51 Compliments in 2 minutes

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WheezyWaiter : Hey, you're awesome. Here's a playlist of some of my favorite videos in case you need more Wheezing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YUPCwWvigw&list=PL-9qiMf_Dqe64A7l998iUnloDdI4p_v8x

nathanwantstosleep : okay so i have depression so i find it really hard to believe if people compliment me, but thank you. this video helped a lot.

Robert Raymond : HOLY WOW. I stopped watching wheezy about 5 years ago and had assumed that he just kinda stopped, but this was the perfect to pick him up again.

ada19z : don't you feel like saying "you're smart" is not a kind thing to say? I mean, it sounds like a person saying that just made a discovery that you are not dumb. #overthinkingAlways

Adnane Zahi : "you're the opposite of poop" LOL. I farted.

Kat The Nerdfighter : Thanks for this, Craig. It really made me feel good. I do got this! And I’m gonna like my own comment, ‘cause it’s awesome!

DetonateDuck : Here's a compliment no one knows: Hey, you're the daddy to my child.😐

ThatGuyFromEarlier : Wheezy this is why I watch. :P Great job as always, still surprise you never stop or change. I need to know how you been killing it for years :). Have an awesome everything!

Helena Egbert : You're pretty great too, for what its worth Wheezy.

Delaney Winton : They're bitchin This is my new phrase for cool things😂

gjonesy9 : Dear, WheezyWaiter I thank you for teaching some of us “Modern Day- Neanderthals” on how to order drinks from Starbucks! ;o) ...But, what does it mean when a feminist (bull dyke) behind the counter calls you “Sweetie or Hun” for just ordering a plain, coffee?  . PS: I think Howard Schultz is a pioneer when it comes to gourmet coffee.

epicsquidy123 : This made my heart happy

jobriq5 : They are new shoes!

The Blue Paladin : Lance and Hunk when they see each other on the street.

Tom Will : I'm British and getting compliments weirds me out, this was an awkward watch.

Jordan Renae : Well, my crush just rejected me today when I asked them out so I was sad and decided to binge watch YouTube and while I didn't expect this to make me feel better, it did. So thanks, Craig.

Mark Kaiser : Speaking of compliments, go check out SuperCarlinBrothers recent video about Hardest Toy Story Quiz. Ben says Wheezy Waiter at 9:20. You've clearly made him connect the word wheezy with you and your channel.

Reem Alhalbouni : You are the opposite of 💩 .. ^ my favorite

4eyed introvert : This is why WheezyWaiter is my #1 fav youtuber. Scratch that. The Best YouTuber Ever! :)

Rich Munnich : Did you say," Hit that BELLY button"?

K9OK : happy late butter day, sorry i was late!

Anna P : This made me cry. Thank you so much doing that. Made my day 100% better

BinBurr : What a clown .. how many times you said "IT"

twentynineducks : Oh my gosh CRAIG! This is the first thing I watched today and you make me so happy. Thank you for being such a positive person in this world.

Ben Aaron : Craig, YOU are killing it!

Solaxer : Now let's do 2 compliments in 51 minutes

Ret Samys : The last one hit. Hard.

anna : 24 is the way to give compliments I don´t wanna say the only way... but the best.. by far

Keith Marrocco : 51 compliments in one minute if you watch at 2x speed...

Fabrício Lara : Now you're my accomplice in committing homicide on it. By it, I mean suckness, because you rock!

Alyssa Small : Wheezywaiter is excellent for self care ☺️ Thanks for this, Craig

dillon tyler : This made me cry. For real. I needed this so much you don't even know. Your baby is going to have a wonderful and cool dad. Thank you wheezy :)

Deimos Impact : No you're good for the abs! Oh wait...

Jeremiah Buenger : Could someone make this list into a shirt?

Emily Ren : This makes me happy. Thank you :)

Andrew Bergquist : Your next video is going to be 51 complaints, right? Always love your material!

Danny Danny : I like you Craig

Levi Johansen : "you look like you could use a compliment" is not a compliment :'(

Macieks300 : At one point this reminded me of Kazoo kid

ManyAwesome : This is what I needed. Thank you, you're great too!

MedEighty : Man! I feel like I can take on the world now.

Jacki : This actually came out on my birthday!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! Thank you!!!

Louis Gentilucci : I feel like Wheezy Waiter loves me now. I...I don't know what to say. Except thank you. I am happy to call you a friend too.

WhitestWaters : "Are these new shoes? They're bitchin'" *wearing striped socks and flip flops* WHY THANK YOU

blippetyblip : This made me happy. :)

AxDeath : Thanks, Craig. I really did need that. No no no. YOU are awesome.

William Bowles : Wheezy Waiter: (looks down) "Are those new shoes?" Me: (looks down) "Those are my feet."

Nobody important : It's inernational butter day on sunday.And don't tell me that it isn't international,it just isn't celebrated in any country.

M Huber : What a lovely way to start the day, by watching this :)

camperwithknife : 0:23 shouldn't it be concepticide because I am not killing a human but simply an unidentified concept