Why The Old School Tattoo Industry Is Dying

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lydia : but for real this is a super interesting video - would love to see more in this kinda style :)

chaseified : I guess i’m lucky because none of the tattoo artist i’ve met has ever told me “i won’t do this or that” or actually tried to change the tattoo to fit their taste. Also, in italy (where i live) the only tattoos an artist can refuse to make by law are on the face and with nazi/fascism theme (in italy it’s a crime to endorse fascism). And many of them don’t actually care about that. I agree that the traditional industry is dead, But new artists and enlightened old ones are using new medias pretty well so i’m not worried about the future of the industry. It’s survival of the fittest after all.

upthereishappier : sick job Kurtis!! The message of the video came through strong. tattoos are and always have been about art and self expression and it's a shame that the advertising of the industry has become sexualized just so people stay engaged. Getting people to understand that it's still about the art is important to note and i hope you continue making videos in this style :) go inkbox!

lydia : oh kurtis noone could ever rip you apart

Mandy Rarsh : a twelve year old talking about old school?

Ali Allen : im so glad this was brought up bc i have lots of tattoos/ideas for tattoos that im scared to show people or tell people about sometimes bc i feel theyll judge me bc they arent “tough enough” or theyre too “feminine” or whatever and its lame. tattoos are art that stick w you forever so whatever it is as long as u like it thats all that should matter. that being said check out the artist @auto_christ on instagram bc they do incredible work that is SUPER non-conventional and i love every bit of it

FreeRider1959 : My issue with old school tattoos are the lack of detail, subtlety, and innovation.

IPG : You wont get hate from us, i dont think so. Celebration of and semi permanent

IPG : Thats very interesting. Im waiting for loved one to try and experimental with her gift of inkbox because i bought her a fullset with shading and double ink and tracing paper pencil and different size needles

Mia Garcia : I've seen that clip of the guy saying why would you want an owl. Bro what's wrong with owls lol? Like why does he have to get an eagle