DO CHAAR DIN Video Song | Karan Kundra‬,Ruhi Singh‬ | Rahul Vaidya RKV | Latest Hindi Song |T-Series

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BestofVines : Song would have been gr8 if they stop using sexual scenes to attract viewers. Just stop using sexual scenes fr business it privately.

Billo Sharmilli : Pyaar Me Romance Me Jaruri Hota Haii ❤

abhisha Gahalot : It's really nice

Priyu Dave : Song is nice but video....😒😒😒

Sibani Maharana : it seems to be love has turned to lust...🙄🙄🙄

Janhvi Dhongdi : okay so the audio was quite good... I get the concept... but the video just made no sense !

Romita Laikangbam : I just love this song...Rahul love uuu

Mema Khan : this girl didn't change her blue bra lol in the whole video :p

Anuraag Jain : What a video to spoil the song. Period.

Sayema Ali : Ohkayy,Rahul Vaidya is back with his performance and Karan Kundra,You did justify this role Ahaa,Song's melodious touches Soul Good Work !

GirlsLikeFairies : miss the 90's purity and innocence related elements in songs

Ayushi Johri : I don't what make me listen to this song again again... m in love this song!!!! I can listen almost Everytime...soo soothing music.. and Rahul vaidya it's good to here you again.

Nidhi Diwedi : karan u r awesome plzzz aap apne level ki heroine ke sath kaam kre...heroine aapke sath match nii kr rii..

Maisha Zahin : What's the reaction of Anusha?

Lubna Ahmed : awsum voice..❤cn't describe😊

payal vashisht : raise ur hands if u r listening to this song for a smile even in 2017

Anmol Malik : Rahul sir plz remove bikni & kiss aur blockbuster song h aapka

Dolly Saxena : I like "last line"kahi ki science m yeh fact nhi h ki dil chahe kitni bhi bura sa tuta ho apko wapis sa pyaar nhi ho sakta....😄😄😄😄ho sakta h yrrr...

Moumita Banerjee : rahul vaidya m in love vd u agn n agn..

meme meme : I can't stop to love kkundrra ❤

sakisu Soni : Bht hot song h yaar....😊


Guru G ka Bhai : Bhushan Kumar is insulting his late father allowing this kind of songs in T-Series.

Amna Humayun : do char din se yuhi khud se bhi me khafa ho aake jo tu mile dekho ne has para ho aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir awaaaz tere suno aajaye dil ko sukon baki hai jo bhi yaha sab shor hai tum or ankhey tere dono hai jannat mere jeene ki wajah yaha kya or hai pura ka pura me to ab tera ho chuka ho aake jo tu mile dekho me has para ho aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir dil me jo dabi aik din wo baat sajhi khul ke batao tujhey yeh shooq hai jese kisi ne kabhi chaha kisi ko nahi ese me chaho tumhey yeh shooq hai chaho to pyaar kehlo yah keh lo sar phir ho aake jo tu mile dekho me has para ho aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir do char din se yoohi khud se bhi me khafa ho ake jo tu mile dekho me has para ho aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir aai jo phir

Ishika Sehgal : Model bkwas hai and karan kundra in this video seems like a drug taker

miss. cookie : Lovely song...👍👍👍👍👍👌👌💐

Mohammed Yaser : Awesome song Loved it

Roshni khan : karan kundra looks like he is just out of rehab from alcohol addiction

verma neelam : nice n romantic song

Gudiya Maurya : wow so lovely song... and hero is love u.............

amar deshmane : More than video it's the audio that I love the most. The best part of the video was those

Ramesh Sharma : bekar song

Tanmoy Saadhak : sung by sonu nigam i think..

Prajwal Parkhande : Loved the song....Hated the video...

azhar hayat : is this a porn song video?💦💦💦

shining girl : my fvrt song

sanjay lal gupta : I like this song so much , such a beautiful song !!!! l also like karan khundra and Rahul vaidya this song is rocking.I want to listen it again and again.

TheBeauty Guru : I wish we could bring back the 90s when pop indian songs were more romantic like Piya Basanti and Dooba Dooba Rehta Hu .....

Furkan Tahir : sanam re song mast

Chittaranjan Kumar : I Love you Deeps... by Krrish Rock

Charlie Tips : What a lovely song with all needfull emotional to build a strong relationship with the pleasant voice of # Rahul Vadhya(The famous truly indial idol). His voice still kills. Agree friends !👍

JYOTI BAGHEL : nice song

Sudesna Bose : Nice

Suman Khan : Nice songs

Reema The First : like my story ♒

Koky kooky : انا غيرانه من حبيبي ارجون

Ovindhi Perera : song's name should have been 'aaj phir'

mahatma Avi : Lovely

fariha mithyla : 2018 😘

Labani Mondal : best song fr me