FOOD TRUCK FRENZY | Overcooked 2 Challenge

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Bryce Mckenzie : Becoming an Onion Knight. It's very much a Yog thing.

Matt Happs : I wouldn’t mind eating Lewis’ buns

Sivert H. : I feel 50% of the failure should go to Turps for bad order writing

Bryce Mckenzie : I'd order at Overcooked 2 Yog. I'll have the nibblers and the giant meat Burger, Bacon, and cheese stack

Jacob Olevano : Sjin "Turps, how do i turn the cooker on?" this is gonna be a good one

Pascal S. : "How many people can we kill before we lose?" classical Sjin :D

Adam Hofling : Onion king is secretly Gordon Ramsay, he needed the suit on to contain his rage. The dead eyes are akin to his dissapointment.

Grumpy Goose : This was unexpectedly hilarious. I'm surprised that they got several okays for their burgers, as well. Also, "all the shit" left me breathless!

Unmei : Customers: "Let me just order everything that isn't listed as an orderable menu item." Next episode someone's going to say, "I want 327 grains of rice in my burrito."

Raymund Reyes : “Plate covered in pickles. No visible plate” That ordered killed me especially when skin read it

Alexander Webb : Game theory: Who is the onion king? I think its Zylus

Jayy Robin : I liked seeing other yogscast members like Leo and radders, and other random people like Ben from whatculture. Loving the food based irl vids as of late guys ^-^

matt dwyer : This is a chef's revenge for these 2 saying that you don't need any skills to be a chef

Alec R : Would've been cool if it was Lewis and Simon vs Sips and Sjin. This is still pretty fucking good though

Emmanuel Castro : "Did you do school?" ~Turps 2018

Ezillity : This is a sponsered video!

Xenettai : You can watch the whole unedited stream on Twitch.

Jake Jargstorf : Coolio. I used to not like them playing Overcooked. Now that I went back and watched one. I realized I was missing out. This video was fucking brilliant.

Trenton Quant : The Onion King is sooo Tom.

TheChocolateEagle : turps is going to be the winner with all the tips

Tom C : Who is the lady who ordered the "Temple Burger", I don't recognise her?

Just Ross : Shoutout to floss kid @ 6:35

Ridho Santoni : Can't wait for Lewis' Special Cream Pie.

Artistic Twist : When you see these order you know how much they are trying to mess up Lewis

Zaffre : Is Lewis still in Japan?

ape_master : 4:02 that girls voice was captivating.

Liam Doan : I already watched the stream sadly.

Stephen Day : As a chef these customers trigger me so bad 🤬

Hayden Lau : Disappointed that no one stuffed tips down Turp's pants

Daxt3rDeFluff2 : If any of these people saw that clip of Lewis scooping up dead flies to put in food from the last challenge they would think twice about trusting him hahaha

The Brutal Cat : I hope Madcat is taking his notes

Thomas Sweet : I'd really like to know who's in that onion costume

Renae : When you've watched the stream but you watch it again anyways : Lets Plays and Game Reviews : If I was there I would've kept one of those yogbucks just for a collectors prize even if the dish deserved 10/10 nope one yogbuck for me.

jakoski : I love how they encouraged the customers to make the zaniest, wackiest, most out-there orders possible.

MrValderviche : The bunny burger was honestly impressive.

Beffinee : I want the veggie rabbit burger 😅

Lu Bay : Turps is such a bullshit artist, it is beautiful to witness 😭

3_Starz : Onion king is rythian. *(jokes)*

Wolfencreek : My hope is that Trott is the Onion King.

Little Red Shades : The temple burger girl is 😍😍

tolmat4411 : 48 seconds ago, nice

Dethmin : 1:00 Those kids are hilarious.

raph : Wow the green screen is amazing

Kevin Beck : nice

Ben W : Trott shaved?

Tim Leuyckx : 4:04 who is that lovely (yet difficult af) lady?

balthiers girl : Lewis is so bloody cute

Storm Trooper : I want to play overcooked

Krogsager : Having worked in a grill, those specific orders are really pissing me off... This is been quite the emotional roller coaster...