Finding People With the Skills You Don't Have

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PetePreneur - Entrepreneur Vlog : Hey, I love your editing! I'm actually doing a similar thing of documenting my journey... Not been doing it much recently due to failing pretty badly though haha. I'll be interested to see what happens with you!

Yung Kuzan : Dude do you edit these videos yourself you're mad talented.

Garage Movie Reviews : I dig your videos. Glad to have a front row seat and be along for the ride!

Joey Lem : Great video man! Glad you're getting somewhere in growing your business :D

Theo Lux : Just came over from reddit. Highly impressed by your production, you got a sub! :)

Grant Fuellenbach : When I helped start a business years ago, I found Linkedin messaging to be the most valuable method of 'cold messaging'. Once a dialogue started, then I would work to set up a phone call. This quick 2 step, really helped us secure our first customers.

Abdulrahman858 : you just got a subscriber from Saudi Arabia. Keep up the good work really enjoyed your journey

John Bosland : Cool idea! Interested to see where the pillow business goes..

Jake Roman : So good dude, as always. Peace, JR.

Emizon : just curious... are you homo?

Vince Riviera : Good work, an inspiring video with an actual practical example. You are most definitely correct and this approach is true in many areas - be it services, tech, music or design. Try to be bold and just bring out your idea - the worst people can say is no. And as you show, there might always be people saying yes. Worth pointing out which you don't explicitly say - always be positive and always be constructive. You have a good and honest approach to people in your video, and this is extremely important. Business is based on relationships after all :)

Jr G : What's the name of the song in your intro? I have heard it before and the name is going to bother me....

August Kensik : gotta pick up the phone and call em im dead!!

fatality614brid4fun : Im loving the content man... These videos are pure gold. Please keep it up and i think what is most unique is that you show each and every little step... My advice would be to keep showing all the little things you have to do and you earned a sub👍🏽👍🏽

Nicky Hajal : Great video! What are you using to do the editing?

Philipp Stocker : Where did you get all these Email adresses from?

bowlerkid : How did you assure yourself that your niche was small enough ? How does one research that?

Rajan : Cool video :D btw, what camera are you using?

xJoeKing : 3 hours of filming 4 hours of filming 1 hour of work seems legit!

Rowan Gontier : Like your work. I should be jealous of your mature approach as a young entrepreneur; I'm 38 and like "yeah, makes sense, should do more reaching out".