The Elevator of Doom in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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TΛBBY : *when you’re 4 and get to press the elevator button*

tyc00n10 : This is insane. Talk about multitasking...

Tushar Sadhwani // I rate stuff // : I love this game, but I don't have any friends to play with ;-;

Karpfador : Did you play with the mod yet, where you have to drive a bus while defusing the bomb?

awmperry : As someone whose military service was in comms and command, the way you folks talk in this video is a joy to hear. Organised, concise, clear. An absolute delight.

Ryan Edge : I'm a bomb defusal expert - I did not sign up for defusing elevators!

dank bro : *when you get stuck n the elevator but you're James Bond*

DoomedKnight : "red to b" "no" "red to b" "yes"

DexterLoL : Is there a way we can see the screen of the others because god damn they're fast

MDEV : That moment when you used to watch Lt Hummus do simple bombs from back when the game first out, then you lost interest in the game for almost a year, but then you come back to this overwhelming shit

Joker : "Uh uh negative, the words U R, uh huh positive, Y-O-U-R." That sounds like a neat song I've never heard.

Andrew Maddela : Tfw when normal elevators give u anxiety ;-;

Vinicio Vázquez Mar : are inside an infinite bomb, everything outside that room is bomb, there is no outside only bomb

GiveSupport DragonDave : Lol, that panic on the last simon says, fatigue XD

Scwootel : "I'm giving you all memory. Oh wait, lemme hold some buttons."

SilverLeguar : you guys are like a well oiled machine

Junosans : this is phenomenal gameplay dude i'm loving it keep up the good work

Ryan4Dayz : 14:20 "i'm so confused lol but also mildly erect" literally same

Milošus Velký : Imagine u have to do this everytime when using an elevator

Nighthawk : police squads watching like "daaaaaaaaaaem"

Justin Cruz : this is what insanity looks like.

Anderson Council212280 : Great playthrough but I have a few questions: 1. How does he know where to set the needy module without checking the light order each time? 2. How does he know when to let go of the buttons? 3. How does he know which button to press first time on the Memory module without checking first? 4. How does he know which wires to cut on the colour-led-star wires without asking? If the answer to all of the above is basically "He's memorized these aspects of the game manual" then first of all, "Bravo sir!" but second of all, it's time for a new manual!

TIM idator : Now try defusing an elevator bomb with the modded modules. Regardless though, great job!

A Generic Moron : I love how much you broke this game down. The manual is an amazingly overcomplicated mess (Which in a normal game does add to the fun a bit) and you stripped it all into the simplest rules you needed, picked out only the most important information, figured out how to fully explain and communicate the more chaotic and misleading elements of those modules, and then offloaded everything that was too much to juggle into other people's brains, took on anything you could manage yourself, and ran that entire system like a god damned machine. Dude.

Herkös - Thermitator : "Men can't do two things at a time"

Dissident Ace : That's it! I'm building a real bomb based on these, hiding a few cameras about and laying down the rules. Only you can disarm it if anyone else tampers... boom! If you are not alone in the room when you touch it... boom! There will be three phones, call whoever you like to help using them. And only your YouTube following and yourself will know it was me and none of you really know who I am. I'm sure there is no real threat here as it will not activate until I see you in the room or someone else tampers in any way! Edit for the mentally insufficient: I'm not really going to build a bomb and/or place it in a place public enough for him to go there and disarm it, this entire comment is made for entertainment only and there is no cause for alarm!

matgames360 SKRRRT : You should be in the FBI for defiusing BOMB

JoCoHo : Just evacuate the building and let the bomb explode You're not getting paid enough for this

DoomedKnight : I love how the chat is almost completely silent but at 19:50 they all just go crazy.

Maxoxo : see, he's not dead and WTF is that bomb xd

Clément Jacquet : this game seems stressful

Polis : This is the coolest thing ever. Hoooly shit

nilab ismailoğlu : double decker was ok. but now it's just the same modules repeated 5-6 times. you are basically doing it over and over again. double decker was it. i think beyond is overkill and starts getting boring

Carlo Adinolfi : this is amazing love this game at this levels

ZΞRO : As someone who never heard of this game I'm am genuinely confused about what's going on in this video. But I love it.

Land Of Soil : These guys are human counterparts of i7 processors.

that one dude you know : All that for the elevator? Should have just taken the stairs

MildAnarchy : Always remember to use your manners when you're defusing an explosive elevator.

Sir. Catsalot : damn the amount of hours that went into developing this precise communication is probably insane

Digi : 9:11 in the thumbnail, elevator bombs, HMMMMMM

QWERTY Keyboard : You're knocked out You wake up getting thrown in an elevator sent to the 1500th floor wait no you didn't get thrown in an elevator, you got thrown in a bomb



EternityShack : Why does Hummus look behind to see the clock when the clock is in the bottom right of the screen?

Kuzidas 42 : Like is there anything left to do anymore after this though

The Snail Lord : Hellevator.

Carlo Lim : want a bomb that has 54 modules? here is one... u need to go to the fbi

Greenstarfanatic : Pretty sure I played with these guys briefly at PAX Prime back in 2015, when this was just coming out and they just had a small theatre rented out with the game running the entire weekend. I'm still so impressed at how coordinated these people are at the base modules!

GD Sparky_01 : That elevator looks so sick! I wish this were a real place to play the game (no explosions of course). Very cool!

Shadonnon : Having not seen the game before... This is confusing, but interesting :p