What else does Seth MacFarlane know? Family Guy Predictions

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Nickolas Faz : It's not a conspiracy, McFarland is in Hollywood, he knows all the true gossip and the true allegations.

TrueGritProductions : Seth McFarlane missed his plane on 9/11/01 which later crashed into the World Trade Center. Maybe he has the magic touch.

von reeves : These aren't predictions, just known facts between the hollywood Hollyweirdos!

Wish System : He's not trying to expose anyone and he's not oblivious. It's neither. He's doing it intentionally and it's part of the system. The code says they have to tell people what they're doing. So they do, through comedy or "mental health breakdowns". Then they can continue on doing what they're doing and nobody takes it seriously.

iceguy93 : Seth Macfarlane is sneaky bastard. He is being smart by pointing out those truths subtly as anything that is open and obvious is gonna get shut down.

drae tyson : The truth is best hidden in plain sight

Luke Zuzga : Nothing Shocking anymore.

ImetGodinperson : All you people need to wake up. Seth McFarlane is ONE OF THEM, and if you couldn't tell that watching his shows you need help. He is a sick perverted sadist to the highest degree, who frequently implements INCEST, TORTURE, MURDER, and various other sadistic things into his shows. He is just as depraved as a serial killer.

John Pick : The Slut Baby episode

Jordan Ray : Family Guy, like the Simpsons, is merely a vehicle used by the deep state to mock all of us sheep while they flat out tell us what they’re planning. But don’t believe me, I’m just a conspiracy theorist. Heaven forbid I actually see beyond the wool they pull over our eyes.

The Contract King : Because it’s Hollywood, everything is scripted and putting it into the cartoons/movies is called “predictive programming”

dmackenzie0308 : Simpson’s did similar art>>life subliminal awakening. The whole world is numerology and symbology if you’re awake to it.

Heather Lynn : No it’s not a coincidence. They have predictive programming going all the way back to day 1. They’ve been BRAINWASHING the MASSES since the beginning

NWO Documentary CHANNEL : Great video!!!

Ebony C : Wow...I’m at a loss of words

burnfly69 : seth is a 33rd degree freemason and its all a inside joke rubing it in your face laughing at the ignorance of the mass they love that shit twisting the truth misleading it into crazy tin foil hats conspiracy then all the woke people telling the true they the one getting bash and insulted while the sheep praise them more

Rutgersbl 23 : The Boston Marathon clip was edited to feature clips from two different episodes. Peter is interviewed about the Boston Marathon because he drove through it. The second clip of him dialing the cell phone was a completely different episode where he accidentally triggered a bomb on a bridge in Quahog

Simon Belmont : All the answers have always been hidden in plain sight in every variation of media. It's easiest to get away with in comedy shows because everything can just be seen as a joke. All comedy is based in misery. Always pay attention. That's why they have such a hard on for the eye symbol

Mike Youtube : It's predictive programming. He isn't some hero trying to subtly air everyones secrets. He is a Jew mind you.

Rusindo : Look into American Dad there are a lot of hidden messages in that show as well.

bob thornton : Seth Macfarlane also was booked on the flight from Boston that hit one of the twin towers on 9/11 but decided not to go

Ukaran : Fred Savage is the greatest actor in the history of the world.

Lloyd Share : Seth knows

Leo Haug : It's predicted programming! And Seth MacFarlane must be a freemason just like Matt Groening to get the inside information! I don't think it's that hard to imagine if you do some digging.

Beatles2010100 : A cartoon is more accurate than CNN.

Mattathias Macabees : Seth is just getting rich making a joke out of everything.

Jay Myers Documentaries : Thanks for watching! As others have pointed out, there is also an episode where Stewie is a child actor and makes references to child abuse in the industry. Clearly something is going on here...Please share/tweet this video and don't forget to subscribe!

Joseph Backus : Pure evil cartoon. Do not watch anything from McFarland and do not let your children .

RaiZdbyDINGOES : He knows all this because he is part of the satanic pedophilia group called Hollyweird. Not saying he actually participates in it. But I'm sure he has been to plenty of death and torture parties. Your show doesn't become huge by the people. You have to sign a deal with the devil. Most of these episodes Seth probably doesn't even write, and if he does he would be handed the knowledge.

Rob Glaspey : Brian Singer referenced as a child abuser. Not sure which family guy episode.

Free Speech : He is part of secret society . He has inside information before plan takes place. Everyone inside knows because the central power is hidden in secret societies. They basically promote only people who are part of secret society. Loyalty is key. if the guy is not useful they will be thrown out like dave chappelle or kat williams.

The Contingency Plan : The real question is how does he know these things, and why.

Deliah Annamay : wow, I remember a episode when they showed brad pitt and Angelina jolie having a therapy session over the kids and I be dam several years later angelina jolie file's divorce and brad pitt is now in therapy! wow,wow

Rocco Rattlebag : 10+ years of Well known facts about Hollywood are predictions? Millennial wisdom strikes again.

suspect : PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ANYTHING YOU MIGHT KNOW THAT HAS SLIPPED UNDER THE GOOGLE RADAR FOR NOW!!! Family guy might just be the last time we see "humor" on tv or anywhere and everything comes out eventually so stfu!!! I read Cathy O'Briens book 10 years ago and I couldn't eat for a week afterwoulds!! If Seth or anyone can seep info by design or by stealth let him do it and don't trust YouTube "truthers" because that community was squashed 8 years ago.

Trucker : So when David Icke came out with this 20 years ago he was a nutter?

where is danny black : I thought you were going to mention how Seth was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 planes that hit the tower, but "missed his flight"

Laquisha Bennett : Crazy white people. They say we crazy.

truth son : seth has written only one episode of family guy..

Ashan Trisheild : Seth is like modern day Sherlock Holmes

Scooty Puff Sr : I have a theory on why these cartoons seem to be protecting stuff like this, it's the Hollywood Elite sending the warning, they sent the warning in the form of a joke and for some reason Kevin Spacey didn't take the warning and thus he was exposed for what he was

Charles Austin : I know there is an episode where Brian and Stewie discover a cure for cancer but come to find Lois's dad had it all along and was keeping it hidden to make money.. something along those lines.

One Love ONE LOVE : He’s psychic, Bush Senior killed JFK, and his brother. He used our Marines in Afghanistan to guard his heroin (Trump bombed! Yay) Bush also snuck in the Cocaine in our soldiers bodies! His wife, Barbara Crowley, Aliesyer Crowley’s daughter and high priestess who states on interview, “ the power” put her fetus in the jar twice.. ! OMGJesus my lord and Savior, thank you God for cleaning up and exposing them and more like Cesar, Egypt, The Pharaoh, Sodom! 💪✝️👊💥 put all the Evil deep state Satonics in jail where they want to be!!!!!!

Harmonycycle2012 : EEEWWWW "Caitlin" Jenner!

Evan S : Lol why do you try to "debunk" stuff when your just not asking the right questions. How about WHY OR HOW everyone knew about these events before any of us did... Lol this doesn't change anything about the predictions.

Joseph Delarosa : maybe seth knows alot of dirt and is active in hollywood drama

Massive Branflake : It’s not a prediction- he’s in the know

Monica ky mama : I don't care for for Family Guy and I have often wondered if he himself was a sex sicko bc of the character's and jokes regarding this topic... after seeing this... I'm gonna re-think that opinion

Awaken The Greatness Within : People in America need to wake up

OriginalDarkMew : With all the shit YouTube tries to censor, you know something is up when THIS gets over 1mil views...but then again the algarythen is hit and miss so... Idk man. It's still suspicious.