Charles Bradley - Why Is It So Hard (Live on KEXP)

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Liance : Rest in peace, Mr. Bradley. Despite your suffering you exhibited true, unbridled love to the world.

Linus Martin : What a man. Envious of anyone who ever had the chance to see him live.

Nathan Kt : Waiting the death of a legend to discover his discography, what a terrible mistake i've made.

Mortrufia : R.I.P Charlie. You made it all over the world! Greetings from Chile

Damian Hirst : Didnt know this man until now -> Read he died today -> Searched for him to find myself impressed. Rest in Peace and Happiness, Man

Irene Camarena : He could sing the ingredients off a cereal box. And scream out the portion sizes and I'd be all ears in!!!!👏👏👏

pgp : Rest in peace, Charles. You'll always be my favorite.

crunchb3rry : Still kinda processing the loss of Tom Petty, but remembered Charles Bradley. Who died a short while back. He reminds me of Junior Kimbrough. Two guys with raw talent that found their success way too late in life to appropriately enjoy it. That's the harsh truth about life. That there's no schedule for your milestones. Craziest thing: Tom and Charles were almost the same age, both born in Gainesville.

Eufratbre : Found out Charles is dead, dont even know what to say. He changed my life.

PatrioticPirate : I have never heard of Charles Bradley until today, 24Sep'17. I knew of him not even ONE DAY he walked this Earth. I KNOW I MISSED SOMETHING... rip Mr Charles Bradley.

Yoel Dawit : RiP Legend!

Mauri Outis : Why is it so hard To make it in America I try so hard To make it in America A land with milk and honey A land supposed to be built with love It take love and understanding To live and let live I was born in Gainesville Florida I traveled far and wide Then I moved to Brooklyn, New York Had hard times, for sometime I hold on Why is it so hard To make it in America I try so hard To make it in America So I said to myself Look like nothing gonna change I got to move away from here I went to upstate New York A little town they call Poughkeepsie Got me a job To get away from all this stress But I couldn't get away No matter how far I went Look like nothing gonna change Everything still remained the same Why is it so hard To make it in America I try so hard To make it in America We gotta make a change, in America Help me somebody

mikigamba : This is heartbreaking

Charlie November CN : Rest in Heaven, your talent and voice will be greatly missed. Thank you so much Charles Bradley.

Enigmatic : rest in peace

N8so&So : Everyone thinks he's sweating, but it's just his entire body crying.

Christopher Yan : I found out the day that Charles passed away was the same day my relationship ended and listening to him again made me not want to hurt myself or give up. Rest in peace sir, you did well.

Pt0wN973b0iI : Hope to see him on Sesame Street!

Aksel : I saw him 2 years ago, I didn’t réalise my luck then... Rest In Peace and just keep rockin’ on sir ! 🙏

Lex : Rest in peace Charles <3

EvilDave83 : The moment he smiles, then opens his mouth with "why, is it so hard" I had tears in my eyes. Nothing, I mean NOTHING in music has this kind of soul. That shit just hits you right in the chest. My kids even love Bradley.

Jp Jackson : OMG im so blue , i really can't believe it , he passed away , i haven't no idea , BC of him i got into blues music , You could feel blues on his voice im in shock , i just looked for him on internet , tryin 2 find a song of him , n Now u know your restin in peace with y our mama , god Bless You beautifull man!!

Peppy lamato : 0:30 to 0:37 --- Charles gives a look of pure appreciation, he's so thankful that people are out to see him, it's so sweet and humbling to see the appreciation in his face and eyes! RIP! Legend!

Ricardo Siahaan : R.I.P

ThatSayYou : RIP Charles "Screaming Eagle of Soul" Bradley. God Bless You and the gift you gave to the world of your existence.

Doruk Baksi : he will sweat even in north pole

ArroyoDrums : Legend we will never forget you RIP

Meme Supreme : RIP Charles Bradley 🙏🏿

Darth Faded : You finally had it going for yourself, and then you leave us with not nearly enough of your beautiful songs to fill this rotten world with love & peace. May your soul rest in peace bradly, your music means alot to me and i am sure it does for many others around the globe. Rest in peace brother

Michael F : Rest easy and fly high soul brother

gxstv : Algum brasileiro? Se tiver tmj, seu gosto musical é ótimo!

Pablo Barreda : God bless your soul

Michael Bowe : We all know Mr. Bradley is great, but let's take a minute to appreciate that absolutely filthy guitarist

Tony Hardy : I just discovered this epic singer. Very sad to hear that he's dead. I love this sound. Anyone have any suggestions for similar sounding music?

FireAndIce : R. I. P., screaming eagle of soul <3

Freddy G : I hate it so much when people go to performances and just record on their phones. I also hate people who complain about things they hate. I also hate hypocrisy.

Anna Boska : Beautiful songs muzic i love! The star of soul and funk, American singer Charles Bradley died. :-(

Guilherme E : Rest in peace, legend!

Amy Grindhouse : rest in peace!

Rufu Killa Gaming : RIP 🙏

Jason Benesh : RIP, Charles. You knew what was up.

P. R : R.I.P

Logantl74 : RIP M. BARKLEY

MOO :P : I had a chance to meet Mr. Bradley once. He made an impression, that's for sure. Put his arm around me and just started talking like we were old friends. Actually, he had come to sit in with another legend (Fred Thomas) and he was several hours late. He showed up toward the end of the set at, like, 2 AM. He got on the stage and within 30 seconds the crowd was in the palm of his hand. He sang 2 or 3 songs and then hopped of stage and just started mingling with the 20 or so people left. His performance was epic. He was obviously drunk but he just radiated sexual energy as he sang and danced. I left with the impression that he was just the nicest, most humble and supremely talented dude. I always wished I had hung around later that night because I knew the guys in the band and I'm sure I could have REALLY got to hang with Mr. Bradley.

HazeMazter Cayenne : HIS VOICE LIVES ON FOREVER......

Kathy H : me when i see how much college tuition costs

Vitor Vianna : Alguem do Brasil, a nao ser eu?🎶❤


CozyBlake : RIP Screaming eagle of soul. You were one of a kind... it will be so hard without you

Oliver Davalos : your legacy will live , rest in peace