DO CHAAR DIN Video Song | Karan Kundra‬,Ruhi Singh‬ | Rahul Vaidya RKV | Latest Hindi Song |T-Series

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BestofVines : Song would have been gr8 if they stop using sexual scenes to attract viewers. Just stop using sexual scenes fr business it privately.

oMema Khan : this girl didn't change her blue bra lol in the whole video :p

jannat saifi : I like u an I love you Karan kundra 😘😘😍😍❤❤💋💋👈👍

Dolly Saxena : I like "last line"kahi ki science m yeh fact nhi h ki dil chahe kitni bhi bura sa tuta ho apko wapis sa pyaar nhi ho sakta....😄😄😄😄ho sakta h yrrr...

Tanmoy Patra : He has touch of Sonu Nigam

Ayush Singh : after watching the video , name should be change to "do chaar kiss " 😛

Priyu Dave : Song is nice but video....😒😒😒

Eiyah lomat : I hate the video!only the audio.

Priyanka J : Audio is definitely good, concept too is nice but it doesn't seem like love in the's more like lust,not love...

Andy Raut : are always Rock's😘😘😘😘😘😘

TheBeauty Guru : I wish we could bring back the 90s when pop indian songs were more romantic like Piya Basanti and Dooba Dooba Rehta Hu .....

Muskaan Bhat : awѕυм ѕong...ĸaran ĸondra тo ѕвѕe alg н...ѕυperввв

Ritika Arya : Nice 🎵 song...

abhisha Gahalot : It's really nice

sakisu Soni : Bht hot song h yaar....😊

Dreaming feets Nandini arya : Song is suparb and heart touching but video is bad coz there is no chemistry between them

Md Haris : 2018 ????????? when a girl comment than many reply here but when i was comment they r no reply me 😕

Sakshee Pandey : Song is really too much good... Loveddd it 😘😘😘

Ishika Sehgal : Model bkwas hai and karan kundra in this video seems like a drug taker

Janhvi Dhongdi : okay so the audio was quite good... I get the concept... but the video just made no sense !

Bomjing Modi : Why was he holding the guitar??

Niloy Pranto : Karan kundra I love you.......😙😙😙😙😙

Kumari Sunita : Love song

Gaming place : can Tseris beat pewdiepie

che chaho : Lovely song...👍👍👍👍👍👌👌💐

Sudesna Bose : Nice

fariha mithyla : 2018 😘

ANSHUL BHATI : need u r help any one plzz tell me that what charge t.series take for vedio and audio record plzzzz tell me

crazy girl : karan kundra wasn't good choice for the song,,, aur haan , story bhi kuch khass nahi hai...

Mandeep Karmali : Kaas ye Song Arijit Singh ke voice mein hota yaar.....

Astha Gupta : I love this song

Karnika Ahuja : I really love you... 😍😍 Karan Kundra 😘😘😘

Sabrin Molla : Nice song

Tushar : what's the procedure to unview this video ?

Prajwal Parkhande : Loved the song....Hated the video...

Anonya Nayak : Karan kundra u r so cute 😍😍😍😘😘😘

SABIT -: NOoB ARTiST : *cute girl* ❤

radheshyam kumar : I just love this song lekin video aisa nahi banana chahiye yaar audio ke saath suit nahi karta.. Just need to remove the Intimate scenes

Devansh Sharma : RAHUL WAS GREAT AS A SINGER but Hated the video!!! Unnecessary adult scenes!

SITU RK : 👌👌👌👌Fantastic👌👌👌👌

Gaurav B. : Nice Song. Rahul Vaidya.....😘😘😘😊😊

vishal sunduriya : Nice💔💔💔💔💔

Firoz malik : Superb actor ✨✨✨

Krishna Parmar : they should have tried 2 make the song look romantic n not showing abt sex coz the song has got beautiful lyrics bt the video doesn't express it well.....

Sarajeet Ray : Love Yi hi hello 😍😍😍😍😍 143 8658434400 osm Nice Wow Excellent Love you I am not Ty You Good If 😘😘😘😘😘

Anurag Bijalwan : Lovely song

Damini Sharma : So sweet song 😙

Noni gopal Mondal : I MyndiaLove

ajinkya kolte : when i applied my brain it is not love she is waitress and guy must be earning good money...that's where all starts

A bd : Ye same video ek gaane par or h