Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions
Fascinating simulation of traffic flow measured on 30 different 4 way junctions

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Altair : Last one is amazing but miss an exit and you end up in another state.

Jim Taylor : Fake traffic, not one of those drivers made a lane change in the middle of their turn

Borno Zaman : I love that the vanilla roundabout only moves when one vehicle selflessly *warps* *out* *of* *existence*

Ale Di Rienzo : Lol tomorrow i have an exam

haximan mascarado : Seems like yt algorithm has brought us here once again brothers Have a great day!

Doodlez_Eclipse 2098 : No One: Youtube recommendation: *Wanna know about road ni🅱🅱a*

Werevertumoto : 4:57 that maniac in the white car going up on the right lane at 110MPH!

Felix Cintron : So the more Celtic the design, the better

Nicholas Silea : The traffic rating for the large roundabout was 360. Because and only because it is a circle.

Konto Productions : Youtube: "watch this" Me: *watching this video Youtube 2 years later: "watch this again" Me: *watching this video again

LightningZap : 4 lane road: level 1 crook Roundabout: level 15 hitman Stack interchange: level 100 boss

The Dankery : Ok I would rather have traffic than having to know how to work a 3-level double turbo roundabout AF4 with slip lane

Jonathan Moir : Me at like 10 seconds in: so what if you just make dedicated lanes for every possibility? I mean there are only 12. Video: wait for it...

Lucky Lucas : Turbo Roundabout (NExt and TMPE) IQ necessary to not miss your turn: 501

JxG : Who else did actually NOT get this on their recommendations and was just casually searching for ways to improve traffic flow?!? Just kidding. Nice recommendation tho!

Victor Coyenn : It's like a visual ASMR.

Oh Yeah Yeah 12th Battalion : *T U R B O* *R O U N D A B O U T*

Đại Nghĩa Trần : Girl: Meet me at my new place, it's very close at you, only 5m, just go straight, cross the Turbine then call me. Me: OK, See you in three then. **** After 15 minutes **** Me: Sorry, I lost.

Misha : 5:11 "Diverging Windmill" - well, it's certainly a kind name for it.

Commander Gaming : Hey dude just wanted to let you know that the science page on Facebook has posted this exact video with only the video speed up and they haven't given you any credit.

ReasonNLogic : Can’t be too accurate if cars are passing through each other!

M M : This whole video is like that one meme with the mind becoming more enlighten as the idea progresses.

Aurelia Gray : This video should be renamed as “traffic tutorial: Cities Skylines”

Raelyks : Conclusion: literally every intersection on earth should be converted into a stack interchange for maximum efficiency

Emergency Jergens : I already missed my exit just thinking about it

Joseph Stalin : I haven't even made a city big enough for these to be necessary yet.

Resz7 : 2:30 entirely too much faith in the driving ability of most humans.

Van Sydney : Obviously fake, people should be switching lanes at random with no indicator, going 90+ and going 20 in the number one lane

search "Bamamaman" on YT and enjoy : Me: hey mom, can we get *Stack* *Interchange* *2-lane* *ramps* *(NExt* *and* *TMPE)* ? Mom: no, we have *Stack* *Interchange* *2-lane* *ramps* *(NExt* *and* *TMPE)* at home. Stack Interchange 2-lane ramps (NExt and TMPE) at home: *Standard* *Roundabout* *(no* *mods)*

Hayden Cassidy : Brb, gonna replace my 4-lane roads with Stack Interchanges

Benjamin Johannes Sánchez : 5:50 The Netherlands played . "Outstanding move."

keri : You: standard roundabout The guy she told you not to worry about: TURBO ROUNDABOUT

Nicholas Heathfield : You forgot Spaghetti Junction


Dear Kjetil : You should add a confusion level aswell. Or a wtf meter

Hydraulic Fracturing Rig : Engineer: Yeah I made that Also engineer: but I was high af

Max200012 : brb, gonna replace my 4-lane roads with Stack Interchanges

Alan 49 : Dude I gotta go to work but I gotta see how this thing turns out

D00f : 2:31 Roadway: No choice then. Guess I have to resort to my MANGEKYO SHARINGAN.

JJP90 : People aren’t realizing that this is a game called cities skylines.. lol

Noriaki Kakyoin : This is like watching a dragon Ball z characters power level video but with roads

Maxwell Wang : YouTube recommendations are finally getting better!!!

Dolphino Egglet : I didn't even know so many different types of crossings and lane models exist and that's why my traffic flow is like 65%

Chima Chinda : Shout out to YouTube recommendations.

PBx2007x : 1 video, 15 months ago, 3900 + subscribers, 4.5 M Views... I think that’s the best flow!

Анна Зинурова : Music is: “12oz” by darkwolf95 (For those, who interested.)

Peter Liljebladh : Now let's compare how many square meters of asphalt that relates to per car per minute to evaluate the cost effectivness of the intersection.

Sam Chavan : YouTube recommendation brought us all together... Again.

KiloSixTV : No clue why I watched this. I am not a city engineer..