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Somali pirate who's actually somali : I was born in the right generation.

The Man : Mom: Shhh we’re in church 5 months baby: 0:13

Laila Blox : 0:28 When u saw a spider on your bed

ArchiLow : Вот откуда комедиан идею свиснул!)

Ajoo 129 : Son : "Dad, sing a song from your generation" *Me :*

Home Away : When you step on a lego

Just a normal memer : When you stub your toe at the edge of a door

Danny280706 : *That moment when you hurt your balls* *0:28* *Edit: You guys are breaking my notification box*

Itz Claudee : I think this is why aliens are not communicating with us..

YIN0 LN0 : when the tea is to hot

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : This is what Simba really saw.


Ab7lxx : When you go to take a shower and you realize that the water is hot as hell

Muhammad Firdaus bin Afrizal : 1939 - 1945 *world war 2 begins* 2017 - 2018 *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Jnr Tui : "You are not the father " 0:13

Atta Ur Rehman : When the poop wont just come out!

RUDY : Put Your Finger Right Here 👇

Marvel Magic : 0:13 When fortnite finnaly dies off

Annie O : *I watch nail videos and videos about bassethounds... how this ended up in my recommended videos I will never know.*

MasterGod 280 : 0:14 *me when i step on a lego*

Pinnacle Of Man TM : THIS is why internet

mr.single : you gotta hit the high notes like 0:28

The Rockstar Gamer : 0:13 When you finish the RDR2 story and remember Arthur Morgan

JU3EL101 : Welcome to the internet where people watch weird stuff at 3am

Red dead redemption 2 Hype : This is what peak performance sounds like

Thomas Owens : I found the God of the Internet folks

Melissa Arencibia : Me internally almost everyday

bosnian bitch : You know, kids be like this when it's their birthday.

Bîllàl : When you hit your little toe at the table

Darkdraco002 : Sounds like a psa about kidney stones

KiritoFR_ : When ur playing online game and ur mom says *Pause* The game

Premarital Sin : Them: press a to pray Me:

The Noob : Put this 0.25 mode. I'll leave ya to it. ;)

fam : When te das el mueble con el dedo chiquito del pie

Waffle cx : When someone kicks you in the nuts but you have to stay lit

Veggie Gamer : Great lyrics.

Daddy George : Another good meme dead. When will this twisted cycle end ?

Allan Dokgre Marak : Girls reaction 😫😫😫 when they see a cockroach😂😂😂

DIZGIRLDOODLESLYF _ : When you stubbed your toe

Anubis : Polish soldier seeing that USSR and Germany both invades Poland (1 september 1939)

Sirdavitian : America's new anthem.

meme_obnoxious : *Top 10 anime theme songs*

Antonio Daniel : This needs to be the ending song for Red Dead Redemption 2

xVladio : *When you get friend zoned*

LEGEND 25 : The story of our lives.

Degutant Baka : Is he... God?


[Toby1034] Toby ツ : This is... fascinating

Abisola Adeyemi : When u was so close of getting a BTS tickets but it got sold out

Amedeo G : *Girl squeezes balls* Me: 0:13