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Somali pirate who's actually somali : I was born in the right generation.

pjm5678 : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks amazing

Justin Y. : **Top 10 overpowered anime characters**

The Hud Man : *Suicide rate drops to 0%*

Gotcha Anime : 1 like = one more AHHHHHHHHHHH

Home Away : When you step on a lego

Danny280706 : *That moment when you hurt your balls* *0:28*

Itz Claudee : I think this is why aliens are not communicating with us..

Anonymous Peace : When ur horse died on RDR 2

Love : Im gonna use the song as my alarm & have my speaker on. Put the volume on blast to wake everyone up LOL

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : This is what Simba really saw.

Taylor : Me playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time

Skyeon : Go to the future they said. Wrong generation they said.

Maryam Al Janabi : *this guy is my spirit animal*

Aviation Gaming : Every like I have, I add 'AA' AA

Veggie Gamer : Great lyrics.

[BEMC] Machine : That moment when red dead 2 drops

Arron Kay : Goku: "And this... Is to go... Even further beyond! 00:13 " *Super Saiyan 3*

No this is patrick : *God has joined the server*

Coniferous Ko : Greatest 42 seconds of my life

Atta Ur Rehman : When the poop wont just come out!

Matthew Duvall : *when your kicked in the balls*

The Man : Mom: Shhh we’re in church 5 months baby: 0:13


YIN0 LN0 : when the tea is to hot

KiritoFR_ : When ur playing online game and ur mom says *Pause* The game

Jnr Tui : "You are not the father " 0:13

Red dead redemption 2 Hype : This is what peak performance sounds like

The Rockstar Gamer : 0:13 When you finish the RDR2 story and remember Arthur Morgan

Electro Asphalt : When you step on a charger plug

Your everyday walrus friend : I only listen to quality music

Allan Dokgre Marak : Girls reaction 😫😫😫 when they see a cockroach😂😂😂

MasterGod 280 : 0:14 *me when i step on a lego*

Ab7lxx : When you go to take a shower and you realize that the water is cold as hell

Muhammad Firdaus bin Afrizal : 1939 - 1945 *world war 2 begins* 2017 - 2018 *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Sirdavitian : America's new anthem.


ZHBG 9224 : Seeing that bug crawling on the floor

Irrelevant Person : The day Red Dead 2 came out, I wonder how many people thought of this meme.

Premarital Sin : Them: press a to pray Me:

Pink Guy : Dad? Is that you?? Ive been looking for you for ten years!!

JU3EL101 : Welcome to the internet where people watch weird stuff at 3am

Darkdraco002 : Sounds like a psa about kidney stones

Dusty : That’s the noise and face you make when you bust a nut

mr.single : you gotta hit the high notes like 0:28

DammitSinged : When you're high on cough syrup. /music plays

stazeII : This really should be some hidden scene in RDR2

M. Mani : Thats happen when you try to become a super saiyan

Keelin M : This is part 2 for the mcree animated short

Mr_Cetelem2 a : When you lose at 2nd place in fortnite