Daytona 500 Close up Along Wall an Fence. Speed.

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Video from a peaceful stroll along Daytona International Speedway during 2013 Daytona 500.

Comments from Youtube

asddf asdqwe : When people dont get why Ppl like Nascar, send them this video

DeltaTwoZero : Black Friday sale.

Black & White : DANICA IN THIRD??? SAY WHAT????? WOW.

Christopher o neal : tv doesn't do seeing it live any justice

Ryan : Yeah it's amazing to see in person up close! Where brown pants in case one smacks the wall right where you are standing, you'll need them.

Dennis Tester : Please make a GIF with sound on repeat please!!!! This videos is DAYTONA GOLD!!!

Brian Battles : Exact opposite of the Long Island Expressway during rush hour

Steve Morrison : That sounds awesome

IsThisTheKrustyKrab? : 190-200 mph right there.

Slam Dunk : Bullets, my godness!

IsThisTheKrustyKrab? : Damn and I thought Homestead was a fast race track when I saw those cars zip by at 180 mph at the start finish line. But this is mind boggling fast. Daytona is on some other level.

David Mcconnell : Assault and battery of the senses ! three anyway.

Lyn Caho : These are the morons who get hurt by flying debris especially when they wreck at that speed! 😨😒

Vary Syndicate : Imagine being run over by one of them

Ky Ozzy Vlogs : The sound of NASCAR Makes me Wanna ooooooooooo

Kavens World : I like adventures like this :)

Geri Stoner : you mean flyby

: clos up on how NASCAR ppl look like...

Nancy Mckivens : Dude in the blue shirt looks just like Justin credible

orazal99 : GF: hey come over to my house. My parents went out of town Me: This

TheSplatoonInkling : BLEW YOUR EARDRUMS!

Tyrone Taylor : When Playstation 5 arrives at stores.

NickandShellbell : Motogp is faster

T Vanish : Milk.

Patrick Carroll : Hi reddit

Joshua VD : Pew pew pew

Marisa Tamayo : JOEY

Matt M : The crashes > the actual racing

Kujo Smith : It is Almost seems like going 190-200mph can be fast.

Phil B : Holy shit!

NOMADdaf : That was cute, now show indy cars.

Rocco's Modern Lifestyle : Thats alotta trump supporters

vraellar : all those people just to watch cars drive in circles....

Frank Pansino : Hey Gary, Diply would love to feature your video on our social platforms, with credit! Would I be able to contact you via email?