Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions

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Max200012 : brb, gonna replace my 4-lane roads with Stack Interchanges

Caleb Adams : This is not something you just look up. This is the kind of video you find at 3 A.M. when you should be sleeping.

Modern Classic : The real question is which intersections offer the best traffic flow per square of land used. Obviously the stack interchange offers the best absolute flow, but it's freakin' huge. Can't put that in the middle of downtown. I'd love to know what types of intersections are best to maximize surrounding land use profitability or density. (I'd also assume that the stack interchange generates a huge amount of noise, which wouldn't be good for a dense residential area, for example.)

TexasGTO : People can't even figure out a 4 way stop sign intersection. That turbo one would be a death toll road.

Peter Liljebladh : Now let's compare how many square meters of asphalt that relates to per car per minute to evaluate the cost effectivness of the intersection.

M M : This whole video is like that one meme with the mind becoming more enlighten as the idea progresses.

Jan D : Traffic Flow in a turbo roundabout would be 0, because no one would be able to figure out which way he's supposed to take.

mercury : 5:15 hitler is still alive and he’s designing interchanges.

The dark lord : With California drivers? Traffic flow: 3

TheAprilWitness : That was surprisingly satisfying to watch. Then again, I live in greater Boston, so, that's prob why I'm drooling over these traffic solutions.

Andrew Tyberg : 1:50 Does the simulation just not understand roundabouts or what...?

Uni Amni : Not realistic. Where is the Road Rage ??

TheFrostyIcecreamSlush : Where are Pinavias in the real world? I've never seen one before o.o

Resz7 : 2:30 entirely too much faith in the driving ability of most humans.

Frostyfre - Ezyfreeze : I could make expanding brain meme out of this: Junction without traffic light With traffic light Roundabout Diamond Diverging diamond Cloverleaf Turbine Pinavia Make cars out of 4th dimension properties so they can pass tru each other.

Maxwell Wang : YouTube recommendations are finally getting better!!!

Snoops : of course, this is assuming people know how to drive....

Buck Rodgers : And if you notice at 4:53 the cloverleaf with no mods has the bottom left on-ramp getting clogged because all the traffic is attempting to pull directly into the left lane. Signifying a major flaw in the base game's traffic VI.

Stormy : That Pinavia was super satisfying. So was the Turbine

P 3 : I wish there was a sim city type game with just traffic challenges.

Vinylguy1327 productions 2018 : 2:12 lol 360

Warbird 1243 : is it possible to get hard from a roundabout? cause i think that Pinavia just did it

Vic Green : *4-lane roads without traffic lights (no mods) = 191 Vehicles p/min. 0:01 *4-lane roads with traffic lights (no mods) = 235 V. p/m 0:11 *4-lane roads with custom traffic lights (TMPE) = 303 V. p/m 0:21 *4-lane roads + left turn lane (NExt, TMPE) = 320 V. p/m 0:31 *6-lane roads without traffic lights (no mods) = 205 V. p/m 0:41 *6-lane roads with traffic lights (no mods) = 251 V. p/m 0:51 *6-lane roads with custom traffic lights (TMPE) = 417 V. p/m 1:01 *6-lane roads with protected left turns (TMPE) = 416 V. p/m 1:11 *6-lane roads with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 465 V. p/m 1:21 *6-lane roads + slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 432 V. p/m 1:31 *8-lane roads with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 490 V. p/m 1:41 *Standard Roundabout (no mods) = 8 V. p/m 1:51 *Standard Roundabout with highway road (no mods) = 340 V. p/m 2:01 *Large Roundabout (no mods) = 360 V. p/m 2:11 *Custom Roundabout with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 532 V. p/m 2:21 *Turbo Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 501 V. p/m 2:31 *Continuous-flow intersection (NExt, TMPE) = 618 V. p/m 2:41 *Diamond Interchange without traffic lights (no mods) = 448 V. p/m 2:51 *Diamond Interchange with traffic lights (no mods) = 437 V. p/m 3:01 *D. I. with custom traffic lights and slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 529 V. p/m 3:11 *Diverging D. I. (NExt, TMPE) = 644 V. p/m 3:21 *Single point urban interchange (NExt, TMPE) = 581 V. p/m 3:31 *Dumbell (NExt, TMPE) = 443 V. p/m 3:31 *Large Dumbell with slip lanes (NExt, TMPE) = 528 V. p/m 3:41 *Partial Cloverleaf (B2) (NExt, TMPE) = 570 V. p/m 4:01 *Partial Cloverleaf (AB2) (NExt, TMPE) = 570 V. p/m 4:11 *Partial Cloverleaf (A4) (NExt, TMPE) = 639 V. p/m 4:21 *Two level Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 598 V. p/m 4:31 *Three level Roundabout (NExt, TMPE) = 623 V. p/m 4:41 *Standard Cloverleaf (no mods) = 516 V. p/m 4:51 *Custom Cloverleaf (NExt, TMPE) = 758 V. p/m 5:01 *Diverging Windmill (NExt, TMPE) = 808 V. p/m 5:11 *Pinavia (TMPE) = 905 V. p/m 5:21 *Turbine (NExt, TMPE) = 927 V. p/m 5:31 *Contraflow left (NExt, TMPE) = 948 V. p/m 5:41 *Stack Interchange 2-lane ramps (NExt, TMPE) = 1099 V. p/m 5:51

Gabriel Sasala : 2:31 I wonder how many accidents were caused by this

Syrov : I don't care that it's not optimal, i'm building that beautiful turbine intersection from now on

Haniza Comey : 2:33 what kind roundabout is that???? I never saw that before...

Hari Seldon : Most of these designs look very confusing, but once all cars are autonomous this will be awesome

Nataly RAW : 1v1 me on traffic simulator u scrub

Kevin Nguyen : Turbo roundabout looked like hell to drive through

Stormy : You need a map for that turbo roundabout

Xufeng 02 : Name of the songs pleaseeeee

Danolix Memenielsito : How do cars get through each other? Like wtf

WupperVideo : You will find the custom cloverleaf on most German Autobahn.

Anna Ready : this is it this is the video that started my cities skylines obsession

sarysa : Am I the only one who thinks the Contraflow left at 5:40 has turns that are far too tight? I remember years ago when accidents at the Bay Bridge (which wasn't as tight) triggered that section of the bridge being rebuilt...I can't help but think the Contraflow left is one of those designs that seem better on paper.

cbrstunter24 : 2:31 The turbo roundabout looks confusing as hell

FURRYHUSKY1000 : I really like the music. Does anyone know the name of it?

Infrastructurist : The spacy music matches the visuals perfectly. Nice job!

M3L0619 : So that’s why we use stack interchanges...

ToFu : I see a lot of accidents incoming

ParadoxicalPanda : For everyone confused, this is a simulation of a game (cities skyline) which is why you will see the cars doing weird things. However, a lot of these principals apply in real world context.

Drew Plutowski : Traffic science is insane

IWTD : why is this satisfying to watch?

Ilan Pfammatter : ok so 3.1M people are traffic experts now

von : I need a turbine in my life.

Brian Matthews : Your standard roundabout only showed traffic that wanted to turn right. That is very unrealistic. The Large Roundabout has people stopping in the middle center lane. Your understanding of how roundabouts work is lacking.

Just Jum : Which one is the fastest with no mods? Is it 4:55?

Otto Wagner : What music are you playing?

Wei4Green : What's the BGM? I love it. Edit: And it's so nostalgic.

noel gustav : What software used to simulate this?