FOOD TRUCK FRENZY | Overcooked 2 Challenge

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Bryce McKenzie : Becoming an Onion Knight. It's very much a Yog thing.

Matt Happs : I wouldn’t mind eating Lewis’ buns

Bryce McKenzie : I'd order at Overcooked 2 Yog. I'll have the nibblers and the giant meat Burger, Bacon, and cheese stack

Sivert H. : I feel 50% of the failure should go to Turps for bad order writing

Pascal S. : "How many people can we kill before we lose?" classical Sjin :D

Adam Hofling : Onion king is secretly Gordon Ramsay, he needed the suit on to contain his rage. The dead eyes are akin to his dissapointment.

Jacob Olevano : Sjin "Turps, how do i turn the cooker on?" this is gonna be a good one

Grumpy Goose : This was unexpectedly hilarious. I'm surprised that they got several okays for their burgers, as well. Also, "all the shit" left me breathless!

Unmei : Customers: "Let me just order everything that isn't listed as an orderable menu item." Next episode someone's going to say, "I want 327 grains of rice in my burrito."

Alexander Webb : Game theory: Who is the onion king? I think its Zylus

Jayy Robin : I liked seeing other yogscast members like Leo and radders, and other random people like Ben from whatculture. Loving the food based irl vids as of late guys ^-^

Alec R : Would've been cool if it was Lewis and Simon vs Sips and Sjin. This is still pretty fucking good though

Raymund Reyes : “Plate covered in pickles. No visible plate” That ordered killed me especially when skin read it

Ezillity : This is a sponsered video!

Emmanuel Castro : "Did you do school?" ~Turps 2018

Xenettai : You can watch the whole unedited stream on Twitch.

matt dwyer : This is a chef's revenge for these 2 saying that you don't need any skills to be a chef

Trenton Quant : The Onion King is sooo Tom.

Jake Jargstorf : Coolio. I used to not like them playing Overcooked. Now that I went back and watched one. I realized I was missing out. This video was fucking brilliant.

TheChocolateEagle : turps is going to be the winner with all the tips

Just Ross : Shoutout to floss kid @ 6:35

MrValderviche : The bunny burger was honestly impressive.

Ridho Santoni : Can't wait for Lewis' Special Cream Pie.

Artistic Twist : When you see these order you know how much they are trying to mess up Lewis

Liam Doan : I already watched the stream sadly.

Tom C : Who is the lady who ordered the "Temple Burger", I don't recognise her?

Hayden Lau : Disappointed that no one stuffed tips down Turp's pants

Thomas Sweet : I'd really like to know who's in that onion costume

ape_master : 4:02 that girls voice was captivating.

Zaffre : Is Lewis still in Japan?

Stephen Day : As a chef these customers trigger me so bad 🤬

The Brutal Cat : I hope Madcat is taking his notes

Wolfencreek : My hope is that Trott is the Onion King. : Lets Plays and Game Reviews : If I was there I would've kept one of those yogbucks just for a collectors prize even if the dish deserved 10/10 nope one yogbuck for me.

Renae : When you've watched the stream but you watch it again anyways

Beffinee : I want the veggie rabbit burger 😅

Daxt3rDeFluff2 : If any of these people saw that clip of Lewis scooping up dead flies to put in food from the last challenge they would think twice about trusting him hahaha

JawsCS : onion king looks like pringles guy

jakoski : I love how they encouraged the customers to make the zaniest, wackiest, most out-there orders possible.

Little Red Shades : The temple burger girl is 😍😍

Purplexon : Onion king is rythian. *(jokes)*

raph : Wow the green screen is amazing

balthiers girl : Lewis is so bloody cute

Ben W : Trott shaved?

Guythreep Brushwood : Turps, your hips don't lie.

tolmat4411 : 48 seconds ago, nice

Tim Leuyckx : 4:04 who is that lovely (yet difficult af) lady?

Adipocycte : Having worked in a grill, those specific orders are really pissing me off... This is been quite the emotional roller coaster...

Challenger Mk 2 : Lol, Lewis forgot to plug the light in 😂

I'm a person Right? : You’re the best