What else does Seth MacFarlane know? Family Guy Predictions

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Nickolas Faz : It's not a conspiracy, McFarland is in Hollywood, he knows all the true gossip and the true allegations.

Brian Long : Hollywood is a cesspool of human filth.

Lolzzn12 : Seth is a hollywood insider, he knows EXACTLY what's going on.

Mr. Doomguy : Jenner does not deserve the courage award.

blue03r6 : actually Married with Children did the bruce jenner joke first way back in the early 90's.

TrueGritProductions : Seth McFarlane missed his plane on 9/11/01 which later crashed into the World Trade Center. Maybe he has the magic touch.

PaNDaSNiP3R : Hollywood is a cancer on the world

Wilhelm Heinrich : The “Tom Cruise is gay,” stuff is probably true.

Alexz Young : And the Simpsons have been doing this for decades also just too many coincidences. Very sad

mewyattt : I get all my news from Family Guy

von reeves : These aren't predictions, just known facts between the hollywood Hollyweirdos!

similar differences : I feel as though it's more predictive programming if anything...and mockery. Rubbing our naivety in our faces...its also a way to gauge how much some of us actually know about what "they" do, the elites..my opinion.

Duane Mellinger : Same with south park. They made a show as Obama got elected. Its was about Mccain and Obama a team to screw over America they didn't care who won as long as one of them did. That seems a little insideish.


Rich GM : In the words of Joan Rivers - "Michelle is a trannie, everyone in Washington knows it" same thing different color

where is danny black : I thought you were going to mention how Seth was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 planes that hit the tower, but "missed his flight"

Jessica ZED : Eyes Wide Shut told us

tominosawyer420 : seth macfarlen is in on it, he knew about the 9/11 attacks he said he was drunk the night before and his planner was behind 10 minutes reguarless he would have been on the plane. he also put out a very symbolic episode a couple days before about people falling to their deaths

Jasminder Singh Jesse : That is why George sr. got rid of Pablo Escobar, it was mainly for the business .

Michael Fung : Weinstein jokes were on 30 Rock years before too.

Eammon Wright : Or there's American Dad when Stan and Hailey are arguing and she says something like "the CIA are evil. They introduced crack and AIDS into ghettos" and Stan gets angry and replies "I've told you a hundred times that the FBI created AIDS". The CIA needed money for the Iran-Contras in Nicaragua and selling coke flown in on "Air America" from the region wasn't selling fast enough so their scientists came up with a simple DIY method of turning cocaine salt into it's base organic compound which vapourises at a much lower temperature meaning it can be smoked ("freebasing" was known since the late 70s but it involved very volatile chemicals like Ether, thats how Richard Pryor set himself ablaze but making crack can be done with cleaning products or BiCarbonate of Soda and a source of heat). They already had stacks of research into rats and mice starving themselves to death for cocaine in a Skinner Box rather than take food so they knew it's dependancy levels and constant need to re-dose, which meant selling more and making the Iran-ontas and, no doubt themselves, shitloads of money. I don't think they did it with the intention of deliberately killing people. They did it for the money though of course they knew hundreds of thousands would die and it would ruin lives.

Cancel Ok : Seth actually said he hasn't written for family guy since 2010🤔

David Meyers : Thats why I dropped out of show biz. Too evil. Definitely not my cup of tea. Their price is to high. Truly evil industry.

NeoTheOne : We need to be spiritual as this is spiritual warfare. Everything is. Eat healthy, nofap, no TV, pray, fast, etc

Lewis Edwards : These arrogant A$$#OLE$ tell us what evil they are doing to rub our faces in it, thinking they can do anything they want with impunity.

Bowen Sutton : Seth better be careful before he shoots himself in the back of the head twice

MrDoublehappy : Seth is covering up his own crimes ....

tyler durden : The moment you realize Seth MacFarlane is an in-utero elite transgender FTM, and is only a front man for the show that is actually written by a team of 33rd degree demonically possessed illuminati members.

Laverne Blaszczyk : How does he keep getting away with it then?! Are the people just too embarrassed to make a fuss?? Ooooh- so that's why the jokes are so over the top....that's actually kinda brilliant. Seth MacFarlane is gonna be found dead in an alley some day tho

Martin Pike : Where's the dirt on Robert Downey Jr.

Kitt : A cartoon is more accurate than CNN.

Patient Grasshopper : Most of these were open secrets in Hollywood for years. I remember years ago someone telling me Kevin Spacey was gay, that was before it was common knowledge. The Bush one is an after the fact one though, so its not one where he broke it first to the public. Seth MacFarlane did miss his flight on 9/11,. one of the flights that was involved, because he was hungover.

techx154 : Showing predictions in such a manner desensitizes *we the sheeple* thus prepares the masses for the shock when it inevitably happens... IMO

Jesse Reiter : Jenner makes me want to puke. Free speech also allows me to say what I think about homosexuals. Also because of my ability to repair and make parts for aircraft I was offered a job by a black group from the CIA mto rebuild a 65 Mooney but they wanted to pay me in cocaine wish I had absolutely no used for also the plane was for the shipment of cocaine from South America to the USA. I turned the job down. Bush was president at the time.


Jay Myers Documentaries : Thanks for watching! As others have pointed out, there is also an episode where Stewie is a child actor and makes references to child abuse in the industry. Clearly something is going on here...Please share/tweet this video and don't forget to subscribe!

AMJH 4LAH : Wow. Its like some crystal ball shit right here. First.

kenneth mccomiskie : why are the criminally insane still running around when they should be locked up?

ShannonSlays : I loved him but he has to be a devil worshipper.

Michelle Murphy : Someone needs to help these people. Seth mcfarlan may be just as bad. Who knows?!

John Pick : The Slut Baby episode

Doom Sayer : Seth is one of the good guys

One of Five : coincidences don't exist

paco ramon : He is a jew in Hollywood, he knows everything before it comes public.

SoCali : Seth is just a really cool guy and everybody in Hollywood likes him and they probably just feel comfortable telling him stuff and sometimes it ends up on the show.

Charles Austin : I know there is an episode where Brian and Stewie discover a cure for cancer but come to find Lois's dad had it all along and was keeping it hidden to make money.. something along those lines.

kevin willerson : seth is a middle man for the forces of the dark betraying the ones who made deals with them another tactic seen in film, maybe?

Jashen : They put these things out there because they believe that masses (cattle) are stupid and if they give foreknowledge of there evil satanic actions they are recuse of any blame. Seth MacFarlane is part of it.

Vincent Venturella : The fact is, McFarland has the only type of platform to use as a soap box, and bring up unsavory topics wrapped up in cheap shots, small diatribes, and simplistic fighting venues and parlance flash back sequences. Pure genius, but not original, the Simpsons were doing the same thing for a lot longer, though to a less extreme extent.

Cool Coyote : also remember seth (on the show family guy) joking about robin williams on i think 2 atleast episodes about how he can't stand robin and hes not funny at all 2 years before Robin hung himself; The final autopsy report, released in November 2014, concluded that he "died of 'asphyxia due to hanging'" (as suspected by the Marin County sheriff's office on August 12). Neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were involved, and prescription drugs present in his body were at "therapeutic" levels. I felt at the time that he knew how sad inside'robin was as a person watching the so called joke' on family guy. theres always a bit of truth to the jokes