Members of Nirvana w/ Joan Jett – "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Live at 2014 Rock Hall Induction

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kilerkai : this drummer looks like the singer from foo fighters

Mehrunes Dagon : That dead empty spot on the stage looks like Kurt Cobain

flyinglittleducks : I love that Krist mentioned how Joan was not inducted, and then the following year she finally was!

they call me crybaby : Welcome in the comment section 60% the singer from Foo Fighters looks like the drummer from Nirvana 20% what happened to Krist's hair? 10% Joan Jett looks like the singer from Joan Jett 10% RIP Kurt

bf __ : Teen spirit may be the most overplayed Nirvana song but goddamn it stands the test of time.

Rainbow Bridge : I can imagine 47 year old Kurt standing there laughing playing the song.

Abbey Rose : I’m glad that they brought out someone like Joan Jett to stand in for Kurt, especially since she’s a woman and Kurt would’ve loved that

Ricardo R. : Imagining this...Frances Cobain singing smells like teen spirit with Dave and Krist would be awesome.

Fraser : She actually did pretty good.

Jane Doe : His mom is fake. She says he was an angel and kicked him out when he was a kid cuz she couldn't handle him.

SnazzyBoxx : Joan Jett had that raspiness in her voice which made her the perfect candidate for this song

Adam Kendall : Yeah, Krist and Pat are up there...but Dave continues to steal the show for me! He puts so much passion into beating the ever-loving-hell outta those drums!

Alex4Lolz : You can really see Dave Grohl put all his passion into this. It's like he's letting out all his pent up anger over Kurt's death on those drums. Overall great guy.

Carolina Z : Krist Novoselic looks like the bassist from Nirvana...

*Insert Unoriginal User Name Here* : Nirvana looks like that band Nirvana

LadyTaraJo : Joan Jett did the it damn well but..... nobody can do it quite like the original. RIP Kurt Cobain. You will be missed. :(

Anthony Sclafani : Joan Jett: so influential, yet so underrated

King Loz : Joan rocked the stage !! Kurt would have been proud :) sucks the man himself couldn't be here, rip always x

Stoneblazer : Damn...Dave hits those drums with the same passion from over twenty years ago. The man has to be the best drummer of his generation.

Waffer : I feel like young spirit got back into Krist

shaishai : Damn Dave is so fine banging on those drums with all that passion..

Love thy neighbor and his wife : “Our little group has always been and always will until the end...”

Adi : This sounds like smells like teen spirit

Yuseph Ali : So good to see Dave on those drums!

Stephanie Rodriguez : Although Kirst and Dave have already said they hate this song, they look like they loved playing it here.

lluminAscent : By far my most favorite of the women i've seen performing on here! Kurt must be proud :)

Derrick Lake : i know everyone that was a teenager back then or in there early twenties back then had a very emotional time watching this!!!! i really had a hard time and i never met any of them powerful!!!!!

Shannon Fields : Who would dislike this video?? This was heart wrenching and wonderful to watch at the same time. 💔💔💔

إسمَاعيل شُوعيبِ : I love how pat just loves to be there

Anthony Sclafani : 3:23 Is that Matt Sweeney from Guitar Moves?

Fackunator : At first (say 8+ months) I disliked so much this version because I though Joan Jett's vocals didn't fit to the song, but now that I know Jett's work and heard a shit ton of her songs, I absolutely love this version

Sam Hibron : Dave Grohl on the drums is one of the greatest things I'll ever see in life

Xerathon : Wait was Pat Smear in Nirvana?

Renata Montanha : No one can replace Kurt Cobain

Jason Colley : Joan jett fuckin rules and her voice was perfect for this song ❤️🎸👍👍👍

Professor Marius Rodriguez 1965 : I wonder what would happen if Axl was the one they choose? hmmm.....

Kyle Walter : there are two things missing : Kurt and dancing Tony

Tassy McCormick : Damn. That was awesome. Dave on drums again, Crist killin it on bass, Pat Smear having the time of his life, then, ladies and gents Joan Fuckin Jett.

BrandonFleming : the following year joan jett was inducted

AV87 : At first I wasn't sure about her singing this but by the end she sounded a perfect sub

KJ Singh : We can't imagine how hard it was for Krist and Dave for performing this song without Kurt. Nirvana will live forever !!

AliGamingPC : Dave Grohl seemed to have a great nostalgia while doing this..

Artur Gomes : Kurt is legend

HMC27 : Pat Smear covering Kurt’s solo for him. 😢


Renier Aripal : Why Joan Jett??? MY LIBIIDOOOOOOWWWWWWWW HELLLOWWWW HOW LOOOWW Sounds awful and very bad

cormack_89 : How am I able to feel such a strong nostalgia if I weren't even alive when Nirvana existed?

Athena M. : Just those beginning chords gave me goosebumps. Then came Dave Grohl and his drumming, giving me a full on shiver. Fucking electrifying, man! But lord knows, Kurt Cobain is missed!

Trevor Johnston : After all this time, Dave can still thrash on

Reborndom 2504 : 666 dislikes😂