guy.

Matthew James : so sad this was 2015 though.. i hope it helped

DR. LEWIS : They have shut down the drug treatment programs down there!!! Safe Harbor ... GONE! Harbor Light... GONE!

M H : I love how he groups all cops as not thinking mental illness is a crime... thin blue line gang!

Lou G : Just heard from a police officer that many homeless that he has tried to help do not want it and prefer to remain on the street.

Sorps3 : This man makes me sorry for all the copkilling I've done but you know what if there is more cops like this. I'll try and kill less in the future

Richard alvarez : You can't help ppl who don't wanna help them self drug dealer are every were if you look for something you'll find it your talking from a cops point of view I was a shot caller in the biggest gang in Los Angeles nobody's making you do anything you don't wanna do because ppl snitch you do anything for anyone cause you wanna get high so miss me with that shit officer skid row is like the promise land of drugs

Richard alvarez : You know what this video reminds of those locked up or gangland videos on cable I'm watching this cop talk about helping on skid row you guys need better Intel you guys have no idea wats going on there and I get why your saying the things your saying trying to get ppl not to go there

sickre : There is no solution, just offer them sterlisation and euthanasia. With have billions of humans already. Its uncomfortable but the ultimately effective economic and moral solution.

Omni Ferum : Learn some FUCKING RESPECT, JACINTA ALICE RICHARDSON! You have a Mental Illness Disorder, go get some therapy and stop projecting onto Simon Troy Cosgrove!

Andrew Tolmasoff : Holy shit, this man has to be one of the most well spoken sons of bitches I've ever had the pleasure to listen to.