The Inconsistency of Being Luke | Star Wars The Last Jedi Parody

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Pasty's Bakery : Luke's expression on "HE'S UNSAVEABLE, KILL HIM" absolutely killed me! Nicely done!

Ami Yamato : This is wonderful! I love it so much! ❤️ More!!!!!

Cylindr CZ : This is just beautiful...I LOVE IT! Great job there :D

Boss Woman TT : I'm sure there's still good in cute

Chaz McGutter : Animation quality is off the charts

Obi-Wan Kenobi : I trained Luke, died for Luke, and then came back from the dead to guide him further. He believed in the Jedi. He believed in his family. He believed in his friends. And he always believed in a better way. The man see in the Last Jedi does not believe in anything. That man is not Luke Skywalker.

19TwennyFore : I saw this in my subscription box and I was all like... "I haven't heard that name in years..."

TheGoodShank : Consider this: Luke skywalker, arguably at the height of his power for over 30 years in a time of relative galactic peace, spending his days training the next generation of jedi to be different from the last in order to continue his fathers legacy of seeking balance. Luke skywalker who has arguably seen the worst that the galaxy had to throw at him, war, death, loss, and the sheer temptation to just give in and use the dark side of the force. Stepping right up to that edge and managing to bring his foot back down before he went off. Luke, who went through so much turmoil, made so many mistakes, and still managed to pull off the impossible not through sheer force but rather because he still believed in the innate goodness of others despite all the darkness and has lived with that assurance for again, 3 decades. Now take all that, and throw it out the window because one Luke decided to instead of helping the one person who probably needed his help the most, he would instead wait to do anything until he recieved a random jedi vision that showed him a future where this person turns as evil as his father. Luke then decides to kill them not on instinct as so many claim for he had plenty of pre-emptive time to just walk into the room with this person and stare at them for a bit before this vision hits. This attempt fails and instead of trying to make amends Luke decides to completely seperate himself from the one thing that may have helped him reach out to this person and instead designs a convoluted map leading to a planet he exiles himself to so he can die alone, in squalor, and broken without any care to his friends or family while knowing that the person he failed to save is going to grow up to fulfil the destiny he saw in that vision. Now considering these two paragraphs, is it any wonder why people don't like Luke from the last jedi?

JoanieDoeShadow : Luke didn't believe there was any good in Vader until Return Of The Jedi after Yoda assures him that Vader really is his father.

Francesco : This is fun at al...but in reality the only moment that Luke started thinking "There must be some good in him" is only after he found out that Vader was his father. His reaction to Vader killing Obi wan was shooting a bunch of people. He tried to kill Vader on cloud city. He almost killed Vader in return of the Jedi when he got mad. Like i said it's a fun meme but in reality Luke is a pretty grey character, he isn't a shining hero.

Emily Fuller : This? This right here? This is why I hate The Last Jedi and what it did to Luke’s character. Rian Johnson can burn in Mustafar.

Filip Creates : I could watch Star Wars animated by you. That's great

LORDBADASS : Honestly, as funny as this is, this really just highlights the problem with Luke’s character in The Last Jedi.

Will Higgins : Because an idealistic teenager can’t become anything close to cynical over 30 years?

Smart Alec : I do appreciate the innocence here. A lot of people go crazy with their free reigns after they're pro in the industry.

Joseph Parker : We really need the right 2D animation back.

Neltins : rofl, this was one of the funniest cartoons I've seen all year, hope it goes viral. No doubt its gonna piss a lot of TLJ worshipers off.

MonkeySharkPro : This sums up my issue with Luke Skywalker in Episode 8 PERFECTLY.

Hipster Elephant : Pretty accurate.

ShroudedStriker : Not quite right - Luke didn't try to save his dad until he knew he was his dad (after a timeskip), and Kylo was presumably a lot older when Luke tried killing him - but the idea still stands. Great job on the animation!

Bria McCallum : This is awesome. Love the animation, design and the funny ending. You are awesome

Myles with a Y : Ahhhh your animation style is as bouncy and lively as ever. Glad to see you back at it! Love your work so much!

S Rank : This is amazing,Hope this gets on the trending page.

Devy Animations Presents : Agh, I live for these facial expressions and poses! Grand job, Joanna!

Fil Bencs : That's called character development. A character will change in 30 years

MalakaiXedTheAnimator : May this animation become viral but to be fair, Luke was just contemplating it like he did in Return of The Jedi where he almost killed Darth Vader

Peter Not Peter : This animation is glorious.

Animanicast Podcast : I love your animation on this Joanna! And for the record, TLJ was an amazing film. One of the most daring and complex Star Wars films to date. I respect those who have concerns over it's implications however. I'm hopeful that many of their issues and quarrels with the movie will be resolved after episode 9 comes out. 🙂

UltimateSpinDash : Let me preface this by saying I'm pretty much neutral on TLJ, and I will reserve judgement on the sequel trilogy until IX is actually out. Killing Ben was a brief, fleeting thought to Luke. Unfortunately, that was enough to push Ben over the edge. Luke essentially caused a forest fire by carelessly disposing of a cigarette. Another difference between Ben and Vader: Luke did not spend two decades creating an idealized version of Ben in his mind, but he did that for Anakin, especially after learning the Anakin was a Jedi. So when he learns that Vader is Anakin, Luke clings to the hope of redeeming his father, something both Obi-Wan and Yoda keep telling him is pointless. At the end of the day, Luke simply isn't infallible. But when people with power make mistakes, the consequences can be so much worse. Of course, you could argue that Luke should've known better, but when you have someone with Ben's force potential (we've seen the raw power he wields, and I don't think he's at his peak yet) getting closer to the dark side, it's easy to give in to fear. Even assuming Ben's potential is equal to Anakin's, Vader was held back by the injuries he sustained on Mustafar - Ben has the potential to surpass Vader and Palpatine.

Brendon Dellinger : "ThE LaST jeDi iS thE BEst rePresEntation of LuKe SkyWalKer." -a Troglodyte

Puffy Buffy : Words cannot describe over how much you inspired me! Your videos always put a smile to my face and made me MORE determined to be an animator soon!

Yotam Shitrit : It turned out wonderful Jo!!!

Indigo Yarkindell : Ah the hopefulness of youth. Finally got it right but couldn't follow through.

Several Fighters : Beautifully animated, Comedy gold. And that's exactly the kind of No that mark hamill does too so great attention to detail. I still like The Last Jedi, but hey, nobody's perfect. ;)

SikforSenses : Top notch animation

Whateverthing : 0:47 Anchorman!!

elNingyou : Luke sensed the good in Vader despite Vader doing evil. He sensed evil in Ben despite Ben being a student of the light. The only way this will be a contradiction is if Kylo Ren ends up being redeemed in IX.

SgtHydra : "Sorry, Leia, but your brat needs to die since he isn't directly related to me."

Silas Barta : ROFL “uncle Luke, what’s a siiiiiith?”

Charles Moss : Hahaha, hilarious! Luke looks so cute in your style!

Michael Sohn : This is the definition of star wars

Selket : What everyone was thinking... :D Love the animation! So toony <3

JiminyJustin : Disclaimer: I loved the last Jedi and Luke’s arc in that film. That being said, this might be the hardest I’ve laughed since the movie came out. Well fucking done, friend! This deserves all the views.

AndyAudio : Freaking hilarious 😂

D. R. Yeisley's Creations : Blue milk with porg pot pie....not a good combo.

Joan LLinàs Bas : hahahahahahahahaha amazing!!!!!

asdfyodaismax SW : NOOOOOOOOOOO im sure theres still good in him

Adam Kruszynski : I think the animation is great, and I don't want to star an argument, but a couple of things; 1. Ben solo isn't a sith lord. 2. Luke didn't try to kill ben, that was ben's version of what happened.

Anakin Tano : Yep. Yep. A thousand times yep.

Gorgeous Gremac : This video deserve more views... seriously fantastic work here