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Somali pirate who's actually somali : I was born in the right generation.

IRVINIZO : Mucho internet por hoy

Sophie Ellwood : I only have TWO questions; 1. Why was he a cowboy? 2. Why can’t I stop watching this?

FBl : 0:13 when you gonna kill a cockeroach but it starts flying

Surreal : Legends say, he's still screaming

Pinnacle Of Man TM : THIS is why internet

LIVE EVIL : I just searched *"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH"* and i got this...

KJ Timeline : 0:13 What the people from Bird Box really saw

Grayest : When the doctor tells you to say AAHH

ᘉᗢᔕᗩ ᔕᗯᓰᕍᗩᘉ. : Starting 2019 like :

Roger Goremän : 0:13 Middle school 0:16 First year of highschool 0:21 Second year of highschool 0:24 Third year of highschool 0:28 Fourth year of highschool 0:38 Moving out of parent's house 0:40 College

EloiseRaeCullen : Cow goes "Moo" Dog goes "Bark" Cat goes "Meow" Human goes "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH"

Vypsie ! : Me when I see those god damn O’Driscoll 0:13 🤠

Oksana Kopec : Whole class when teacher leaves for 1 minuite

Davon Washington : When my horse died in red dead redemption 2

Veggie Gamer : Great lyrics.

• Mulan : Me : * slips in Walmart but isn't injured or hurt * Walmart employees : Are you alright ma'am ?! Me: 0:13

Thijmen : 0:13 when Despacito is finally deleted from YouTube

Darth Buttwhole : When someone forgets to close your door

酒吞妹子 : 0:13 When my mother kiss my face

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : This is what Simba really saw.

Misha : Me in bathroom

Упоротый Джерри : I have broken my leg before the new year so I will spend it at the hospital Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Gaviel : Watching on 2019!

Primed Pixel : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Sirdavitian : America's new anthem.

Redha A Rachman : *Who's here because YouTube recommendation?*

Chethan M Naik : I don't know what's more Lit, the video or the comment section lol

Potato chips are GUUD : 0:40- *How it feels like to chew 5 gum*

diana romo : When I get my first win on fortnite

Pink Guy : Dad? Is that you?? Ive been looking for you for ten years!!


NAIRIJUANA : I love the part where he sang “AHHHHH”


zame khan : Who is here because of Red Dead Redemption 2?

Your everyday walrus friend : I only listen to quality music


Entspann dich Stress ist tödlich : 2019 ?

Preetesh Singh : 0:13 *when Godzilla roars for the first time*

Bleach Soda : Teacher: Sorry, please raise your voice. I don't think the class heard you Me: 0:12

Atta Ur Rehman : When the poop wont just come out!

Elvin : I watched it YouTube, leave me alone now :(

Ligor Thomaj : *This is when you think that you will get an A+ on a test but in reality you get an F*

iiItsGraceYT : Teacher: Okay class, that’s all for today. Also no homework. Me: 0:13

up in Atoms : Who is stepping on the goat again. You realy goddammit jerry

Thomas Owens : I found the God of the Internet folks

WolfyƘɑԵíҽ 123 : When the next youtube rewind comes out

Chileshe : Happy New Year, planet Earth.

PaybackMafia : 0:13 when you hit your pinky toe

Derrantex : 0:28 when a guy kicks me in the balls