Everest College Commercial - Hood Variant

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TheNathanNS : So, this was Lamar's job before working for Simeon.

BIGGSHAUN : It took 8 years for this to make my recommendations?!

ShanteRoxxane : "Nigga...you mean paralegal?" Lmfaoooo 😂

Mack Daddy : This stuff is Chappelle good.

brooklyn560 : I thought the regular version was the hood version

Cartoon Network Games [DROIDZ] : Goodbye ITT, hello Everest

HeyLamao : Lamar

Jake Patterson : Accredited by the west coast commission of non accredited schools 😂😂😂

Ronnie Perez : "You too can aspire to make minimum wage, pimpin."

Juan L : 891 people are unfamiliar with the distasteful practices of for-profit schools, do not recognize the usual demographic populations said schools target, and can not comprehend the brilliance of this man's satirical take on the subject......

xele fonte : "And they all got low self esteem." Those are the easiest girls.

Lux : A paralegal?😂😂😂

Gimme That Pwossy : Dope Choppin AND Dope Cookin? I can be a double major my grandparents will be so proud

Mike Stepan : Major in trapology with minor in hustlenomics lol

MattDeFabbio : This video should be preserved in the Library of Congress

Just Watching : Skeeted her up all over her face I was dropping bo'z on that ho...... I'm threw just can't even laugh anymore

Selfmade DC : Bachelors in 3 months lol

OutlawStarkiller : *Felicia Keys*

JB Smooth : Busted down snowbunnies 😂😂😂

Jake Stockton : Gynecolgia: the art of ovarian observations.

O.G. John Doe : How I'm just seeing this now in 2018?

Automatic Oversteer : I think Stretch's betrayal isn't the only reason the Ballas want to kill Lamar. He must of suckered a good chunk of them into enrolling at Everest.

bgboy4 : They all got low self esteem 😂😂 that's students for you

Yunus I. : Everest college is accredited through the west coast commission of non-accredited schools..

Daniel Catalan : Smoking weed watching Maury lmfaoooooooo the truth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ross Banter : 1:50 "WIC, EBT, Food Stamps" 😂

tony Smith : 1:53 why he get so close lmao

Tyler Jhonson : You had me at busted down snow bunnies. Where do I apply??

Max Watson : "...and they all got low self esteem." lmao

Beau Blase : Felicia keys I’m dead lmao, all you do is smoke streebo

Terrill Gardner : Lol Felicia Keys


NoName MaryJane : Someone please translate what he said in Spanish🙏

Andrew Taylor : You to can aspire to make minimum wage one day. Lmao

Nulex V1300 : Lmao I stay by 59 & Bissonet rn😂😂

Mr G. : Lmfao why have I not seen this till now. This remind me of the gangsta hotline commercial ahahahahahahaha

Johnny Vegas : Busted down snowbunnies!

Bryan Curry : "Everest college is accredited by the west coast association of non-accredited schools"

Nothing here : #EverestNigga

Joshua Schlunegger : i just sent this to all my black friends

Star Cherry : Boy so you even know what a pap smear is? 😹 It's not that sexy you pervert

Mitchell Kim : One of the greatest Parodies of all time. This along with Michael Jordan’s spoof are straight 🐐 materials

Jacquobite : I wish Lamar was a bigger character in GTA V :(

Umh Chud : i don't recall this scene in Idiocracy.

jingle bells : Anyone got that spanish translation?

Carlos Smith : 😂😂 I used to pass by this college to go to the casino across the street

Ty Jax : Black Jesus still doing the Lord’s work.

ClassicCinemaMC : "You don't take care of your keeeds."

bjtucker5 : "Throw dem bows..." 🤣🤣🤣

inFAMOUS : "Accredited by the comission of non-accredited schools"