Members of Nirvana w/ Joan Jett – "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Live at 2014 Rock Hall Induction

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Yuseph Ali : So good to see Dave on those drums!

Sam McCallum : That dead empty spot on the stage looks like Kurt Cobain

Karissa M : This must be so emotional for everyone I couldn't even imagine

Stoneblazer : Damn...Dave hits those drums with the same passion from over twenty years ago. The man has to be the best drummer of his generation.

John Toscano : Good to see Pat Smear there too!

Terry Campbell : Dave Grohl is the definition of a drummer who pours his soul into his craft, and enjoys performing it, as much as we enjoy listening to it! God bless Dave Grohl!

Kevin doss : I ran into Nirvana in 1993............ I was a 14 years old freshmen in Highschool in Denver.    Nirvana made me believe I could be anyone & do anything I wanted.. I never cared what I wore, I learn to be to free and I talked & walked free. I became fearless  BECAUSE of Nirvana !!

Spoopmyboop : Joan Jett is such a badass

K2edg : That must be so weird for the guys, play the intro and some one else starts singing :(

copykon : Dave has that sound could plop him right back into the video from 20 years ago.

flyinglittleducks : I love that Krist mentioned how Joan was not inducted, and then the following year she finally was!

they call me crybaby : Welcome in the comment section 60% the singer from Foo Fighters looks like the drummer from Nirvana 20% what happened to Krist's hair? 10% Joan Jett looks like the singer from Joan Jett 10% RIP Kurt

AliGamingPC : Dave Grohl seemed to have a great nostalgia while doing this..

Carolina Z : Krist Novoselic looks like the bassist from Nirvana...

Robert Russell : Is it just me or is pat smear super cool?

Donald Trump : 2:52 kurt cobains mom headbanging \M/

Cooper Koenig : That drummer looks like the lead singer of the Foo Fighters...

Rainbow Bridge : I can imagine 47 year old Kurt standing there laughing playing the song.

cormack_89 : How am I able to feel such a strong nostalgia if I weren't even alive when Nirvana existed?

Beckirawwr : This was awesome dave looks like he's right at home Joan jett sang this really well two of my favourite artists in one place playing together I could fan girl so hard right now

*Insert Unoriginal User Name Here* : Nirvana looks like that band Nirvana

Fraser : She actually did pretty good.

Bijinius Cross : hey why wasn't Courtney Love on stage? because she's too talented? too much of her Own Gal? because she hasn't been riding that Nirvana money train like a complete money grubbing train-wreck?? yeah. probably one of those things.

Seth Thomas : Much respect to Dave Grohl. Damn the guy is not only musicly talented but respects those that have gone before, seems like a nice guy too.

Louie urbayo : the current drummer of nirvana, his the original drummer of nirvana right?

Dan : That's a nice picture of Kurt in the background.

Adrian Garcia : hey wtf? The drumer looks like the vocalist of the foo fighters -an idiot

ZachTheGamer 812 : To see Nirvana playing after the 90's is haunting

Tyler Okun : Dave looks so happy to be playing this song again.

إسمَاعيل شُوعيبِ : I love how pat just loves to be there

bf __ : Teen spirit may be the most overplayed Nirvana song but goddamn it stands the test of time.

Adam Kendall : Yeah, Krist and Pat are up there...but Dave continues to steal the show for me! He puts so much passion into beating the ever-loving-hell outta those drums!

Anthony Sclafani : Joan Jett: so influential, yet so underrated

SnazzyBoxx : Joan Jett had that raspiness in her voice which made her the perfect candidate for this song

Ricardo R. : Imagining this...Frances Cobain singing smells like teen spirit with Dave and Krist would be awesome.

Professor Marius Rodriguez 1965 : I wonder what would happen if Axl was the one they choose? hmmm.....

lluminAscent : By far my most favorite of the women i've seen performing on here! Kurt must be proud :)

Abirbhav Dutta : The vocals are terrible, especially during the beginning

LadyTaraJo : Joan Jett did the it damn well but..... nobody can do it quite like the original. RIP Kurt Cobain. You will be missed. :(

Molly Thomason : Dave is such a badass on the drums!

Fackunator : At first (say 8+ months) I disliked so much this version because I though Joan Jett's vocals didn't fit to the song, but now that I know Jett's work and heard a shit ton of her songs, I absolutely love this version

Mysterious Coconut : Dave is amazing at singing, but god damn he's a great drummer

Pranav9977 : wow i look like me..

Adi : This sounds like smells like teen spirit


Mattia Causarano : the bassist looks like the bassist from Nirvana

mudhungry guitar : I should be so sick of this song after 25 years but I'm NOT! Joan Jett does great.

Вадим Дзень : Блять НО ДЭЙВ ГРОЛЛ - ОХУЕНЕН!!!!! Валит так и прёт Энергия!!

gonz velaz : Joan Jett sexy like always!..

Waffer : I feel like young spirit got back into Krist