Domino Chain Reaction

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Iroden : "Buum"

coc0s : So clearly a pebble can start an avalanche.

Max Power : That retirement commercial brought me here!!

Kabishen : Okay, so when's the video with 29 dominoes coming?

FreeCreeperHugs : "If I had 29 dominoes, the last one would be as tall as the empire state building" Terrorism gone dominoes?

Unnamed : Who’s here from the memes?

Percy Lipinski : It's obviously a trick by Russian hackers designed to make the democrats lose!

Bailey Brown : 0:55 when you're trying to poop quietly in a public bathroom but it splashes too loud.

GladX : A good metaphor for life challanges and creating small wins just like dominos .

Danker Beef : *be the 14th domino .*

unextraordinary zeplin : Just like Butterfly Effect..

Jason Jase : Weird how all the guys from what I presume is 4 Chan are essentially having satirical conversations almost exclusively amongst their fictional YouTube personas. It's just so bizarre. How much time do you lot actually dedicate to this? When one of you eventually has the corresponding inevitable and catastrophic existential crisis (surely some already have?), can you message me please and tell me what it was like? I think it'd make an interesting case study. Thanks.

tf2whackyengineer : "Give me a domino and I shall knock over the world." ~Archimedes

MassCrusade : I noticed that the last domino fell slower or took longer to fall, if you had 29 dominos how long would it take the 29th domino to hit the ground?

Frank Holiman : kind of similar to an atomic bomb if you think about it...

Pålar Bear : Don't mix pounds and meters... keep to the metric system all together please. Great video in general

Unnamed : He said it was 100 lbs just to flex picking it up

GetJarfNasty : Heavy breathing

Victor Henderson : Cool example of potential energy in action. +Hendrik Henderson 

SsehKalai : For the record, as was asked before Google comments came in, a procession of 60 dominoes, the last would be 122,560km high, only slightly under 1/3 of the way to the moon.

Sawaelo : Now I wanna see the last domino being big enough that an adult human couldn't push it over :D But a baby could start the chain reaction!

Tyler Farr : I wonder if anyone will react to this so their video will be titled: Domino chain reaction reaction.

Marinete Dos Santos Dourados : ele se assustou kkkkkkkkk

Evan Tangen : huh thats pretty neat. nice video

Mir Ather : This is how a little bad habit works!!!!!

Kamikaze Gorilla : This seems like the makings of a very elaborate terrorist attack.

Danillo Nunes : I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure you can’t play actual domino with those pieces.

okrajoe : Physics for the WIN!  ( Domino Chain Reaction )

Paul and Ancila : That's incredible. Something so simple but you don't realize the latent power in this. I just received an e-mail from life coach guru Brian Johnson who mentioned this domino effect and he compares it to achieving your full potential in life by lining up your domino's correctly (goals) starting with smallest micro-goal. That's what brought me here!! Pretty powerful and inspiring stuff.

Paul and Ancila : If you space the domino's too far apart they have no power at all. This is like life and goals.. maybe many people have just set their domino's too far apart, wrong sizes, or the first one is domino 29 too big to realize.

Tex 42 : this dude looks like the penguins younger, better brother

Is Yeboi : Hey look it’s a meme now

Brian Gunn : what is the song at the end ??

Ali G : much centre of mass

k o r p a n z i e : “ and the smallest one is about 0.5 millimeters tall and 0.1 millimeters *THICC* “ hehehe

Bill Wilson : Hes a big guy alright. And he made those dominos crash! 

Ksirtet : I like how he says 1½ times larger (250%) than the previous one when he obviously means 1½ times the size (150%) of the previous one.

Evi1M4chine : Well… gravity 101!

Infinity Searcher : Potential Energy is the name. So obvious. Learnt at school more that 60 years ago - we all did.

Carlos Millard : It’s like the scene from the movie robots were the dominos keep getting bigger

Blake Montgomery : "Boom" 0:56 best part of the video!

1hourOfLove : Look at Stephen Morris's face. You can tell he spent hours, maybe days working this one out.

M.H.0903 : looks like the domino is coming out of the quantum realm

Jack Reynolds : nice my bro jake put a domino up his butthole once he told my uncle and my uncle pulled it out of his dirtstar with his teeth ha ha ha later!

Richard Rybicki : 1 mm *thicc*

Justice Warrior : First time I understood compound investment!! This is how Warren Buffet made his billions! Thank you

Guess Who Am I : So your point is... Let’s knock down the Empire State Building!

MrGriff305 : Good job science dude. I like this thought provoking stuff.

Stephen Goodall : I can tell by the look in your eye that you need some bigger dominoes. I look forward to your next videos.

Sir Nicholas D : That heavy breathing though