The difficult journey of the sperm | Signs

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Signs Global :

Jerrin Joseph : This was the first race i won in my life🏆

아르 날도 : Please never hire that narrator ever again.

Bruh do you care if i love Yeonwoo?? : Just think about it about 300 Million Sperm cells and you won the race ❤

Kerim Grozny : I still remember that day...

George Stoyanov : I find offensive that when a baby is born everyone goes to the mother and says congratulations to her, but there is not a single shoulder tap to the father for the great job.

imeverywhere. : Damn, i've killed so many of my children...

Gamer's Channel : I have wasted more sperms than people in the world

Fizzbox gaming : The only battle royal I've won...

itz FreyaSofie : I can't understand what the Narrator was saying. *Like if you agree or Comment if you know what Accent it is*

Inshiya khan Abanti : Yeeee...we are the winners 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌😎

Phøenix FøxTail : Technically all men are pregnant then. They just can’t really give birth.

no reason. : why am i watching this?

Xanaxlife Internet : I have seen many people praising God and Allah. I praise my *father's balls* and my *incredible* speed. _From Italy with love._

Lunatic Skrillex : Most of us should be arrested for murder and child Slaughter 😂😂😂😂👌 me and my Siblings won that race at the same time 😁👌

Devangi Sharma : And the award of the best swimmer of the world goes to SPERM👅

Dick Piano : My sperms journey ends in the comfort of a tissue paper.

Daniel Cargar Mahyar R9B Rolloskolen : THIS IS AMAZING. Still waiting for the English version!

Krasty : An absolutely 👏e p i c👏 victory royale

watanga ngulube : so the spermatozoa and the egg communicate with signals from the egg wow God you are great🙌

I Want : Before you say you're very slow or "a failure" or never came first. You.. no.. We all survived, We Won a Race once, that alone does not make us Failures.

Eon Delta : So we all got that #1 Victory Royale...

Mlg Productions : R.I.P to my fallen comrades that died in the race

Xcalibur snipez : Heres when the battle royale starts!

Luna Enter : Once upon a time that happened to be me. "My very first difficult journey"

Hasib Khan : I feel sorry for my sperm brothers and sister, they couldn't make it.

Ayesha Khatun : Allah subhanallah what a creation

Epic Roller : Its weird that there is a whale called sperm whale

Lag Akuh : Is dis me?

Ryan A : The narrator is very hard to understand

sherminater93 : Did I just watched a porn on YouTube.

إبراهيم محمد : سبحان الله... من الذي هدى النطف للتوجه إلى البيضة في مكانها..؟!

Wasim Siddique : I'm win thanks to Allah

Sachin Waghmare : Sir when we become sperms donor than our sperms become less,and when we got married we don't have ablity to born Baby is this right?

HSP Videos : Wonderful


vkook forever : just realize you have a 300m+ siblings😂

RoastyDucky : Say what smoke? All you managed to do was eat my damn food up!

OPPAI DAISUKI Jp : " comrades this is a suicide mission. let us embrace death with honor."

Roblox, 2kplayer19 : Yeah I'm kinda creeped out right now

Slugterra Slug it out : Snakes really

Linda Sioux : R they fishes??? 🐠

IMainMercy : Fortnite Sperm Royal Game Mode 50 vs Egg

Imani Williams : I won hahhahaha

R.R.S.Rizwan Raza : 👌👌👌

Aska Gamer : Sorry could u speak English plz

SleepyGamer : I couldn’t understand what you or that woman was saying ⁉️❓❓❓❓❗️❗️❗️😂😂

Nico Sanchez : I feel bad for them when i bust them on my tissue

Алена Мезынко : Вот что бывает когда баба даёт

LUIZ HENRIQUE : Como é que eles sabem que tem que correr ate o óvulo??!! #EUGANHEIESSACORRIDA!!