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KR!RK : Oh the founder of memeland. Nice to meet you.

John Basedow : Getting mail. Dan is becoming a star ⭐️

Lincoln Riddle : The question is: What is a “small creator” to a giant like Casey? I have 1700+ subs. Is that a small creator? Or are we talking 100,000 subs? Lol

Hellscream Academy RUS : Hello there, Casey! I saw you’re creating a big team at 368. So if you want to create network of creators that help each other, you should have some people who can teach them, like you know “recording/mixing” coach etc etc. Or may be music creators for youtubers that will use music. I have a list of ideas about adding music industry and business to your company. Also I am a youtuber, this channel is growing fast, it is 60,000 now. I help people to create music. We are the biggest rock school in Russia. Also I endorse such companies as ESP Guitars, Ernie Ball, Axis, Spector and tons of other music brands. We have great music experience. I hope you will catch this comment and contact me if you interested in my ideas. You can contact me through our website, whatsapp or email.!)

Zachary Booth : Imagine life without Reddit lmao

Etan Chamare : Hey Casey, One thing I’d absolutely love to see you do is use 368 to help all the YouTube Animators. It’s a craft that takes lots of time, and is really hard to succeed with here on YouTube. Anything you can do to help this community out would be phenomenal.

Sheerios : Marlan is a legend 👏👏

lonetexan86 : Put the suit back on it looks good

JordanJee : Oh so we can send mails to Dan right. Yeah, I've prepare some of the comfort pillow to let Dan sleep well

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : You are getting some great entrepreneurs helping you out. Exciting. I can't wait to see what 368 turns into.

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : You can never win a fight against a guy who pees while he fights.

Around The Good World : I profoundly love Marlan! You're such a great inspiration for my channel Casey. Keep it up :)

This Natural Journey : What can you do when someone's peeing on your doorstep and takes a swing at you! EAH! 👊

0rang3z : I dont want to be a hater but I really just dont see this ending up good for the creators involved. I dont even see much of anything happening at all honestly. So many videos full of nothing and promises and empty ideas just like what Beme was. I really hope I'm wrong

Gregg B : Pretty cool episode. Dan is already irreplaceable.

Luny & Milky : Casey's making some interesting deals x'))

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : I love the way Candace Neistat thinks.

Steve Mara : *Make dat money*

The World n Us : Casey, I think you should put a pot plant next to your door with a sign that says, PISS IN HERE ⬇️

Veridian : I didn't know the founder of Reddit was a basketball legend as well

Run N Gun : 368 is growing FAST! Casey, how would you define a "Small" Youtube? The goal looks a little fuzzy still.

Layne Fable : I love that you’re looking to help smaller creators

Drew Ferrante : Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Alexis Ohanian is married to the greatest women’s athlete of all time.

Jacob Eggert : Casey, in regards to the man pissing on your door, there is a Mark Twain quote that I'll never forget. " Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

eh Joe : "just move your truck and get back to work" move on

Brian Boudreau : Yup love Candace

Steve Mack : You should have decked that guy that pissed on the doorway Casey!.. You have 9.5 million witnesses that "never saw a thing!"... 😎😉

MrMojoRisinn : Marlan for president!

Wanda Espana : Talk with Gary Vaynerchuk!!!

Haru the Shiba Inu : Can a Dog from New York be in an episode of 368?

Arlo Haggard : 368 is a cool idea. It brings more potential and entertainment than a daily vlog on one person. Dan is a great partner in crime. Keep it coming!

TheUselessTrials : Since Jack Conte's video I feel like 368 is going to be the single biggest thing for (currently) small, unknown creators.

Mekhanic1 : What happen with BEAM? And, that CNN thing? I always feel like Casey is trying to hype something and then it never happens but he somehow gets paid.

Tyclone : Just let me know when/where to apply for your creator program. I have a gaming channel and a vlog channel! Your content has been a huge inspiration for my vlogs!! Keep doing what you're doing Casey!! You're awesome :)

Trevor Tucker : I'm so curious what 368 really is 🤔

The World n Us : I'm pretty sure Casey is going to want us to be part of 368. Our channel is awesome!

Abdulrahm 112 : 368 💪 Smak It !

Laureezy F : Holy crap it's Serena Williams husband!!!!!

Shun Li : Serena williams husband alexis is one lucky mofo

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : I like Alexis, he's super smart and comfortable on camera. Hope to see more of him in future videos!

Bijan Lotfi : you could consider gamification... like a "YouTube's Got Talent" format for 368 with different categories. 368 will become a platform on which Casey & the gang (more girls!!!) assist the creators and the audience on creating and curating. Hit me up C, I'm loving the manic energy!

Mr. Bro Beans : Weeeeeew 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

Arthur Mansavage : When you talk a lot about 368 when you say like colab and a space that creators can use. It reminds me of YouTube Space. How and what would 368 do for more creators that would be better than YouTube Space?

Zoi P : You should like make a site of some sort and all small and new creators can post some sort of video to get to know them and some things about them. Then the team of 368 could choose or like the people could vote every week on their favorite creator and then they should post a video on a channel called 368 and have their info at the end so like if you liked them you can find them.

George Price : What happened to the helmet you said you was going to start wearing?

TheBlakeob : 368 is going places that’s for sure...keep up the great work guys!

Kkkkevinchen : I am a student and also a creator, I am so inspired through your videos, Thank you so much Casey!

Michael Milesic : I'm absolutely in love with the color grading.

Jerrod P : You know you're having a great day when MARLAN and DAN are in the same video. OG Legend Marlan and New Legend Dan. Awesome.

TimeLapseEVERYTHING : <3 boss moves! all the best casey :) TOP TOP TOP :D