Mungo Jerry - In the summertime

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JIMMY.J REVIEWS : Imagine if he grew the full beard !!!! 0_o

Steven Delgado : Looks like a bomb went off

Dino Fire : Yes,i found this music

GD Fuzion : I didn't know that Wolverine and Jesus were in a band together...

Noah : don't know whats more legendary the man or his side burns

A r e k u s u : Those sideburns put Elvis to shame.

Ruben Delgadillo : Holy shit Andre The Giant had a great voice!

Curtis Heathcock : Anyone watching in December 2017 edit thx for 67 likes

Truffle knuffle : In the summer time when the weather is shit I'm gonna leave England cuz I've had enough of it

Mewkel_ : Young Wolverine fans! Nice!

Bertisevil666 : So.....This is what happens in the Early Man exhibit after the museum closes? I dig it.

Emario Francisco : This is so old school... and I still love it :)

sKY : Und das ist der Vater von Felix von der Ladens Kameramann (hab grad den Namen nicht im Kopf)?

Brian R. : That man could deflect bullets with those chops o.O

Mark Allen Channel : I was watching the mysteries of the Sasquatch, then YT suggested this video.

Leon Vogt : Wer kommt von Dners Vlog? :D

Boss Blutwurst04HD : Wer kommt auch von Philipp?

Finn Voß : WER ist auch wegen Felix und unge hier ? 😂😉

Marc WildSky : Phillip Dorset#team Spielkind

Coreys 18inch Neck : Das is doch nich der Vater von dem Typen von Dner?? xD

Paris Hunter : I think of a serial killer when I hear this song just listen...

Island boy Blas Guevara : I love getting high to this song

hasslefree : Good song.....but the feminists would be outraged by this song, listening to the lyrics.....LOL

anna j. : 🎶Have a drink, have a drive go out and get a DUI🎶

Mario Fischer : Das ist einfach Philips Fater

Ralph alcudia : Nice jugs 😏

klaritykiller715 killm : this song is fire

Volpine : everytime i went out with my parents (i was like 6 years old) my father put a cd with this song in the car . when memorys come back :,)

Gerardo Jimenez : CH CH ohh chch ohh chchc ooh chchcooh chchc oohh ptfff chch ooh ptffff

Dan watts : Lol at that dude and his jug.

TheNorthern Lights : I am the guy with the jug

FlyingTurtle : "Why don't the lyrics make any sense" *Puts in left earbud* "Ohhhhh..."

SpeedDemon _1 : Look like a damn werewolf

Villy Ivanova : Bulgarians? 😄

Assasin Luke : Watching this in December...

Matt F : This man is tripping balls no doubt!

Ralph alcudia : It all happens in summer time 😉

wiisalute : Who is this? Andre the giant?

GegsTV : LOL das ist der Vater von Dner's Cutter Philippe Dorset

Sara Clayton : this is like the 70s version of Afro man's - Because i got high, to me anyway. never appreciated this song untill now, as age has came to me...

Virals Queen : I'm waiting to see if he'll howl at a full moon

Qidl Plays : 1:15 is the best part of the video.

Ticia Grant : My God those are some werewolf sideburns....

writethis23 : Harvey Weinstein’s theme song

1959timberwolf : Big ass sideburns= chick magnets back in the day

SunnyLunaa : what am I doing here? It's almost Christmas

Gwendolyn Olmsted : ..."have a drink and a drive...." gotta love that 1970's mentality

Angie Bero : Messi high as fuck playing the guitar with a blond wig and shit

Ruben Martinez : Grandpappy always used to play his moonshine jug along with this song!

Wonderland : a simple song yet full of good vibe back then and now year 2018 song's are about lust, money, problems, differences, and war so sad.