51 Compliments in 2 minutes

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WheezyWaiter : Hey, you're awesome. Here's a playlist of some of my favorite videos in case you need more Wheezing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YUPCwWvigw&list=PL-9qiMf_Dqe64A7l998iUnloDdI4p_v8x

Bigger Biscuits : I'm blushing.

andrineslife : Love this! * adds to favorites for future bad days * - also: I need all of these as gifs..

Kyle Roy : "Did you lose age?" 😂

Molly Fitzgerald : I actually needed this today. i AM killing it!

Avery-Quinn Maddox : I'm the opposite of poop? So.. I'm food?

FanfareT.Loudest : What a nice pick-me-up for the day. I'm sure everyone else feels the same way. Thanks, Wheezy!

The Primeval Void : This might have been a joke but this made me really warm and happy inside.

The Every Maker - Nick : As a matter of fact they ARE new shoes, thank you for noticing. I got them yesterday.

Sarah Maddox : Thanks Mr.Waiter, you're a cool dude, you're a rad guy, you've got a Neato beard, your beard is on fire, you should get some water to put that out, you're an awesome content creator, you've got a cool shirt

szoszk : Actually I need to gain weight. But thank you for the other 50 compliments 😉

DevMan : This made me feel nice :) Well, back to crying in the corner :')

Becca867 : I did lose age! thanks for noticing. :)

Edward Van Winkle : To those who enjoyed this video (myself included!), give someone else a complement today too. Let's spread the joy.

Shaquille Young : Whoaaaaa never been this early to a party!

Floris Bordewijk : This is so sweet. I must share this with... EVERYONE!

Kevin Greatrix : Now do 51 insults in 2 minutes

Waterflame : I actually really needed this today. Thanks, Craig. :)

Sarah Smith : Thanks for this, Craig! I started a new job last week and it's still a little rocky as I get used to it; this made my day!

Mutable Dreamer : Thanks Craig. I actually really needed that today.

Bryan : What if I wasn't wearing shoes? That makes the compliment a bit odd.

Austin Poo : I love you too

Margaret Teragram : Likewise!

chris lowis : *procides to write these down*

Crispy Bacon : I'm not wearing shoes, and the opposite of poop is pee. What sort of back-handed "compliments" are these, Wheezy?

Sara Gold : This is making me uncomfortable

Kat The Nerdfighter : What? How did you know I was Odin, all-father of the Nordic gods and ruler and protector of Asgard?

Rob Steer : This actually made me feel really good about everything. Thank you, sir.

non : Here's some more compliments: - you DONT smell like cheese - you make me smile - you DONT smell like cheese

Merarp : Awwww pshhh Stop it

Brian Gonigal : Not only am I not wearing shoes or footwear of any kind, I just happen to be sitting at my computer totally naked at the moment, so when you looked down at my "shoes", what you're eyeline was actually focusing right on was my junk, which made me feel way more creeped out than I would have even expected.

From Scratch Aunty Bindy : Hehehe, excellent Wayne's World ref... "WE R NOT WORTHY WE R NOT WORTHY"

HLY : Ok but the "you got a future kid" actually really got to me because I'm having a horrible week and graduating soon and it's overwhelming and I always feel like my future is gonna suck cause I suck, but maybe I don't? Anyways, your videos always make me feel a bit better so thanks :)

Paul Winkler : daaaaaaaaamn wheezy! let me go adjust my patreon pledge...

Nick Ferrazza : All of these are true. Thank you.

Rob Conway : Hate this video. I'm none of those things and you know it, Wheezy!

K9OK : happy late butter day, sorry i was late!

Kat The Nerdfighter : Thanks for this, Craig. It really made me feel good. I do got this! And I’m gonna like my own comment, ‘cause it’s awesome!

Kat The Nerdfighter : There you go again, Wheezy - crying through your forehead.

Freyja Freyrdottir : "Your committing homicide on it!". Umm... OK...

Dr John Zoidberg : 0:51 The Plot of one of the greatest movies of all time (Hot Fuzz)

Stove : Who wants Chicken Nuggets?

Zoey : This made my day. Thank you <3

Seth Galitzer : Thanks, I feel better now.

Kris Purcell : Lance and Hunk when they see each other on the street.

Daphna Czako : Someone's feeling happy today

ThousandTimesBefore : Thank you for this Wheezy. You're a quality human!

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : I don't take compliments well. Now I feel sick. Love ya, Wheezy.

Jaimes : Aww! Thanks. I need that. Like most compliments, I don't really believe them, but it makes me feel nice. :)

Levi Johansen : "you look like you could use a compliment" is not a compliment :'(