What else does Seth MacFarlane know? Family Guy Predictions

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Nickolas Faz : It's not a conspiracy, McFarland is in Hollywood, he knows all the true gossip and the true allegations.

TrueGritProductions : Seth McFarlane missed his plane on 9/11/01 which later crashed into the World Trade Center. Maybe he has the magic touch.

Beatles2010100 : A cartoon is more accurate than CNN.

drae tyson : The truth is best hidden in plain sight

von reeves : These aren't predictions, just known facts between the hollywood Hollyweirdos!

J Hollingworth : He's not trying to expose anyone and he's not oblivious. It's neither. He's doing it intentionally and it's part of the system. The code says they have to tell people what they're doing. So they do, through comedy or "mental health breakdowns". Then they can continue on doing what they're doing and nobody takes it seriously.

Bowen Sutton : Seth better be careful before he shoots himself in the back of the head twice

Zach Van Harris JR : Too many coincidences are eventually no longer coincidences.

African cunt : He didn't predict HE KNEW

Rutgersbl 23 : The Boston Marathon clip was edited to feature clips from two different episodes. Peter is interviewed about the Boston Marathon because he drove through it. The second clip of him dialing the cell phone was a completely different episode where he accidentally triggered a bomb on a bridge in Quahog

iceguy93 : Seth Macfarlane is sneaky bastard. He is being smart by pointing out those truths subtly as anything that is open and obvious is gonna get shut down.

justin case : OBEY >>> CONSUME >>> SLEEP >>> GO TO WORK >>> PAY TAXES >>> TRUST ALL MEDIA >>>

Heather Lynn : No it’s not a coincidence. They have predictive programming going all the way back to day 1. They’ve been BRAINWASHING the MASSES since the beginning

where is danny black : I thought you were going to mention how Seth was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 planes that hit the tower, but "missed his flight"

Rob Glaspey : Brian Singer referenced as a child abuser. Not sure which family guy episode.

Rusindo : Look into American Dad there are a lot of hidden messages in that show as well.

Sachin Ki : They may kill Seth McFarlane in the future

Buttermaker 010 : Right now McFarland is inside the “IN GROUP” of Hollywood must be a high ranking member to know all this information

vetb882 : If you're still struggling with this you are still trapped in The Matrix. It's incredibly obvious the world is run by satanic child molesting blood-drinking human sacrificing satanists, whether the music business film business even the tops of business itself they are all demon worshippers. The devil flips everything upside down and backwards, so they feed us Truth where we expect fiction and television and movies and then feed us lies where we expect the truth and the Daily News. if the mainstream media said the sky was sunny and blue today I would literally open the window and check for myself because if their lips are moving those bastards are lying.

Luke Zuzga : Nothing Shocking anymore.

Timeless me : Family guy does a pedophile character I never understood why there is there a old man trying to sleep with chris I don't find it funny

Gregory Adorian : It all has to be done in plain sight. He is not a whistle blower he is like so many others doing the same like groening. It's a kind of mockery of those who watch the show which causes them to partake in it unknowingly. It is the ultimate act of contempt. The creators are elites the watchers are goyim.

Mighty Raccoon : I hate Seth's face in the thumbnail.

# Guiltless : Just truth being put in our faces..Pay attention.💀💀

Trucker : So when David Icke came out with this 20 years ago he was a nutter?

noyce714 : George Bush was part of the Kennedy assassination.

Charles Austin : I know there is an episode where Brian and Stewie discover a cure for cancer but come to find Lois's dad had it all along and was keeping it hidden to make money.. something along those lines.

Isamu Himura : Every one in LA knew all this stuff. Even people who aren't big stars, just no one would report on it lol nothing. It's basically what the reporter said. It's "other people" who will call you a whack job.

dadab0y : Simpson’s did similar art>>life subliminal awakening. The whole world is numerology and symbology if you’re awake to it.

Ukaran : Fred Savage is the greatest actor in the history of the world.

Pandas are cool : The Kevin Spacey joke, Brett Ratner joke, and Ryan Philippe joke is proof all of Hollywood knew.

Joseph Delarosa : maybe seth knows alot of dirt and is active in hollywood drama

Ramona Silvestri : Did Seth MacFarlane ever do a spoof on the Bohemian Grove up in Monte Rio Sonoma County California 35 miles north of San Francisco

Ahada Arie : It's called predictive programming. Anyone who has reached that level in Hollywood , works for the Cabal.

M A G A EARTH : seth is a member of these evil ones. they have to tell you what they are going to do before they do it. at least that is what we have been hearing.

OriginalDarkMew : With all the shit YouTube tries to censor, you know something is up when THIS gets over 1mil views...but then again the algarythen is hit and miss so... Idk man. It's still suspicious.

daniel kinney : this is why JOAN RIVERS was taken out. For calling the OBAMAS GAY AND & TRANNY. The story surrounding her simple procedure was this, Her Doctor performed an unscheduled procedure just before the DOCTOR performed the SCHEDULED procedure then after he was done the same doctor who performed The 1st procedure DID IT A 2nd time and was advised by the ANETHISA Doctor that her PULSE and BLOOD PRESSURE was failing and to abort the procedure but she did it anyway Also with the OBAMAS it is really odd that the only LIVING PERSON IN HAWAII that knew the real truth behind OBAMAS birth certificate just happen to die in a PLANE that landed on WATER and everyone survived by her. At fruit they were all on the life rafts or seat cushions and everyone was fine. Then saddlery the person that was on the flight as an AGENT with a GUN that flies on all flights was beside her when she drowned.

bigbaddawn : McFarland is not a sheep. I've heard his interviews

ONE LOVE michaelflynndefensefund dot org : He’s psychic, Bush Senior killed JFK, and his brother. He used our Marines in Afghanistan to guard his heroin (Trump bombed! Yay) Bush also snuck in the Cocaine in our soldiers bodies! His wife, Barbara Crowley, Aliesyer Crowley’s daughter and high priestess who states on interview, “ the power” put her fetus in the jar twice.. ! OMGJesus my lord and Savior, thank you God for cleaning up and exposing them and more like Cesar, Egypt, The Pharaoh, Sodom! 💪✝️👊💥 put all the Evil deep state Satonics in jail where they want to be!!!!!!

Breaking News : After Seth McFarlane missed his (Sept 11, 2001) 911 flight, he passed through a multiverse plane and got another Seth. This is how he predicts the future.

Mysterio Saturn : Seth knows

DR. THRIVE : They say the same things about the Simpsons...

Scooty Puff Sr : I have a theory on why these cartoons seem to be protecting stuff like this, it's the Hollywood Elite sending the warning, they sent the warning in the form of a joke and for some reason Kevin Spacey didn't take the warning and thus he was exposed for what he was

The Contract King : Because it’s Hollywood, everything is scripted and putting it into the cartoons/movies is called “predictive programming”

lovepeople Hu : (((Seth Macfarlane)))

Mr1_Rocketship 2luna : Clinton had Barry Seals dropping off drugs into Arkansas. Two kids walked into a drop once and they were brutally killed then laid on the the train tracks. A wrestler who was there as “muscle” saw the whole thing and is speaking about it. Look it up

Awaken The Greatness Within : People in America need to wake up

Matt Vivian : Seth MacFarlane has written 3 episodes of Family Guy. Three. "Death Has a Shadow", "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1: Part 2 - Super Griffins" and "North by North Quahog". The last one was in 2005. Just because he created the show, doesn't mean he's writes for it.

Jordan Ray : Family Guy, like the Simpsons, is merely a vehicle used by the deep state to mock all of us sheep while they flat out tell us what they’re planning. But don’t believe me, I’m just a conspiracy theorist. Heaven forbid I actually see beyond the wool they pull over our eyes.

Glenn S : I've noticed a bunch of these myself before seeing this. And by the way, he seems to have carried this over to his new show, The Orville. In episode 7: Majority Rule, the crew of the Orville land on a planet that uses a social justice system where you are judged by your social credit score. I thought the episode was brilliant while wreaking of predictive programming. Lo and behold, less than a year later and it's all over the news that China has implemented a social credit system not entirely unlike the one we saw on the show. As soon as I heard the news, my mind immediately raced back to that episode, and of course got me thinking of all the Family Guy predictions as well. I can't wait to see what else he has to say. This leaves me with the question however.... Is he one of us? Or one of them?