Daytona 500 Close up Along Wall an Fence. Speed.

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DeltaTwoZero : Black Friday sale.

7even : The crashes > the actual racing

Patrick Carroll : Hi reddit

Zak1387 : Thats alotta trump supporters

orazal99 : GF: hey come over to my house. My parents went out of town Me: This

David Mcconnell : Assault and battery of the senses ! three anyway.

Frank Pansino : Hey Gary, Diply would love to feature your video on our social platforms, with credit! Would I be able to contact you via email?

Kavens World : I like adventures like this :)

Slam Dunk : Bullets, my godness!

NickandShellbell : Motogp is faster

vraellar : all those people just to watch cars drive in circles....

T Vanish : Milk.

L Bi : As awesome as this is, it is STILL nothing like being there. Feeling the roar of the engines deep in your chest, the tire rubber on your face, and your eardrums throbbing if you are brave enough to briefly go without ear plugs.

Ryan : Yeah it's amazing to see in person up close! Where brown pants in case one smacks the wall right where you are standing, you'll need them.

: clos up on how NASCAR ppl look like...

Kujo Smith : It is Almost seems like going 190-200mph can be fast.

NOMADdaf : That was cute, now show indy cars.

Phil B : Holy shit!

Joshua VD : Pew pew pew

Hometurbator : Fake, video is speed up, really people are naive.

SilkSatin Paradise : Horse Racing is just organic NASCAR.