Fall 2014 - Spaghetti Bridge Final Testing

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Crust Eb : I think it was unfair @ 5:13 because he dropped it.

Богдан Немченко : тоже ищешь русский комментарий ?))

mike mccollins : Doesn't seem very regulated and or fair. The way he dropped the weights

Nigga Chosqui : 5:13 if that was my bridge, i would prob kill him a spaghetti knife..

Jemar Cabellada : who else get mad of what he had done @ 5:13 😠

Oreo Sauce : 1987: Flying cars in the future 2014: Spaghetti Bridges

Laughing Man : Highly inconsistent method evaluation. Some weights were gently placed, others thrown on. This dude knows next to nothing about consistency in the scientific method or anything about inertia. What should have been done was use a standard platform suspended beneath each bridge which could have been gently loaded by stacking the weights. A variety of weights should also be used to determine the failure point with greater accuracy. Someone needs to fire this cunt. His brain is made of spaghetti.

Harsh Pandey : Watch his biasness at 09:23, he just dropped the weights which is not the correct way to do it.

medvidekmisa : that man putting weights on is not doing it right...and in 5:20 he basicly THROWS the weight on makin it many times worse...not fair...also some of weight clinges thats also stress, sideways stress...also cant he prepare it better so he dont have to connect ends of chains everytime? some hooks maybe? is this some university of retards? because I like the idea of making bridges but this asshole ruines it totally...making it unfair

YGK : "hey where you at?" "in a room full of spaghetti bridges"

Cristian Gruber S : Loco... Nose que estoy haciendo con mi vida. Ahora debería estar estudiando o haciendo algo productivo pero estoy dispuesto terminar el vídeo.

Gary Losa : This is not how an engineer would put weight in this test/competition. Carelessly dropping weight would result in different kN.

Dave Pawson : Block the camera. Proceeds to drop the weight. Real professional.

་༄꧉Aji `Togey꧉࿐ ་ : 5:13 🤔🤔🤔 6:58 😒😒😒

Виталий Хабаров : Я ждал что по мосту поедут грузовики))

filthywishdragon : Whoever chose this music ...... Should be shot

Guwop Cheop : Why am i watching this

Iron Bridge : “Collapse of the Genoa bridge, Italy” - 2018

Zlatan Ibrahimovic : Pay to win

антон магарн : Курсовая по строительству мостов интересные соревнования

Nabre Labre : So are these glued together or do you put a drop of boiling water on a joint?

drkjk : Is point loading really the best way to determine overall strength of the design?

Gau28 : 8:15 the laugh

CHRIS WRIGHT : Try and put those weights on a little more gentle bud

Carl Manis : what about at 5:13 he drop the weight

Richard Smout : Should suspend a bucket and gradually fill it with sand for a more accurate test

Ярослав Старк : Даааа, достоверность теста убивает. Нельзя взять гидравлическую установку постепенно увеличивающую нагрузку с указателем точного веса.

Vladimir Mironov : Конструкция изначально просчитана на приложение усилия по центру конструкции . В реальности все сложнее . Попробуйте сместить груз к краю например . Или в бок от оси фермы .

Василий Смирнов : Во дибилы, видать совсем делать нехуй.

Василий Скрябин : Чел не знает о динамических нагрузках.

PHOTON : is there no limit to the amount of material you can use?? cos i see a unfair use of the materials

noes noes : just a reminder that people are complaining that this dude unfairly breaking *spaghetti* bridges

Nick Vivaldi : Mala gestión del experimento.

DAVID Forgeferrugem : 5:16 ele solta e dá um tranco ...não é justo...

Gustavo Encarnaçao : He can't load the bridges with assimetric loads. When he puts the chains in one side of the first chain.

Jon Saw : Where can I find the rules and manuals for this type of competition?

Putin’s Body Gaurd : Someone should attach weight to his balls and drop them then see how he feels. And then kill him

Jonh mcGiver : Muy interesante y tal pero.....youtube porque me lo recomiendas a mi?

Robert Fisher : You would think they would put the weight on the bridge deck like the actual weight vehicles place on the bridge

Alexander Andersson : The guy putting on the weights looks like a scuffed Henry Cavill Edit: I take that back, he looks more like a scuffed version of Jamie Dornan

Oleg Sigal : СОПРОМАТ на макаронах :)

Katzenbär Multis : Poly Bridge.

DMS Inc. : I once entered a competition for popsicle bridges and got disqualified because "We can identify the type of glue you used" which I used Elmers white glue, the only one you were allowed to use

Геймер Андроид : Не знал что такое есть

Sam Brewer : Brain mind u know what u are talking about. I did really food in school making a tower w balsa wood and glue that went around a pole and had to be a certain height and weight. Then put weights on verticle board until crushed. I used triangles and a porta glue and sanded clue to lose the wiet but ensured good connections. I would be interested in trying a bridge builder app same as this. Would make great app. If calculations were correct.

fernandoanimator : The Flying Spaghetti Monster is very pleased. Science + spaghetti + reggae, very well done guys & gals.

SovietRefusnik1 Golem : humidity affects pasta strength. Soak pasta in epoxy ...


Дамир Венерович : Как только начал смотреть заржал что за ботаники)

Lyle : I dont know, this looks more like a zoo