Mungo Jerry - In the summertime

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Noah : don't know whats more legendary the man or his side burns

Catharina H : Ich komme vom Philipp #teamspielkind

Leon Vogt : Wer kommt von Dners Vlog? :D

scotpens : Proof that music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it.

XxKikiCookiexX : The real question is, are they side burns or is it a beard?


Moses Hernandez : The singer look's all unhappy in this video.

LambSauce : I see that came close to face was a thing in the 70s

Elvis José : This song makes me happy ☺😊😀😁😄😆

spunkflunk : what happend to the song, why is it missing lyrics

Helene Siret : I love how ugly he is.

Wolfy Gamezz : I wonder how the camera guy felt at 1:11. *CRINGE*

TheHandMadeSignOfNothing : Side burns on focking FLEEK


Sintya Tamara : Soundtrack iklan cornetto;v

TheLoonyRanger : Dead inside Still love this song

A fancy bird Called Noah : Wtf

Mr. Wild : I can't put my finger on it but something about his voice

Mike O'Lynn : I didn't know Wolfman Jack played keyboards in his youth

Yee : Is anyone from despicable me?

This is cro Best live tapes : Das is also Phillips father

mongocrew4life : Phillip Dorset / dners cutter sein Vater!

Rodrick Heffley : Not anymore its

Boruto uzumaki and Sarada uchiha : Come here after meme music and watching despicable me 2 and 3

Marc Witzki : Phillip Dorset#team Spielkind

Andy Lu : music of a dying society

YoshiRocks57 : 0:25 - 0:29 me when i make a joke and nobody laughs

Hope : Philipps Vater? :D

BigRed60 : They would never be allowed to release this in 2017

T-Rex Films : Y is that dude always putting his lips on that jar

Aakash ALee : Classic Christianity Era! This world does not exist anymore. Shame on you earth!

UrvineSpiegel : No sir I don't need a hair cut, just stopped by for the nice tunes. Now that I think about it, I could use an edge up.

jayhrod26 : Those sideburns tho

Evan Maher : I was expecting Lincoln clay to walk past with Vito Burke cassandra and John donavan

Katy Katastrophe : I absolutely hate this song.

Adrien Blinn : He looks uncomfortable because he's on LSD

Bandmaster567 : well then, i got here one second after 60M views!

Elijah Hernandez : one question how do they know how they say if they speak spanish

WrBoiSmb : does i only feel like scenery of this thing is creepy

IronMaxLP : Why are the songs we've got today are so bad compared to masterpieces like this

AraFake_HD : Damn that man 0:19 look like a Gorilla

Aleph Null : came here from "Annoyed Grunt" by Neil Cicierega

Falcon Britt : Not sure about the bottle blowing... sounds like... never mind....

Ruben Riemens : When you think you've seen every thinkable awkward camera angle. This song will prove you wrong.

Gilberto Michelazzo : 9:04 i wan play in the computer and sleep

rattlehead54321 : when summertime was fun but no and days summer is the worst time of the year.

TheZestyPlays : Is that Kareem Abdul Jabar?

Lizarrarrrdo123 !! : It's catchy

duck 09 : Nice hobos singing yes

King Gaming : Turn on captions