We Made a Vodka Expert Blind Taste Test Bottom-Shelf Vodka

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Pandaser THE Panda : *IM A PROFESSIONAL A L C O H O L I C*

Azeria : In what world is Smirnoff bottom shelf? It’s clearly second shelf

Opey Tailor : You call this bottom shelf? Lol. You ain't bottom shelf until the bottles are plastic and cost 3 dolla

Dark Alice : Smirnoff hit all the points for a perfect vodka, but got a C+? LOL

tsfmnlb : He makes no sense. He says, Pinnacle burns his nose, "smells harsh", "tastes harsh", and would be okay covered up in a bloody Mary, so he gives it a "good solid B". Then he says, Smirnoff is "completely inoffensive", "might be good for shots", "is what the law says vodka should be", "there's nothing negative about this vodka"...so he gives it a "C+" ...so, the worst the taste, the higher the score??

Mario Ramirez : Professional alcoholic 😂💯🍸🍺

Unreliable Productions : Please be Russian. Please be Russian. Please be Russian. Video starts* Dang

Anna s : Damn I hope I reach the level of alcoholism that makes Smirnoff taste like nothing

Ørangey : An american taste tesing vodka. You insult me *BLYAT*


Hoopla : wtf hes only drinking water

frodo : funny how smirnof is under 12 bucks in usa, its 60 bucks for a bottle of smirnof in norway lol

KnightWing408 : Watching him drink the vodka reminds me of all the hangovers.

Rune Bråten Lundberg : "It tastes like nothing, just like vodka should" and gives it 2 grades lower than 3 of the others, even though it (smirnoff) almost had a better review. I dont get it

Nyko X : Lmao where are you guys getting your Smirnoff? It tastes like bug spray

Dilbert Doe : Vodka is vodka. Don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Caudex : I use cheap vodka as a food safe cleaning spray.

PandaTV Plus : where is absolut

steve gale : Vodka is not meant to taste of anything. It is the base spirits for other spirits. Grain Whisky, Gin etc starts as vodka. The only thing neat vodka is for is getting pissed.

Amanda Appels : Wait.... vodka is supposed to have a taste aside from regret??

1 subscriber Without any vids : All i can taste is different types of fire in my mouth

Ty Squiggleman : Shouldn’t have told him they were bottom shelf then see what he says about them

sylenceexposed : Should have given him “Spirytus” anyways this guy is very inconsistent with his ratings and descriptions

Oh its Mike : You didnt do the most disgusting, vile brand of cheap vodka: absolut.

Alpha Papa Palpatine : Kinda disappointed that it wasn’t tested by a squatting slav in an Adidas tracksuit

HairyBackJoe : Interesting, his definition of bottom shelf. I immediately was thinking of Mohawk, Five O' Clock, and Crystal Palace. Now that would make for an interesting video. Keep a bucket handy!

yunggoth : “It really shouldn’t burn going down” uhh..... it’s vodka ?????

doodlebob : We can tell you drink too much "it has no flavor" yeah ok.


damatrix1001 : How much vodka do I have to consume before I start tasting sweetness in Smirnoff?

krishna pal : "Professional alcoholic" that is the weirdest combination of words that I ever herd in my entire life!

ʜᴀxᴛʜ : Not a true Vodka expert if you ain't Russian.

BRaNDeD BaNAnA : R.I.P UV reputation and sales.

kyoon : college students drink to get drunk not for the taste so drinking expensive vodka would be a waste

Antonis : *No idea how I got here.*

djjazzyjeff123 : It'd be pretty cool to see this same video with 5 other cheap vodkas like Phillips, Karkov, Titos, New Amsterdam, and Luksosowa or something.

Craig O' Reilly : *M Y M A N S I S A P R O F E S S I O N A L A L C H O*

Pyro Albatros : In Germany you can get a bottle of vodka for less than 5 bucks

shadowman2418 : Damn almost threw up from watching this, because I literally drank a whole bottle last night...

RSA MAN : my parents are also professional alcoholics but you are much cooler

Boban Kotevski : Professional alcoholic

HDTeam TM : He has slav running through his veins.

Craig O' Reilly : -I drink alcohol- *I'm a professional alchoholic*

Sweswio : This man lives the life man savage

Kev Gunner : I would of gave him a glass of water. " Alright, good taste, feels like water in the mouth, possibly made from grain?"

Stag : Vodka is an alcohol of the people, of the poor. "Exquisite" vodka is not real vodka.


insane iNSAnE : Nikolai?

CenTz : this is what i'll be watching at 3 am

Reagan Hickey : As a college student, I honestly did not know vodka was not supposed to taste like hand sanitizer