Members of Nirvana w/ Joan Jett – "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Live at 2014 Rock Hall Induction
That time members or Nirvana played Smells Like Teen Spirit for first time since Kurts death

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Instagram 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Joan Jett joined Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear to perform Nirvana's anthemic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Brooklyn.


flyinglittleducks : I love that Krist mentioned how Joan was not inducted, and then the following year she finally was!

bf __ : Teen spirit may be the most overplayed Nirvana song but goddamn it stands the test of time.

Rainbow Bridge : I can imagine 47 year old Kurt standing there laughing playing the song.

Abbey Rose : I’m glad that they brought out someone like Joan Jett to stand in for Kurt, especially since she’s a woman and Kurt would’ve loved that

Yuseph Ali : So good to see Dave on those drums!

Alex4Lolz : You can really see Dave Grohl put all his passion into this. It's like he's letting out all his pent up anger over Kurt's death on those drums. Overall great guy.

flaming hot cheetos : Welcome in the comment section 60% the singer from Foo Fighters looks like the drummer from Nirvana 20% what happened to Krist's hair? 10% Joan Jett looks like the singer from Joan Jett 10% RIP Kurt

Sam Hibron : Dave Grohl back on the drums is one of the greatest things I'll ever see in life

Love thy neighbor and his wife : “Our little group has always been and always will until the end...”

Stoneblazer : Damn...Dave hits those drums with the same passion from over twenty years ago. The man has to be the best drummer of his generation.

HMC27 : Pat Smear covering Kurt’s solo for him. 😢

Mr. R. : Imagining this...Frances Cobain singing smells like teen spirit with Dave and Krist would be awesome.

SnazzyBoxx : Joan Jett had that raspiness in her voice which made her the perfect candidate for this song

Anthony Sclafani : Joan Jett: so influential, yet so underrated

Why so serious? : can still feel the fuckin power of daves drumming after all these years. love it!

Jane Doe : His mom is fake. She says he was an angel and kicked him out when he was a kid cuz she couldn't handle him.

AV87 : At first I wasn't sure about her singing this but by the end she sounded a perfect sub

Mehrunes Dagon : That dead empty spot on the stage looks like Kurt Cobain

OuterSpace : I feel like young spirit got back into Krist

KJ Singh : We can't imagine how hard it was for Krist and Dave for performing this song without Kurt. Nirvana will live forever !!

shaishai : Damn Dave is so fine banging on those drums with all that passion..

Austin Adams : The bottom line is that Joan Jett has the soul for this. She has so much rock in her veins it's not even funny. And she tours constantly. I've never seen an artist stay on the road for as long as Joan Jett has. She must have played billions of dates. She lives to do this. And even though she is universally respected, she still manages to live a quiet lifestyle. Not a tabloid celebrity at all. I can't help but admire her humility.

Stephanie Rodriguez : Although Kirst and Dave have already said they hate this song, they look like they loved playing it here.

thomas dolan : 25 years later, Kurt you are loved and missed. Your legacy will always live on. Miss you brother.

lluminAscent : By far my most favorite of the women i've seen performing on here! Kurt must be proud :)

Derrick Lake : i know everyone that was a teenager back then or in there early twenties back then had a very emotional time watching this!!!! i really had a hard time and i never met any of them powerful!!!!!

Shannon Fields : Who would dislike this video?? This was heart wrenching and wonderful to watch at the same time. 💔💔💔

Coltallic : She actually sounds a lot like Kurt Cobain, like a female Kurt. She has rasp like Kurt did.

blueangel0925 : Personally, I think it was this performance by Joan Jett that got her into the Hall of Fame. It only took another year for her to be inducted.

CThuC0 : The way Krist and Dave look at each other @4:08 has me HOLDING BACK TEARS. It must have felt so overwhelming for them.


Daimon Clarke : The reflection in my screen looks like the guy sitting in my bed watching Joan Jett and Nirvana play Smells Like Teen Spirit.

John Martin Cantorne : Oh no! Dave punishing the drums again 😢 Edit: Where are the psychedelic blinking lights and the screw up guitar solo?

Lynn Wright : Ha....Pat played the f###ing guitar solo!! Don't think I've ever seen him do that. I love that guy!

Josh Caudill : Joan Jett was 100% the right choice for this. God this is awesome

Reborndom 2504 : 666 dislikes😂

kilerkai : this drummer looks like the singer from foo fighters

Anthony Sclafani : 3:23 Is that Matt Sweeney from Guitar Moves?

Mashup Madness : I am literally the 1000th comment *DRINKS ON ME!!*


Gregory Miller : My god, Joan Jett was the PERFECT choice for this. So damn amazing to see this.

Carolina Z : Krist Novoselic looks like the bassist from Nirvana...

Matt DP : comment section: -how joan jett is the best performer of this song -how good is dave on drums -lookalikes of nirvama members

Fred Varillas : Dave Grohl es una persona fuerte eh increíble sobre todo lo que ah pasado de ser parte de la banda legendaria y ahora verlo tocar es increíble ❤️🎸🎤 Admiro tu gran fortaleza Dave,que Dios te siga dando mucha fuerza y más años ❤️🎸🎤

PenacHo 13 : It would be epic if they broke the guitars and the drums at the end

Chavo Guerrero : Kurt Cobain looks like the... oh wait...

BrandonFleming : the following year joan jett was inducted

Dane Greenwood : If you flushed the comments of foo references there would be 10 left Minus mine too....

Alex Ledesma : Dave Ghrol loves making and playing music, his energy makes me jump and move my head! Awesome Dave!!