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The difficult journey of the sperm

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The film you are about to watch explains how a human being is created, and which stages he goes through to come into existence. This film is about you. Let us now take a brief trip in time and go back to the past. Let us study an extraordinary story, one full of miracles. Let us see what a human being once was. A single cell in the mother’s womb. A helpless thing in need of protection. Smaller than a grain of salt. You, too, once consisted of this single cell. Just like everybody else in the world. God performed a string of miracles and created the human being you are watching in this film, who was once just a drop of water.


rico : Please never hire that narrator ever again.

Jerrin Joseph Vadakkekara : This was the first race i won in my life🏆

Kerim Grozny : I still remember that day...

imeverywhere. : Damn, i've killed so many of my children...

Dragon_360 - : The only battle royal I've won...

Bruh do you care if i love Yeonwoo?? : Just think about it about 300 Million Sperm cells and you won the race ❤

sean DR : *If чou ɯαnt to get Pregnαnt, ɯhч not gıve чourself α chαnce to leαrn the rıght technıques to conceıve? > *** ඔබ එකඟ වන්නේ නම් හෝ එය උච්චාරණය යනු කුමක්දැයි ඔබ දන්නේ නම් අදහස් දක්වන්න

Mdsaddam H : It is fast journey my life and success. I went success in my life.

Senpia Esperia : I can't understand what the Narrator was saying. *Like if you agree or Comment if you know what Accent it is*

Mlg Productions : R.I.P to my fallen comrades that died in the race

Inshiya khan Abanti : Yeeee...we are the winners 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌😎

George Stoyanov : I find offensive that when a baby is born everyone goes to the mother and says congratulations to her, but there is not a single shoulder tap to the father for the great job.

Dick Piano : My sperms journey ends in the comfort of a tissue paper.

*Disappointed Cunt* : Before you say you're very slow or "a failure" or never came first. You.. no.. We all survived, We Won a Race once, that alone does not make us Failures.

Devangi Sharma : And the award of the best swimmer of the world goes to SPERM👅

Spetsnaz Kitten : Literally no one: The narrator: dOp mAk HuP DEu

GAnimations 364 : I'm looking at this video and all I comprehend is "I used to be white?"

Dankus Wankus : Aye I won the race

Laila A. : Heres when the battle royale starts!

NourrRefaei : I couldn’t focus because i was busy laughing my ass off at her accent

Daniel Cargar Mahyar R9B Østskolen, afd. Rollo : THIS IS AMAZING. Still waiting for the English version!

vkook forever : just realize you have a 300m+ siblings😂

Zero Soul : This is something I watch... Yup And was recommended?

no name : Sometimes i wish my dad pulled out

ItzAquariel Playz : Mom : *Everybody's a winner.* Now, I understand EXACTLY what she meant. (-₩-)

watanga ngulube : so the spermatozoa and the egg communicate with signals from the egg wow God you are great🙌

yu sef : i dont have victory royal on fortnite but now i have this did not make any sence

Aa Knightrider : I like massage from girls bcoz she have soft hands and better knowledge nd technique too....,sydney

SleepyGamer : I couldn’t understand what you or that woman was saying ⁉️❓❓❓❓❗️❗️❗️😂😂

Luna Enter : Once upon a time that happened to be me. "My very first difficult journey"

Melanin Beauty : The way she says "spermatozoa" makes me cringe

ღSapphire Symphonyღ : I had a 1% chance of life.... And my parents regret that 1%

Krasty : An absolutely 👏e p i c👏 victory royale

Ryan A : The narrator is very hard to understand

Cloth : I had a alliance with one sperm because I'm a twin

yeah what he said : We should all be proud to watch this video rn. We used to be sperm. Not just any sperm, the FASTEST and the STRONGEST of thousands! ✨

Atanie pfithu : I like your voice+Explaination 👌👌👌👌

Ender : I guess the other sperm WERE TO SLOOW *”Sonic Theme Intensifies”*

Gareth MacTavish : this is one of my favourite videos! amazing!!

Basami Sathyaram : Video 📷 was so good, but you are seen ing. Bit of the part, not fully, we can't understand, have a sweet day 🎂

jibble gizzle : Cant believe I had so many siblings... Imagine all of them made it

EonDelta : So we all got that #1 Victory Royale...

King Awesome3452 : In Russia you don't have baby. Baby have you

A J : I wish i could stay in heaven and be my moms gaurdian angel, 😇😇😇😇😇. This world is cruel.

pudit jittivongsamarn : The great war of life

Mr Nyirezy : Awsome.,powerful.out of thousands cell yet am today

S B : Whenever you feel really low, depressed and like a loser in life, always remember that you were the only one amongst the million sperms, who made it!

Thanos : Well, I'm a champion at something at least

Shikato Sumi : Oh god this speaker is an absolute monarchy