Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) New York City Open-World Trailer

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Platinum Equinox : THE HYPE IS REAL!!!

Story Of The Ninja : I hope we can take humans and throw them...

Niko Bellic : But will there be Pizza Delivery missions?

: P : Xbox crying in the corner

Dany warfare : Yo I went to pre order the game and the dude from gamestop said "with great power comes great responsibility" then we high fived

svdd sosa : This is uhh Peter _P A T T E R S O N_

jimbuh : PS4 exclusives are dropping nukes on the console wars!!

GarageStudio : It would be cool if we could deliver Pizzas on the side 😅

Bad-Jet! : This is probably the most creative game trailers I have ever seen.

Jérémie : Can wait to play on my Xbox one x 4k 60fps the most powerful console in the world Oh wait



No life gamer Boi : Hehe Xbox players going be salty

Mr. RedGameBoy : Me PC gamer: Oh boy the new Spider-Man game is coming in September 7 I am so exited I played all the games Game: PlayStation 4 only Me: Crying in a corner

jason pinkerton : Interaction with newyorky people is a new cool thing😍😍💞

RandomBlackGamer : Can you feel the hype sizzle through your body as Spidey swings by the Avengers Tower and Sanctum Sanctorum?

Caleb Chong : At 0:55 i was expecting Spider-Man to be Toby Maguire dancing down the street as emo peter Parker

bigcheefnick : 1:48 deadass rocking the timbs 🅱!!

Kenji Harima : Anyone else just get an ear to ear smile watching this trailer?

Ha dlc : This is ugh Peter P A T T E R S O N

Just a LYFT Driver : I'm feeling better Mr. Stark.

klloyd plata : This is the Spider-man that everybody deserves because it also deserves a Game of the Year Award on Gamescom 2018

O Where Is My Hairbrush : "Just the facts" lmao

TheFaze : Kinda disappointed Venom isn't in the game, but still going to be awesome

Lyrick - Music Channel : This looks really fun but where’s Toby McGuire

Gaming Moments : The Spider-Man game we deserve

EliteHunting1911 : Damn, those feels. This looks to be the Spiderman experience we've all been waiting for.

klloyd plata : I hope and wish you could enter inside of Wakandan Embassy, Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum, and Avengers Tower to be more hyped, exciting, and interesting the game is.

ZACES : I’m literally hyped!! 🔥

MRah : Just watching Spider-Man swing through the city makes you feel like it's you swinging

LathspeLL : Epic, goosebumps all over.

Arudouble D : The reason why I bought a ps4 from my schoolmate hahaha

Bolt Zoo : lol 1:55 to 1:57 perfect timing

JASON.S : Xbox doesn't deserve games like this, they deserve only trash games

EEntity : Of course... I have Xbox and a PC but it comes out only on PS4....

Q-10 : This game is just beautiful😤🔥

Blue Milk : 0:42 Sanctum Sanctorium followed by Avenger's Tower.


Marcel Yumyum : Im a Xbox Player , But for this Game i got a Ps4 Vesterday. Well done Sony well Done

Black Parade : "Who does he think he is? SPIDER-COP?!" yes

agrey832 : I think this will be the best Spiderman game since Spiderman 2 Insomniac, I LOVE you for this!! 💯

rjmarble34 : The one time I regret buying an xbox

Kajenx : Why do companies enable ads when they upload their ads on youtube? Are you sure you want me seeing trailers for competing games when I look up your trailer?

Medi ben lahcene : By far my favorite superhero of all time

xRobotNinja : Is that Bryan Cranston? Sounds a lot like him

TBAG [Epic Gaming] : this trailer is just a pure 10/10!!! I cant wait!! I pre-ordered the spiderman PS4 PRO limited edition :D

Shaizicks : You can see sanctum santorum at 0:41

KH Wilson : Ok. I refuse to believe that JJ didn’t realize he was talking to Peter when he heard the “great responsibility” quote. Peter had to have said that one a few times when they both worked at the Bugle.

skipper the hero : Infinity War 2 : Mr aziz gets hold of the infinity gauntlet

Crash's Underwear : I'd like to know what would happen if one of the regular listeners of Jameson's radio show went out of their way to grab one of Spidey's backpacks for themselves and took it home to exploit his gear and belongings however they please.