Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) New York City Open-World Trailer
Marvels Spider Man PS4 New York City Open World Trailer

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A new look at some of the open-world sites recreated from real-life New York City and (and some that only exist in the Marvel universe). Marvel's Spider-Man - The Unofficial IGN Preview: Marvel's Spider-Man - PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer: ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:


Niko Bellic : But will there be Pizza Delivery missions?

Story Of The Ninja : I hope we can take humans and throw them...

jimbuh : PS4 exclusives are dropping nukes on the console wars!!

Dany warfare : Yo I went to pre order the game and the dude from gamestop said "with great power comes great responsibility" then we high fived

Enigmatic801 : After watching this trailer there's probably gonna be a trophy for interacting with pedestrians called "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" or something. Or either it would be a missed opportunity.

Bad-Jet! : This is probably the most creative game trailers I have ever seen.

GarageStudio : It would be cool if we could deliver Pizzas on the side 😅

Tiniuc Elisabeta : Me PC gamer: Oh boy the new Spider-Man game is coming in September 7 I am so exited I played all the games Game: PlayStation 4 only Me: Crying in a corner

true gamer : Can wait to play on my Xbox one x 4k 60fps the most powerful console in the world Oh wait

HalJo Dav : 0:37 - Wakandan Embassy 0:41 - Doctor Strange's New York Sanctum 0:42 - Avenger's HQ

Caleb Chong : At 0:55 i was expecting Spider-Man to be Toby Maguire dancing down the street as emo peter Parker

No life gamer Boi : Hehe Xbox players going be salty


Black Parade : "Who does he think he is? SPIDER-COP?!" yes

Zevorx 26 : i think that Peter Patterson guy is actually Peter Parker

Blue Milk : 0:42 Sanctum Sanctorium followed by Avenger's Tower.

jason pinkerton : Interaction with newyorky people is a new cool thing😍😍💞

Lyrick - Music Channel : This looks really fun but where’s Toby McGuire

O Where Is My Hairbrush : "Just the facts" lmao

Platinum Equinox : THE HYPE IS REAL!!!

klloyd plata : This is the Spider-man that everybody deserves because it also deserves a Game of the Year Award on Gamescom 2018

Kenji Harima : Anyone else just get an ear to ear smile watching this trailer?

Arudouble D : The reason why I bought a ps4 from my schoolmate hahaha

bigcheefnick : 1:48 deadass rocking the timbs 🅱!!


Cooper Scalercio : Infinity War 2 : Mr aziz gets hold of the infinity gauntlet

Rimiru Tempest : lol 1:55 to 1:57 perfect timing

Marcel Yumyum : Im a Xbox Player , But for this Game i got a Ps4 Vesterday. Well done Sony well Done

EliteHunting1911 : Damn, those feels. This looks to be the Spiderman experience we've all been waiting for.

Gaming Moments : The Spider-Man game we deserve

klloyd plata : I hope and wish you could enter inside of Wakandan Embassy, Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum, and Avengers Tower to be more hyped, exciting, and interesting the game is.

Jean Nguyen : 1:56 It looks like Jameson’s voice is coming out of Spider-Man, especially the “Jameson out” part!! 😂

Joe Charr : Ah man this advert just reminds me for their Ratchet and Clank games. Captin Quawk moment. So much love for this game already 😍😍

Marshall : Putting lives at risk, who does he think he is? Spider-cop. Thats true cops do put lives at risk


Virality Factor : I think the show is run by Alex Jones.

Cicco Bullet : This game it's AMAZING!!! ;)

Nathan The gamer : I finished the game 2 times already i wanna cry 😭😭😭❤😍😍😍

ChrisPC11 : SO DOPE!!!!! The one game I've been waiting over 2 years for that will amaze and deliver!!!!!

Gouthaman Skylar : doc strange mansion and avengers tower!!!!!!!

TheFaze : Kinda disappointed Venom isn't in the game, but still going to be awesome

KH Wilson : Ok. I refuse to believe that JJ didn’t realize he was talking to Peter when he heard the “great responsibility” quote. Peter had to have said that one a few times when they both worked at the Bugle.

RussRedCloud : I was contemplating on getting an Xbox One over a Ps4. Glad I made the right decision

Ricardo Figueiredo : I'm not sure if I'm ready for what's coming!!! 😅😍

svdd sosa : This is uhh Peter _P A T T E R S O N_

I am David : Saw both the Sanctum Sanctorum & Avenger Building so awesome 👌🏼

Zimelectric : If there aren’t ballon missions then... 0/10 ign literally unplayable

IAM THATIAM : I'M SO SICK OF WATCHING TRAILERS!!!!!!!!! Just let me go sleep and wake up sept 7th😂

Craig 4rmFriday : Damn Jamison u were being very descriptive in that last part lol someone get the Jamison from the toby trilogy.