Everest College Commercial - Hood Variant

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TheNathanNS : So, this was Lamar's job before working for Simeon.

DROIDZ Gaming : Goodbye ITT, hello Everest

ShanteRoxxane : "Nigga...you mean paralegal?" Lmfaoooo 😂

MattDeFabbio : This video should be preserved in the Library of Congress

Andrew Taylor : You to can aspire to make minimum wage one day. Lmao

Max Watson : "...and they all got low self esteem." lmao

Valerie Taylor : IS THAT BLACK JESUS

JUlCEMANE : Busted down snow bunnies you say.... Sign me up

HeyLamao : Lamar

Jeremy G : ITT Tech closed nationwide today. Moment of silence please.

Gage Ivey : Bachelors degree in 3 months 😂 I'm dead

brooklyn560 : I thought the regular version was the hood version

Ezra Poore : I pictured the guy doing this as Lamar from GTA V. Side mission.

Zak Bagans : really got me on my grind, look at me now!

James Johnson : "Throw dem BOWS"

metatechnocrat : I got my degree from that dude for a bag of weed. Thank you Everest!

Tiyah Allvre : And I'm saying to myself "he sound mad familiar" I look in the comments he speak as Lamar from GTA I'm doneee

Yunus I. : Everest college is accredited through the west coast commission of non-accredited schools..

Lux : A paralegal?😂😂😂

DrMateen36 : Is that you Lamar?

David Stewart : Busted down snow bunnies are the best. Specially the blonde ones in Arizona. I like how they turn red in the summer months.

Centennial : I am crying this is so funny!!

thestone30080 : Did anyone come here beacause of Maury, Steve Wilkos, or Jerry Springer, because I sure did.

ShowToddSomeLove : realest commercial ever

Gimme That Pwossy : Dope Choppin AND Dope Cookin? I can be a double major my grandparents will be so proud

Prodigy : it is indeed the voice actor of Lamar Davis. you're not alone ;) I researched it

Jacquobite : I wish Lamar was a bigger character in GTA V :(

barondorado : Lamar Davis???????????

Jake Patterson : Accredited by the west coast commission of non accredited schools 😂😂😂

Just Watching : Skeeted her up all over her face I was dropping bo'z on that ho...... I'm threw just can't even laugh anymore

xele fonte : "And they all got low self esteem." Those are the easiest girls.

JB Smooth : Busted down snowbunnies 😂😂😂

bgboy4 : They all got low self esteem 😂😂 that's students for you

Mike Stepan : Major in trapology with minor in hustlenomics lol

WaitWeight : came here because of bigtymer

ClassicCinemaMC : "You don't take care of your keeeds."

Ronnie Perez : "You too can aspire to make minimum wage, pimpin."

Michael Colello : If yo bread aint right, don't even trip.

Xavier Tucker : "You too can aspire to make minimum wage one day pimpin" 😂😂😂😂

Automatic Oversteer : I think Stretch's betrayal isn't the only reason the Ballas want to kill Lamar. He must of suckered a good chunk of them into enrolling at Everest.

BongQueesha : i got my degree in dope chopin' 

Selfmade DC : Bachelors in 3 months lol

OutlawStarkiller : *Felicia Keys*

Nothing here : #EverestNigga

OVO : Whos here from BigT

Reginald Patton : The only people who hate this video are Everest College Alumni!

BB Hoody : This is legendary and the absolute truth. There's a reason why schools like Harvard, MIT, Princeton etc don't advertise commercials and yet are known all over the world with students from other countries coming to the US just to attend these schools, and employers want students from these schools. You can get a degree from these low tier schools all you want. But that harvard graduate you'll be competing with for positions at good companies will always beat you for that job. So unless you're content with working for some local no name company that pays slightly above minimum wage. Don't waste your time with these schools. Go to a community college, take courses that count as credit for what you want to major in. Then after two years transfer to a University and get a real degree that employers will respect and take seriously.

Tyler Jhonson : You had me at busted down snow bunnies. Where do I apply??

Jake Stockton : Gynecolgia: the art of ovarian observations.

Brayden Kooski : The Benchwarmers brought me here