Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions

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Max200012 : brb, gonna replace my 4-lane roads with Stack Interchanges

Caleb Adams : This is not something you just look up. This is the kind of video you find at 3 A.M. when you should be sleeping.

TexasGTO : People can't even figure out a 4 way stop sign intersection. That turbo one would be a death toll road.

Maxwell Wang : YouTube recommendations are finally getting better!!!

Snoops : of course, this is assuming people know how to drive....

Modern Classic : The real question is which intersections offer the best traffic flow per square of land used. Obviously the stack interchange offers the best absolute flow, but it's freakin' huge. Can't put that in the middle of downtown. I'd love to know what types of intersections are best to maximize surrounding land use profitability or density. (I'd also assume that the stack interchange generates a huge amount of noise, which wouldn't be good for a dense residential area, for example.)

Ilan Pfammatter : ok so 4.3M people are traffic experts now

Andrew Tyberg : 1:50 Does the simulation just not understand roundabouts or what...?

Samad Syed : The crazy part is that, one day, someone sat down and designed all of these.

tYl3r1 0f1ci4l : 5:17 saw that one in my WWll history books

ParadoxicalPanda : For everyone confused, this is a simulation of a game (cities skyline) which is why you will see the cars doing weird things. However, a lot of these principals apply in real world context.

Gabriel Sasala : 2:31 I wonder how many accidents were caused by this

Mississippi_Man1 : 2:34 Where does such intersection exist and how do I avoid it?

einzelkind : 0:48 In the middle. The green truck driving through the other green truck. *WOW*

Resz7 : 2:30 entirely too much faith in the driving ability of most humans.

Oh Yeah Yeah 12th Battalion : *T U R B O* *R O U N D A B O U T*

Anna Ready : this is it this is the video that started my cities skylines obsession

Buck Rodgers : And if you notice at 4:53 the cloverleaf with no mods has the bottom left on-ramp getting clogged because all the traffic is attempting to pull directly into the left lane. Signifying a major flaw in the base game's traffic VI.

Eating junky ASMR : Who else got this on their recommendation.

Infrastructurist : The spacy music matches the visuals perfectly. Nice job!

cbrstunter24 : 2:31 The turbo roundabout looks confusing as hell

Max TheWinCat : 0:03 cars going through red truck?

TheIndianaGod TIF : *Atlanta wants to know your location*

Felix Cintron : So the more Celtic the design, the better

Nataly RAW : 1v1 me on traffic simulator u scrub

Haniza Comey : 2:33 what kind roundabout is that???? I never saw that before...

noxxi knox : Cars passing through each other, how scientific

Kevin Nguyen : Turbo roundabout looked like hell to drive through

LightningZap : 4 lane road: level 1 crook Roundabout: level 15 hitman Stack interchange: level 100 boss

WupperVideo : You will find the custom cloverleaf on most German Autobahn.

A Hardworking Guy : In India, we have traffic flow = 2000 with 4 lane roads without traffic lights😂😂

Kamil O : I was so afraid it will not go over 1000

Berke Reyiz : *drives through shack interchange* navigation: *authistic screaming*

Harr32xis : Time to upgrade all my intersections to [standrd round about: no mods] 1:56

Vic Green : *4-lane roads without traffic lights (no mods) = 191 Vehicles p/min. 0:01 *4-lane roads with traffic lights (no mods) = 235 V. p/m 0:11 *4-lane roads with custom traffic lights (TMPE) = 303 V. p/m 0:21 *4-lane roads + left turn lane (NExt, TMPE) = 320 V. p/m 0:31 *6-lane roads without traffic lights (no mods) = 205 V. p/m 0:41 *6-lane roads with traffic lights (no mods) = 251 V. p/m 0:51 *6-lane roads with custom traffic lights (TMPE) = 417 V. p/m 1:01 *6-lane roads with protected left turns (TMPE) = 416 V. p/m 1:11 *6-lane roads with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 465 V. p/m 1:21 *6-lane roads + slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 432 V. p/m 1:31 *8-lane roads with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 490 V. p/m 1:41 *Standard Roundabout (no mods) = 8 V. p/m 1:51 *Standard Roundabout with highway road (no mods) = 340 V. p/m 2:01 *Large Roundabout (no mods) = 360 V. p/m 2:11 *Custom Roundabout with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 532 V. p/m 2:21 *Turbo Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 501 V. p/m 2:31 *Continuous-flow intersection (NExt, TMPE) = 618 V. p/m 2:41 *Diamond Interchange without traffic lights (no mods) = 448 V. p/m 2:51 *Diamond Interchange with traffic lights (no mods) = 437 V. p/m 3:01 *D. I. with custom traffic lights and slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 529 V. p/m 3:11 *Diverging D. I. (NExt, TMPE) = 644 V. p/m 3:21 *Single point urban interchange (NExt, TMPE) = 581 V. p/m 3:31 *Dumbell (NExt, TMPE) = 443 V. p/m 3:31 *Large Dumbell with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 528 V. p/m 3:41 *Partial Cloverleaf (B2) (NExt, TMPE) = 570 V. p/m 4:01 *Partial Cloverleaf (AB2) (NExt, TMPE) = 570 V. p/m 4:11 *Partial Cloverleaf (A4) (NExt, TMPE) = 639 V. p/m 4:21 *Two level Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 598 V. p/m 4:31 *Three level Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 623 V. p/m 4:41 *Standard Cloverleaf (no mods) = 516 V. p/m 4:51 *Custom Cloverleaf (NExt, TMPE) = 758 V. p/m 5:01 *Diverging Windmill (NExt, TMPE) = 808 V. p/m 5:11 *Pinavia (TMPE) = 905 V. p/m 5:21 *Turbine (NExt, TMPE) = 927 V. p/m 5:31 *Contraflow left (NExt, TMPE) = 948 V. p/m 5:41 *Stack Interchange 2-lane ramps (NExt, TMPE) = 1099 V. p/m 5:51

Danolix : How do cars get through each other? Like wtf

JJP90 : People aren’t realizing that this is a game called cities skylines.. lol

Drew Plutowski : Traffic science is insane

Nicholas Heathfield : You forgot Spaghetti Junction

dilliot2k : and atlanta traffic will still crush it all....

Luka S : Please re release with Magic Roundabout from the UK and Spaghetti Junction from the UK

Cynical Aspie : I'm probably going to be lynched for doing this, but... 1:56 "I'll be the Roundabout." Seriously, this came up as a recommended video on a video featuring the To Be Continued meme.

Dee Kay : Turn off No-Clipping and rerun the simulation.

Myrth1 : So... what's the music source?

Анастасия покров : Who else is up at 4 am watching this?

EmanuelJuv : What i am doing with my life

Callie Masters : So if you have unlimited money, land and traffic, you can pick the craziest design that moves people the fastest. Whether you should be building public transportation, discouraging people from driving so much, or using up the least amount of land possible to save money & the environment, though, are more realistic constraints.

John Paul B. de Luna : I dunno but I find this satisfying 😍

Torys Account : When taking used up space, construction effort, confused drivers error and money into account, I think, the best ones are: - 6-lane roads with slipways / Custom roundabout with sliplanes (for 2 ordinary roads) - Diverging Diamond Interchange (for an ordinary road and a highway) - Custom cloverleaf / Diverging windmill (for 2 highways)

Jawad323Cool Jawad323cool : How come the cars can go through each other