Everest College Commercial - Hood Variant

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TheNathanNS : So, this was Lamar's job before working for Simeon.

DROIDZ Gaming : Goodbye ITT, hello Everest

MattDeFabbio : This video should be preserved in the Library of Congress

Jacquobite : I wish Lamar was a bigger character in GTA V :(

Max Watson : "...and they all got low self esteem." lmao

ShanteRoxxane : "Nigga...you mean paralegal?" Lmfaoooo 😂

Andrew Taylor : You to can aspire to make minimum wage one day. Lmao

ClassicCinemaMC : "You don't take care of your keeeds."

JUlCEMANE : Busted down snow bunnies you say.... Sign me up

Horacio Montigue : Everest college is accredited through the west coast commission of non-accredited schools..

Valerie Taylor : IS THAT BLACK JESUS

Empathy Uprising : "Ya boy do free mammograms and pap smears on the 1st and the 15th".

Jeremy G : ITT Tech closed nationwide today. Moment of silence please.

HeyLamao : Lamar

Kackle Mackle : This guy is very intelligent, yet very funny...and that's why I respect him so much.

Zak Bagans : really got me on my grind, look at me now!

Djay Nee : the one that look like Felicia Keys hahahahaha

James Johnson : "Throw dem BOWS"

Lux : A paralegal?😂😂😂

Ezra Poore : I pictured the guy doing this as Lamar from GTA V. Side mission.

Tiyah Allvre : And I'm saying to myself "he sound mad familiar" I look in the comments he speak as Lamar from GTA I'm doneee

David Stewart : Busted down snow bunnies are the best. Specially the blonde ones in Arizona. I like how they turn red in the summer months.

Kc Sunda : This is in my top 5 YouTube videos of all time.

DrMateen36 : Is that you Lamar?

brooklyn560 : I thought the regular version was the hood version

phenobarbitalmv75 : I'm the pilot flying the jet @ 1:35

metatechnocrat : I got my degree from that dude for a bag of weed. Thank you Everest!

Centennial : I am crying this is so funny!!

Gage Ivey : Bachelors degree in 3 months 😂 I'm dead

thestone30080 : Did anyone come here beacause of Maury, Steve Wilkos, or Jerry Springer, because I sure did.

DankBank : Lamar throwin down some knowledge

ShowToddSomeLove : realest commercial ever

xele fonte : "And they all got low self esteem." Those are the easiest girls.

Jake Patterson : Accredited by the west coast commission of non accredited schools 😂😂😂

zerox505 : lamar or black jesus?

barondorado : Lamar Davis???????????

All Usernames Already Exist : Dope Choppin AND Dope Cookin? I can be a double major my grandparents will be so proud

Just Watching : Skeeted her up all over her face I was dropping bo'z on that ho...... I'm threw just can't even laugh anymore

Mr. GAT : The whole time I just pictured him telling this to Franklin

Tee Hee Tummy Tums : streebo aint that bad, you can get 2 blunts of stress for 5$

Prodigy : it is indeed the voice actor of Lamar Davis. you're not alone ;) I researched it

Jake Stockton : Gynecolgia: the art of ovarian observations.

JB Smooth : Busted down snowbunnies 😂😂😂

OutlawStarkiller : *Felicia Keys*

Michael Colello : If yo bread aint right, don't even trip.

WaitWeight : came here because of bigtymer

bgboy4 : They all got low self esteem 😂😂 that's students for you

mike gee : ....you too can aspire TO MAKE MINIMUM WAGE.....

Brayden Kooski : The Benchwarmers brought me here

OVO : Whos here from BigT