Snowboard Lessons: Beginner to advanced skills progression at Adventure Ski & Snowboard School

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oregonnich : I'm not here for lessons, just watching this magic carpet.. . . .

JaQc : I live in the Caribean, I dont know why I am watching this

LeCaissie : Been snowboarding for 10 years. I dont know why im watching this.

Holic : I want one of these magic carpets in my garage!

NeRvExDoUg : dont control your turns with your back leg! lol what is this guy teaching ppl??

Wambo : When you turn with your back leg you're doing it wrong.

Luke Maskell : If I taught my students to snowboard like that, I would be fired.

HardwareAddiction : This guy explains really REALLY well. Thanks so much.

autoassign : This is so wrong don't listen to this shit

Brian Nieken : Wow. bunch of angry people I guess. Everyone has their own methods of learning/teaching. I personally prefer to hit the snow, but he's in SoCal wearing shorts, so he's making do with what he has available. This is a good lesson for beginners

gadsen kerszcwyk : watch this stoned, it's pretty good

Hook : That carpet thing is cool as hell

Terry Mccall : bad technique through out

Viking445 : Damn that thing must generate soooooooo much static charge!!

TheKrazieness : He's a pro carpertboarder

Ryan Brady : You need a wider board dude!

tiddleywheel54 : this guy is a total NOOB

Halfcabking : i dont understand why he lifts his back foot up between turns

Andy Do : Are his bindings on backwards?

David : Last week I saw a guy show up at the wrong lesson on accident and when the instructor told him to do go down the hill the best way he could, he buttered his way all the way down. Afterwards he found out the class was for beginners and the freestyling class he meant to go to was the next group over. Idk why but this reminded me of that a little

Timo Breumelhof : Very clearly explained. But he is lifting his back foot on the turn initiations.We all do that, but not someone who starts snowboarding, without that little jump short turns like these are much more difficult IMO.

Dominic Paulazzo : As cool as this magic carpet is. Nothing beats the real thing :)

MrJason9142002 : The guy is showing some techniques and you dorks are complaining? You learned to drink from your mothers breast and the first carpet you saw was between your mother's legs. Does this make you a noob?

Timm Bodenhagen : he mixed up the left and right binding.. :D omg

RadioactiveGoose : I really hate those rolling carpets under my feat. I once hit my head really hard on that rail. They make you fall extra fast. One thing is for sure, If you manage to handle these things you will have no problem in real snow.

AzNightmare : *3 years later, I've improved a lot since I first started. I stumbled upon this video and though it was ridiculous, but it turned out to have helped me a lot. Due to the fact it's on a conveyor belt, he's able to explain and show the techniques in repetition. Something a typical instructional video won't be able to if you're on a mountain with uncontrolled circumstances.*

trASH Main : I think you might need a wide board

Balthazar Rivière : great tutorial thanks!

Connor Roland : Dude Fix Your Bindings!!!

Matt Turner : Bindings are on wrong

Femurboy77 : Thats some mad toe hang!

ExtremeDeathman : Although this looks quite proficient, I have been told by some pros and freeriders that's not how you want to carve and make turns, especially in a very bumpy line. It's the wrong technique...

Philip : Try touching the board after some time. BZZZZT! xD

Boyden van den berg : What's the name of the 'machine' you're riding on? It looks really helpfull but I've never seen it before


TheLegendaryNinja : some people have way to much fear. I started snowboarding at age 6, I started with a lesson, but then went straight to the mountain. Not going on some carpet like this. Go to Seattlesports videos channel on youtube and watch david castro 2014 if you want to see where I am now.

matt davidson : Dudes bindings are backwards.....

elliott turner : Great... Teach them falling leaf. That's not how we do it at okemo.

aolcappe : Are u really teaching snowboard on a carpet with the bindings like that?!?!? MAYBE you should switch them!!! that's for my grandma

Mareks Kirilovs : I caal this turning style - drifting. That style is not good for speed.

Tobi Meiner : You board is much to small.

Imogen n : If I win the lottery, I'm buying one of those bad boys

Sheckle Master : Btw when he says snake down the whole width of the mountain. Don't do that. It's inconvenient for others. Pick a lane, left, middle, or right, and stick to it.

Johnny Fan : thanks for the video, it is very useful for a beginner 

vincent guido : don't listen to this video, it will form bad habits. learn from a friend who knows what they are doing and learn the right way

Weston Hager : I've watched as many how to snowboard videos as I can because I'm going to Breckenridge this week end and this video was the most helpful

Sean yaho : I was more amazed to see a carpet that moved.... I might be getto, never seen this before and I've been boarding for 7 years

Richard Bandey : Great instructional video, anyone learning or wanting to learn to board this is everything you need to know to get started

Lindsey Tucker : I'm just learning this year and this was sooo helpful thank you!

blastman8888 : I learned to ski on the moving carpet when I lived in CA 30 years ago it makes learning at the mountain a lot faster because you can get past all the first day stuff at home. It's not going to replace learning but I wish I had that carpet when was learning to board.