Reddit Robbery - Bored Ep 34 | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

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ImaYodaSandwich : So why did they go berserk? Did the robbers ask for gaming macs or something?

Dizrupt : 1:31 At this exact moment, you can pinpoint when the robbers asked for a gaming mac.

IKaruss94 : where on reddit should this be posted? r/youtube?

Locust : Is dat sum battlefield music?

luxdrag0N : Alan running in with a golf club was one of the most epic moments I have ever seen!

Shawn Cates : BATTLEFIELD!

Isaac Tan : brilliant video , why is it not viral. .. WHY ARE ALL OF YOUR BORED VIDEOS NOT VIRAL WTF

Grengis : When the beat drops at 1:34 - Darude, Sandstorm never gets old

scarletspidernz : Battlefield music! Was expecting some quick change into solider gear and weapons with possible isle/trench warfare. :(

🍋 : K but wait. Does Alan take his clubs everywhere with him? And his kill rate is rather high, isn't it? Maybe get him checked out or something...

Hapi djus : the cake as been taken by this one

ertsi : loved the bf themesong! <3

toriko143 : link to that picture in 1:38?????????????/

Mellon Collie : I just downloaded reddit for the fist time as soon as I finished this and got so distracted the next three videos of Bored autoplayed and I didn't see a thing

Naala : ive seen you talk about reddit so many times saying how addictive it is and honestly ive never used it i dont like the way it is sure there might be good content but i can find everything that is there on other sites that is more reliable also the style of it is so outdated when i looked at it after the first video you posted about it not my thing :s

Owen Wilson : What's the whistle song you guys used? And btw you guys make AWESOME KICKASS vids, cheers

ChungLadProductions : Does anyone have the name if that action music used in the first part of the fight scene?

Jake Tilton : Oh god that Battlefield transition. Perfect.

Bobbydog66 : At least it ain't tvtropes.

Ben L : Note to self if Alan comes in with a golf club then that means somebody asked for a gaming mac

SyllixMusic : you guys joke about this... but the same thing just happened to me with this bored series!!!!


JeffWatersRules : eks dee m8

Ben L : BTW good job vldl

Ben L : How i know what happened

SkyBlockMaster : Finally I was the first to watch a video

SkyBlockMaster : Viva la dirt league you should make some more parodies that would be amazing

SkyBlockMaster : First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hengeyokai_Zer0 : Yaaaaaas! Alan the hero!

kibateo : holy shit I have the same laptop

StJohn Murray : OH NO!! ADAM RUN!!! RUN ADAM....


Thrifty Ultra : oh my god. vldl is awesome!

Joseph J : Best use of the BF4 theme ever!

Traci : Alan, did you change clubs in the middle of the attack? It didn't look like a putter when you cam out of the back room but maybe it was just the angle and lighting?

MrBaranygabor : THIRD

Nick McKay : Well I'm glad Adam didn't miss anything important

Molnár Áron : Battlefield 1 soundtrack :D

Chandler Langford : Alan and that golf club! 😂😂😂

Joar Villeza : damn rowan just turned into a beast haha

John McClane : hahaha top notch work again lads! love it!

Milzam Masykur : Came here for the battlefield BGM xD

Matt Wyndham : what's with the laugh track? lol

MrBrokenSorrow : This was so freaking funny; God I love VLDL. You guys are the best!

Zooky20000 : was that the instrumental core bf3 theme?

Daniel Cullen : One thing aside from great content, i absolutely LOVE that you have short intros and outros! It makes binge watching this series very easy! Keep it up guys! :D

IamJigle : is that the battlefield music?

russianinc1 : Lmao,so LV3

Rakyu Otozomi : if they want to defeat the robbers easily, just show them reddit

WOLKENSCHWElF : perfect!