The Cuban Sandwich - How to Make a Cubano Sandwich

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Luke : Your speech pattern kills me

Ronnell Jackson : why does it sound like he's about to sing

Muh Richard : stop raising your pitch at the end of each sentence, your vocal coach is an idiot

Kaliss : The secret sauce is actually the blood of capitalists.

Rayne Maybe : Damn it. Now I want a cuban.

Elisabeth Blackwood : Chef John, I just love your videos! I have anxiety disorder and struggle with terrible panic attacks at night. Watching you cook is so helpful! Your voice is so soothing, and well, who doesn't love food? Maybe one day I'll even make one of your recipes, lol! Just wanted you to know that you're making a big difference for some nobody in Indiana. Thanks!

Brutally Honest Bear : Can you use Castro oil in this recipe? I want it to be authentic.

Suzanne Baruch : This video has FINALLY solved one of life's mysteries for me: if Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Blac Chyna were drowning, and I only had time to save one of them, what sandwich would I make? Definitely a Chef John Cuban Sandwich.

Kay Lew : "It's ready to be porked"

Ian Singer : Being from Tampa, I can affirm these will change you forever. This is a Miami Cubano. Tampa cuban: Add a nice slice of soft italian salami. (Thanks Italian immigrants!) If you can't find Cuban bread, use an egg roll. These are called "Media Noche. Not quite the same tho....

Donal Skehan : Oh Chef John- this just looks EPIC! All about that cheesy filling and the paper pork- this puts the apples I'm having for breakfast to shame- TO SHAME! :)

kalex888 : I wonder how many weight watchers points we have here

Ryan Rognas : 'hot cheesy meat bomb' sounds like a hip hop track made by disgruntled short order cook.

Jackie Arteaga : YES! you need to eat this with plantain chips!

himakgam : you should also make a video about cast iron pan seasoning/maintenance. those are wonderfully seasoned pans.

Nancy Johnston : Notice Chef John says 'Cuban bread', which makes the sandwich a Cuban sandwich rather than any old' ham and cheese sandwich. It's a must.

Bo Zo : One of the worlds best sandwiches. Sweet ham is what you need here. Oh, and pork shoulder marinated and roasted Cuban style.

Icarus : Is chef John a psychopath? look at the bread on the right at 2:31

busa89 : No mayo on my Cubans lol. Mustard only

Razilation : Seeing Chef John making the sandwich is like watching a professional Tetris player laying his blocks down

erikjaroy : I'm a Florida boy, and I've eaten a TON of Cuban sandwiches in my day. And Chef? If you opened up a sandwich store anywhere near where I lived, you'd have a customer for life! That looks beyond amazing! :)

Leah Laushway : This is the sexiest thing I've seen all week.

Chef Lammy : LMOA, the birds have to eat too.

Steph Reed : how about a cafe bustelo and guava pastry to go with it?

AbackHND2DAface : This was almost perfect Cuban sandwich except you missed the salami. I'm from West Tampa and was raised off Cuban Bread. A bacon, eggs and American Cheese with mayo breakfast Cuban is the best sandwich in the world in my opinion (mayo optional). I normally try to avoid America cheese but seems to taste better than Swiss or Cheddar. You may want to try it out. Anyway love the channel.

Peter Šori : it's 2:37 in morning, I'm on my computer and hungry AF... and there is a new FoodWishes video .. WHY, WHY, WHY!?

The Shootist : You're supposed to butter the crust of the bread before you press the sandwich -- The Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. I tell you what.

eun : im on a diet but this looks so good lmao

Rubashow : When I inevitably get a coronary my last words will be: "It's Chef John's fault. And it was totally worth it."

Sonyag1 : Sliced avocado would have kicked it up another notch. Yum...

White Thunder BBQ : I like using some mojo to warm up the pork in.

that guy : Hispanic food on inauguration day. I see you chef john ;)

Alfredo C : Greatest sandwich on Earth. Also called the Medianoche [Midnight] for some reason.

asaldanapr : I am Puerto Rican, close enough to Cuban, and they make their sandwiches with mustard and butter and although I love it with lots of pickles and make mine like that, they do not use so many. Their ham is smoked and their pork is roasted so you were quite close, but the mayo addition although good, is not original. we are lucky in Florida we can get Cuban bread at most grocery stores!

harringtonpassedaway : Chef John... where is the salami? I trusted you... Sincerely, A concerned Tampa native

Kalapurka : HAVE YOU SEEN CHEF!?

brian kelly : Fidel would be proud of you...

Danny Campbell : One day I'll make my own Cuban sandwich and add saurkraut on top of everything else because that just sounds to good and my life will be complete. Until then I'll keep settling on the normal way as seen here and be content. Thanks for the video Chef John! :)

MUDSWAT : The sandwich is one of my favorite foods.... I mean I really love sandwiches !

Alley Kat : Oye chico, eso esta de película!!!!

Eugene Poon : I went to Cuba for a month and didn't see any of these sandwiches lol.

Sodapop Curtis : Show us all how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Zandra N : Chef John I thank you for caring about hungry birds 🐦!😄🐤🐧🐔

AlmalekeLoL : Do you eat everything you make for these videos? Or do you just have people over all the time

anye76 : never had this sandwich before but now I want one. I noticed you cut the sandwich on the bias was that intentional or is that how you must serve this Cuban? Those look like parsnip chips.

mary w : My mouth watered when I heard the knife cutting through. I love Cuban sandwiches but we get our bread in Tampa and they have the palm leaves impressed in. How does that work? I live in Florida and have an overabundance of saw palmetto!

Joanna R : I'm about ready to bust my head through my monitor and have a giant bite of that sangwich (I'm Italian). Ah yea.

EZGlutenFree : That looks amazing. Nothing beats a good Cubano.

Tamara Tamtam Morris : This would be absolutely divine with ropa vieja for the filling.

Mike Arredondo : Can't be Cuban without pork 🐷🇨🇺🐽🇨🇺🐷 Can you plz make a ropa vieja next it's my favorite Cuban sandwich thank you again