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Happy Birthday to Everyone Born on January 21st Your Date is about reflecting on life, on the day we all share, our birthdays. Each episode features a different person, and their birthday corresponds with the release date of that video. We are speaking to people from all walks of life, from teenagers to centennials, from police officers to public figures. We hope each episode has a moment that can relate to your story. Support Your Date Project: Subscribe Today: Like on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter: For more episodes, please Like, Share and Subscribe. Tag all your friends born today! Today’s Date is with: Thom Russo Artist: youtopia2 If you want to be part of the series or for more information, please email us at: Right now, we are only shooting in Los Angeles, CA, and if you are available, we would love to shoot an episode of you!

Comments from Youtube

Neceros : Strange project, but I support it.

Jacob Pritchard : nice one!