What else does Seth MacFarlane know? Family Guy Predictions

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King Stewie : ayyyyy im in the video

Eammon Wright : Or there's American Dad when Stan and Hailey are arguing and she says something like "the CIA are evil. They introduced crack and AIDS into ghettos" and Stan gets angry and replies "I've told you a hundred times that the FBI created AIDS". The CIA needed money for the Iran-Contras in Nicaragua and selling coke flown in on "Air America" from the region wasn't selling fast enough so their scientists came up with a simple DIY method of turning cocaine salt into it's base organic compound which vapourises at a much lower temperature meaning it can be smoked ("freebasing" was known since the late 70s but it involved very volatile chemicals like Ether, thats how Richard Pryor set himself ablaze but making crack can be done with cleaning products or BiCarbonate of Soda and a source of heat). They already had stacks of research into rats and mice starving themselves to death for cocaine in a Skinner Box rather than take food so they knew it's dependancy levels and constant need to re-dose, which meant selling more and making the Iran-ontas and, no doubt themselves, shitloads of money. I don't think they did it with the intention of deliberately killing people. They did it for the money though of course they knew hundreds of thousands would die and it would ruin lives.

Das dumme Schwein : Hollywood is going down, Going down, Going down. Hollywood is going down, This is awesome.

RESPECT MY AUTHORITY : Seth doesn't have a magic crystal ball, he's in the Hollywood scene, so he hears all the rumors. Its that simple, I know people who knew Winstien way before all this shit blew up, and they always said shit about him, how big of a creep and asshole he is. So none of this is surprising.

Massive Branflake : It’s not a prediction- he’s in the know

Meow Meow Fuzzyface : "Just wanted to remind you fellas what you're all fighting for." Explains why Hollywood generally hates Seth. If Hollywood hates you, you're doing something good.

Bijou : Predictive programming, warning or coincidence...absolutely not. This is intentional because by "Universal Law of One" they do this to get our "consent"; so that means you are unknowingly agreeing to things on a soul level like when we watch tv, pay our taxes, vote, walk into sacred geometry cities, get your birth certificate (yes, your parents "unknowingly" sold you as a baby and your birth certificate is a government bond (as did there parents) and so forth. You don't have to believe me, hec I don't want you too...go within, mediate, research, ask question and get the answers for yourself (unlearn everything and start with a blank piece of paper, deprogram yourself!). This world is dominated by darker forces and when you meditate or go "within" you wake up to the truth of who you are, why you are here, who everyone else is and free yourself on a soul level. Calling TV a program is not a coincidence; they literally put subliminal information to brainwash you AND you are easily brainwashed when you eat food that are filled with metals! Eat clean, real food, not garage, not candy (aka can-die that is meant to poison and harm your immune system!) Your language is speaking to you. History = "his" story...those who write history, write the future. We were lied too and that's OK, you just need to find you power and say NO MORE to this mass manipulation and system of propaganda (Literally say "NO MORE" and I do not consent to any manipulation of any sentiment life across all time streams, dimension, realities and universes. Break the contracts and do "soul revocations"). The veil is thinning and take back your sovereignty on a soul level. Everything you need to know is already within you if you erase your programming and connect with the essence of God in who you are. You don't need anyone or anything, just yourself. You are the way. You don't need religion, you just need you. YOU ARE AMAZING! (Ok I went on a rant but I genuinely want everyone in this world to feel good, to be happy, empowered and live an abundant life with clarity and confidence! F* the system, time for everyone to rise. We are powerful and the BS behind the curtain needs to stop.) These are the same people involved in child trafficking, pedophilia and the drug war. Everything is twisted...that's all I'm saying.

daleva187goligo : you forgot the biggest one of all, in 2000 osama bin laden at the airport hoping he gets passed customs

It's your Grandma : Simpson’s and family guy giving us more info on the world than the msm

Darth MGTOW : Seth is a time traveller duhhh

Quillan Green : To everyone that continues to say Family Guy isn't funny...it is...get over it...

Stephanie Temo : It's a combination of coincidences and open Hollywood secrets.

Red Lopez : Miley Cyrus is a 🤖 robot

cruCHEV : I recall in one episode of FG, they mentioned that the HIV (virus) was manufactured by the 'government.'

The Mighty King Production : Well if we want to know the truth about these people watch Family Guy. It's all there.

Ajax Ashford : What about when Peter used his cell phone to blow up two bombs during the Boston marrithon?


O-Dog McGee : How can you make a Family Guy video seem so creepy and right before I go to sleep...

WeirdWorld : what if without coincidences there couldn't be conspiracy theories

Lemming Daycare : I would say that it is more predictive programming than anything. The whole masquerade relies on the consent of the governed (wage slaves)...

Jose Heredia : Family guy is a good show we all know that.

jessica deker : If Seth MacFarlane was one of the "good guys" he would be giving the people the full truth, instead he gives tid bits here and there, never the full story, and come on, he turns these sick half truths into jokes. If he were one of the good guys he wouldn't be allowed to have a show on TV, and he would have been murdered a long time ago or he would be on the run like real whistle blowers.

last stroke went viral : Any one else realy concerned about the tom cruise one?

BorisaRed : So Family Guy, run by the system, is showing things in a totally staged world. Whats new, for years they have been putting whats coming up in films and tv programs. Often with comedy things, so the masses laugh it off. They know the masses are mainly dumb and dont think and dont connect dots. Its a fake truman show world

B. Long : Zionism is your enemy

The Contingency Plan : The real question is how does he know these things, and why.

Robert Tiberious : like back in the 60s with Gene Roddenberry on how he expose a lot of technological secrets. was brought in front of a congressional hearing for a silly stupid show call Star Trek.

glafeir : Married with children predicted Bruce Jenner first

Nathan Peoples : Family Guy predicts the future like The Simpsons does

Rachel Roach : there was also the Bill Cosby sex tape joke shortly before all those girls came forward

Jace Beleren : South Park does it too. The episode about Jared from subway wanting to give your kids aids aired way before he got in trouble for child pornography.

niasia younblood : That is so creepy especially the suicide , like how did he know That ? Was His death planned just to end his life

Goblin Big Boss : That's not Satan. that's the SUPER DEVIL!. he's FAR more powerful than the regular Devil.

Adriane Easley : He predicted Trump would be president. He also predicts Trump's death (or at least the death of a president).

ron doe : its a sad day when reality and a cartoon are compared to each other smh whats worse is ppl are expecting/allowing things to happen because they have subconsciously accepted it all and not willing to give up the world..thats falling apart as we speak!!

Lee Davis : The bush family corruption goes all the way back to WW2 and the cocaine smuggling also involved the Clinton's. And it's suppose to be coincidence that they were able to hold office for 24 straight years.

Charles Austin : I know there is an episode where Brian and Stewie discover a cure for cancer but come to find Lois's dad had it all along and was keeping it hidden to make money.. something along those lines.

Neldith Sajous : Stewie is HILARIOUS to me!!!!! That TAKEN spoof though. Lol.

Joe Nesvick : In Road to Road Island, Osama bin Laden got his weapons past airport security (scene omitted on original DVD) before September 11th 2001. Ironically, Seth McFarlane was suppose to be on that flight

Billy Mech : Seth is in the entertainment industry... Everyone knew about all these scandals.

Ayoutube user : I wonder how much of it is coincidence,

Cherry3000 : Wasnt he the Seth who claimed he just missed being on one of the flights that supposedly knocked down the towers. And he is simply the guy tasked with showing us what they are doing to us, it is part of their deal they must show us. He does that job for them, he is not some good guy or he would be dead.

Marinus Denis : Kill them all,but very very slowly¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your World : Now that Disney owns Fox I'm sure they'll try to shut him up. Maybe even cancel the show. You don't mess with the mouse.

Trevor Henry : I don't think Seth is intentionally trying to inform us of what is really going on behind the Hollywood curtains. I just think he knows whats going on and is using it for comedic gain. There's no plot to try and disclose - in fact each one is probably a personal message towards that particular celeb and he is simply saying that he knows their filthy secrets.

sue thorpe : Surely Seth must be 'one of them' himself.

casino dave : He knows the ending of " infinity War " already 🎯

Worms Hip Hop : Hollywood already knew bout Weinstein and Spacey

Detective Geils : You've overseen one important thing! Louis CK had a little guest role on Family Guy in the first episode of this season and in it, it's stated that his opinion matters in this moment just before he will lose his popularity.

hear fan : Well,we know James Woods would do anything for a piece of candy.