Beast Mode Asian Drummer Surprises School Band, Crazy Solo

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Davi Lu : Asian Keyboard Guy's son!

Andrew Bergamann : The real question is: Is he a rusher, or a dragger?

Joshua Fernandez : This kid watched whiplash

Dakota Iron Shirt : Throws up then starts to play again.

jojojorisjhjosef : You're performing with him, don't look at him.

Caleb Walker : :20 fuk it who's gonna stop me!!!!!

Luke S. : Woah the dude threw up and just played it off like a champ

Romelus69 : this kid is awesome....jam on...


Roxas Ryuga : He is just so hype

AsianInvasion : Whiplash in real life

internet person : lololol

iComplainer : That's rock and roll. Kid drummed his *guts* out 🤘

nick levi : Not my tempo

usernamenotinvaild : 1:01 when you try to go to dead pool two and end up in I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer

James Depotter : What kind of drugs did he use?

_coma_ : Ahahaha fuck yeah!

Vincenzio Pratama : Whiplash what !?

TG13ores : a young buddy rich in the making

rav : somebody call a preacher... he got the devil in him....

Bartłomiej Kasperkiewicz : Jak to kiedyś na koncercie Elektrycznych słyszałem... za każde pierdolnięcie na browara po koncercie :D

Dank Rocha : Fuck it keep going

donsennep : oh come on everyone, easy reason for this: The man just wanted people to know there is some asian level in him :D

Chris saric' : this is underrated.

Giothermal88 : cuddle fish or vanilla pudding?....cuddle fish it IS!!!

Toast : Drums it off like a boss.