We Made a Vodka Expert Blind Taste Test Bottom-Shelf Vodka
Vodka Expert Blind Taste tests Bottom Shelf Vodka

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Cheap vodkas are not all created equal. Or at least, that’s what we learned when we made our spirits writer Jason Horn blind taste five different vodkas available for under $12: Smirnoff, Svedka, UV, Popov, and Pinnacle. Watch Jason suffer through each taste test to learn which bottom-shelf vodka came out on top. Subscribe to Indulgence: http://ply.by/PCqbFz Chef Tips: http://ply.by/wYI3Yc Let's Get Fat: http://ply.by/AZljDv Bartender Confidential: http://ply.by/pvO9i1 FoodSteez on Indulgence: http://ply.by/iXnHLx Tasting Notes: http://ply.by/dWaFbo How To: http://ply.by/2M4XTw Bars and Cocktails: http://ply.by/xZBoGA Eat This Now: http://ply.by/iMkcoL Follow Indulgence on Facebook: http://ply.by/RWkqSe


Mr Lebowski : Does anybody really drink vodka for the flavour?

igrvks : All those are top shelf high quality stuff in eastern europe. Let's see him chug some proper slavic lamp oil next.

Splash Fin : Professional alcoholic, huh after my wife left I became quite a professional alcoholic myself

dawson mortensen : plot twist: all he tasted was water and he was bullshitting the whole time.

Olivier Vis : How much vodka do I have to drink before it starts tasting sweet?

JeeBeeJee : It is a shame you told him it was bottom-shelf Vodka. Would have been great if you hadn't told him and he would have said it was top quality.

Joe Clever : So I tried Popov because of this video and I can easy say that this is a Popov advertisement because that was 90% acetone.

PolaroidFreak 600 : *Talking about Smirnoff” “This is excactly what Vodka should taste like” “I’ll give this a C+” what??

Dank You : Took me 4 minutes to realize the original reason I clicked the video was a misinterpretation of the title. Just read "We Made a Vodka Expert Blind" and stopped there before clicking

Matthew Rozario : "Professional Alcoholic", this guy pulled off the greatest con in human history.

Freddie Pinheiro : I was watching a Jet Li video in 0.75 speed before this video, and didn't realize the speed setting was still the same. Thought this Jason dude was just really mellow and depressed from all his alcohol consumption hahahaha

Joshua Howie : Here is a man who hasn’t yet had his throat obliterated by Glenn’s vodka

Les Diquens : How did Smirnoff get a lower grade than the Pinnacle when he had better things to say about it? P.S. Bottom shelf comes in big $12 plastic bottles and tastes like gasoline. I thought that's what you were trying. Vlad, Russe, etc.

Lasse : And you Timmy? What do you want to do growing up? Professional alcoholic

EternalDecay : Vodka should have no taste or harshness, should be really neutral. Wow this one has no taste, very neutral, exactly how a vodka should be, C+..... what?

Sir Berus : Look at this guy pretending vodka has flavor! xD

SUBRAT REGMI : A capitalist American Blyat tasting Wodka. Call BORIS..

KendoKei : that guy looks exactly like what i imagine a "professional alchoholic" would look like.

Simon Collett : Fail right from the off. Shouldn't have told him they were all bottom-shelf vodkas

Siim : Everyone: Be whatever you want to be! Me:

Max : My dads a professional alcoholic

Obey : Vodka isn‘t supposed to taste like hand desinfectant?

D.R. W : In my experience it's vodkas 8, 9, 10 that really start to shine.

Fantasy Gaming : I'm a professional achohalic Me: aren't we all

KvizY : vodka expert=fancy name for a alcoholic

Mario Ramirez : Professional alcoholic 😂💯🍸🍺

Maciej Nowacki : Forget, if you wona be a profesional alkoholist ... you have to be a chemist, first. Theory makes me angry.

SteamPunk : I thought the whole point of vodka was neutrality. It is ethanol and water. The point is to take the flavor of whatever you mix it with. I don’t think you can really taste much in a good unflavored vodka.

Nele : Try vodka called "Atlantic" or "Atlantik", or as we in Serbia like to call it "the cube", cause of its cubic bottle. If you survive to tell how bad it is, you re a champ

Gucci Perfume : Hey what do you do for a living? I’m a professionel alcoholic.

Boppa101 : you know youre a seasoned alcoholic when you think smirnoff tastes like 'nothing'

Chinstrap Miller : End of the video: OhkaY I’m vodka and I taste tested different Jason horns

Miss Minnie Morgan : Under $12 damnnn my horrible Smirnoff costs AUD $36 at the cheapest bottle shop...

Myköl McFly : Next time, let him taste some cheap vodka without knowing... bet he wouldn't notice Easy to criticise when you know what you've got in front of you...

RAGE : "Professional alcoholic" Sounds like a good paying yet depressing job.

Antonis : *No idea how I got here.*

Moe Money : Bottom shelf? For me they are high end!

Tim Z : UV Vodka has left the Chat. LOLZZZ

RobotDeathParty : Unless it's flavoured, does anyone really drink vodka for its "flavour"? It's very foul tasting if you're drinking straight vodka and at that point it's just a test of whether not you can choke down the burn and the hand sanitiser taste.

domisthebomb09 : Don't knock UV and Smirnoff. It's how I got through college. The worst cheapest vodka is Burnett's. God THAT is bottom shelf. And tastes like rubbing alcohol

MADVILLAIN : It all tastes like hand sanitizer to me

Conor Hogan : “I’m a professional alcoholic” Cops: *that’s LITERALLY illegal*

Brandon Lahman : Skoal is up there with Popov for best in quality for cheap vod..

LisztyLiszt : Vodka expert! What are you doing with your life son? That's like being an expert in pickled capers.

Chaossoul : You could say it Popped off ha ha...ha ..Why is this in my recommended?

Gabriella Hay : *waits for the day Smirnoff tastes like nothing to me*

Sloop _ : Isn’t a vodka expert just an alcoholic

garo el pimp : "Blind test" yet he knows that they are bottom shelf

nathan brooks : Put vodka in the freezer and it'll give you more... mouth-feel. Ok.