HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.
HIGHLIGHTS Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

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Invisible Hotdog : World heavyweight boxing champion defeated by local electrician

nickolas : People who didn't clap in the audience probably lost a lot of money

Brian Correia : This makes me believe in boxing again

Midget Man : Man got knocked out by bling bling from Johnny test

T Nk 1234 : Bare people lost money on this fight.

conborzzzz : When you had more media interviews than cardio workout.

AlexAlva95 AlexanderAlvarado95 : The best part is, this isn't a fluke win, Andy out boxed AJ and exploited holes in his game and capitalized on it. Andy is a legit boxer and amazing win for him, I wish nothing but good things for this man.

Kerber Kerber : “Imagine that Joshua stole my burrito “ Ruiz strategy 😆

Black Mamba : Dude got hit so hard he never recovered lmao

neil k. : Ruiz’s hands looked pretty quick for guy his size and shape. Joshua needs to learn to get out of the way.

Klodis Pashko : It's good to be humbled once in awhile....even if you're the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Well done, Andy Ruiz!

Brio Brio : Fat guys unbuttoning shirt* Andy “destroyer” Ruiz jr

Newfie-Dean : And who was it that said 6 jumbo burritos pre-fight was a bad idea!

G. C. : Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher, watch this... Down goes Joshua! Ruiz hands are so much quicker.

Dave Bohnen : This was a stunner. AJ didn't get knocked out he was dominated

Plutot Crever : Mexican Fat Thor. That guy just thrown a wrench in your perfectly ordered worldview. I love that guy.

Ruben Vega : After watching this fight I cancelled my gym monthly payments, McDonald my new place to go

David Beaulieu : "With over two minutes left in the round, Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch This!" hahaha

Sivan Goundar : Ruiz is the real life Rocky!!

Mike Eugonim : Holy shitballs that was incredible can’t believe I missed it live. AJ took it well or he had no idea where he was?

bibi green : Dude is mad happy that cool! Good for him he deserves it.

Trianna LaKings : What a upset but the end of the video was great seeing them talk it out,great sportsmanship on both parts.

Maelthas Divine : AJ showed major respect for Ruiz after the fight.

Drunken Master II : I love to watch people in the crowd reaction when he started landing punches.

NGC 7635 : Jesus. This Ruiz guy is a legend. That fat doesn’t seem to slow him down lol.

Cbricklyne : Score one for all the Homer Simpsons out there.

Corey Aasen : Athletic advantage, wtf, I've never heard that before during the announcing.

Alex Galo : Round 3 was the most improbable thing I have ever seen in my life.

leftstripe x7x7x7 : No lie,this was the funniest thing I've seen all month.

Trevor Philips : good call by the ref lot of champs may have been given more leeway but this ref was all business, all rules -- get back in there this ain't a #%$&ing break

T D : a triumph that girthy Gentlemen everywhere will enjoy, well done Mr.Ruiz! i wish you every success.

King Eris : I kinda see why some may think the ref was to quick to stop the fight. But I guarantee you. Had the ref not and then Joshua collapses they would all be attacking the ref for not stopping it. The ref made the right call.

nitroxide91 : Ruiz is a cardio monster... that much stamina in such a heavy build.

Alpha Bro : He never wanted to fight Wilder, now we know why.

Amareto : The funniest part was, Andy had only 7 weeks to prepare for the fight. He (Andy) wasn't supposed to fight against AJ.

Dany Loubos : Love it. Heavy weight boxing is back. Lets start mixing it up. Wilder vs Anthony. Ruiz vs Fury.

mattyT65 : Ruiz might not have the physique but his footwork and hand speed are absolutely top class, not to mention he has power. He wasn't throwing haymakers hoping for a lucky KO, he walked him down and threw crisp accurate punches with great technique.

Plutot Crever : "Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch this" Dude, you just lost your credibility.

Greg Johnson : Now just imagine what Mike Tyson would have done to Joshua.

MrFoggyG : Imagine the guys who bet on Ruiz & got BANK from the odds not being in their favour at all.

Perdiccas Blight : Cherry pick gone wrong🤣

Elijah Mikaelson : That's what happens when you sleep on a talented, athletic fighter with a great amateur pedigree. 105-5 and as a pro, only loss was a decision where he trained himself and some people say he won that fight which is a valid argument, even Deontay says Ruiz won that one among other pros.

SmooveNike : Local mechanic destroys former Heavyweight champion *

CarlosChip Morales : He may never recover from this ... ruiz showed that AJ can't handled a punch very well ...not a strong jaw

TranSeeYou : Inspired to see the win but also inspired to see the losing champ lose like a man, congrat the guy and let him live his moment

Lhundup Thoanden : He lost because he could not recover from the first punch, should never underestimate opponents.

Jarren Hunt : I expect Ruiz to win the rematch as well. Just a more complete boxer.

ratedahmed : I'm so sad. Rip X

Vish T : Legend has it that Andy Ruiz retired after this fight and AJ went into a deep state of depression. This is breaking news AJ is currently attending therapy for his depression.